Friday, February 23, 2007

2007 Indian Cricket Team Jersey - World Cup

2007 Indian Cricket Team Jersey

Here is a picture of the 2007 Indian cricket team jersey recently released by sportswear company Nike. I went shopping in Connaught Place and spotted the team uniform in one of the Nike stores. Did'nt look that inspiring...Pretty boring and ordinary actually! The PHL hockey jerseys of Chennai Veerans designed by Adidas are much cooler !

After interviewing the cricket team for 6 months, Nike came up with this new kit. This jersey is 15 percent lighter than previous uniforms and is capable of keeping body temperatures down to a comfortable level. The material does not stick to the skin after sweating.

The Indian team will wear the same cricket jerseys to the 2007 cricket world cup beginning in March except the position of the logos will be different because of ICC Rules.

So, what do you think about the new Indian cricket team uniform ?

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  1. Colors look a little dull to me!Specially the light washed out blue.

  2. I thought they always wore white. I dont like the new ones too much.I think they need long sleeves to protect their arms from the sun.Thats just my take.

  3. looks insipid; nothing gr8; but since the players say it is comfortable lets hope it helps their performance.

  4. didnt u hear the news??ICC didnt apprve the jersey that NIke came out with!!!!!!!now they ahve make new ones!!!

  5. looking very cool!!
    eh? didnt approve it? lololol
    i will be waiting for the new jersey post, kittychan.
    thanking u and happy weekend!!

  6. I should have confirmed that this shirt is made for the fans. The players shirts will be a bit different with regard to sponsor logo placements.

    Asha - it was pretty dark when I took this maybe! Light Blue is the India team color used for every international sport India participates in.

    Starry Nights - they wear white only for test matches nowadays. This shirt is also available with long sleeves for players that prefer them.

    Whiskeypriest - yes I agree. The shirts of the previous world cups were designed better.

    Vinay - they'll make new ones alright..or India will be forced to forfeit. No one wants that now!

    Niki Chan - Lets wait for the World Cup and check out what they come on to the field wearing!

    Thanks for all your comments.

  7. How much Rs does it cost to buy these new ones in India?


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