Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Awards And Happy Independence Day

Recently, I won the 'Nice Matters Award' from Niki Yokota of Emotional Rescue. Thanks Niki, you made my day. I am supposed to nominate 4 other people who write real nice things in their blog, and here are my winners -

Asha - Foodies Hope

How Do We Know - Ki Jaana Mein Kaun

SidhuSaaheb - I, Me, Myself

Reeta Skeeter - Reeta's Ruminations

indian independence day tiranga flag awardThe Indian Independence Day is tomorrow the 15th of August. As it is a national holiday, the office Independence Day celebrations were held today. Our HR department had organized an entertainment programme and free snacks. There was a quiz contest during which I won a ceramic bowl. Ooh, I felt so proud, I showed off the little bowl to everyone in office.

It is traditional to fly kites on this day. One of my bosses bought a kite and manjha and flew it from the office terrace. It was such a joy to watch, I felt like a kid again.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day!!


  1. Thank you!

    I am honoured!


    I guess the presence of a strong breeze is important for flying a kite.

  2. Honoured!!! Fank Fu! Will feature it on my blog :D so sweet!

  3. happy independence day!!
    congrats on ur award kitty-chan!
    ur friends blogs are so very interesting.
    i can learn a lot of yummy recipe.
    thanks for keeping up the awards :)

  4. Happy I day to you CK!! Enjoy there,it must be festive!
    Thank you for the award, so nice of you and congratulations for winning it too.You are nice beautiful girl, love ya!:))

  5. Happy 60th Independence Day 2 u too.. even our office was nicely decorated with small flags all around..

  6. Thanks for all your comments -

    Sidhusaaheb - I've seen people do it with zero wind. You have to keep pulling the string hard and letting out string at the same time. This creates a wind for the kite to go up. Once it reaches higher levels, the wind is there to help.

    Reeta, Niki and Asha - thanx.

    Preeti - We had tricolor balloons and ribbons all over the place.

  7. My independence day wasn't all that great....

    but belated happy independence day to you.

  8. hehe...I am yet to master that skill, actually.

  9. Hey.. Thank You!! This is my FIRST award ever (BIG GRIN)

    Will try and pass on the honour to 4 more people soon.. but while i was thinking of it.. 4 seems too few.. can i increase the no. of winners please.. ?

  10. Vinay - sorry to hear that story. Some things never change!

    Sidhusaaheb - Even I need lots of practice in that department :)

    How do we know - Sure, I was actually supposed to nominate 8 people, but I could think of only four!

  11. Yeah...My friend's fault alright

    do visit my poetry blog


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