Monday, August 13, 2007

Rush Hour 3 - Movie Review

Rush Hour 3 - Movie Review

On Sunday morning, I was skimming through the movie listings in the local newspaper and was shocked to find out that Rush Hour 3 had been released. The movie had absolutely no publicity and the last I heard it was still being shot. Being a fan of the previous two Rush Hour movies, I quickly called up my friends and we rushed for the 6.00pm show at PVR Rivoli.

rush hour 3 three film review movie reviewsRush Hour 3 - 8/10 - starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. The movie is a comedy action flick with lots of daring stunts, just like the previous two installments. In this movie, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) is the bodyguard of the Chinese Ambassador. Some bad guys shoot the ambassador because he has a list of a secret society of bad guys. Inspector Lee along with his old buddy James Carter (Tucker) go looking for the list in Paris..... all hell breaks loose!!

Jackie Chan's stunts are as good as ever, even though he is more than 50 years old. I simply loved Chris Tucker's singing, dancing, jokes and facial expressions. He is the only black American actor whom I like coz he seems so genuine, funny, cool and nice. I have no idea why Hollywood is not signing him up for more films. The locales of the film (Paris), costumes and the sets were amazing. Rush Hour 3 has a great script and keeps you riveted for the full one and a half hours.

I spent Rs.150 for a ticket and it was a completely 'paisa vasool' film. If you are looking for a fun movie and a great evening with your pals , then I recommend Rush Hour 3. It totally rocks!

Are you a fan of the Rush Hour movies? Do you plan on watching this flick?


  1. I don't plan to watch this one.. but I saw both Chak de and Blue Umbrella...lovely movies them... must watch cyberkitty :) cheers!

  2. We love Rush hour films,so much fun ,specially for kids and adults too.
    We are going to the beach this Friday,might catch up with few movies!:)

  3. Actually, the promos have been on air for a few days on the movie channels.

    I do like the Rush Hour series and have seen the previous two movies.

    Chris Tucker is great!

    I also like some of the work done by Morgan Freeman and Eddie Murphy.

    Jackie Chan has no parallels, of course.


  4. ive never seen this movie.
    gotta check it from 1, if u like it!
    thank u sooo much kitty-chan!!
    indian friend says i look like Jackie Chan's sister, so i like him :P


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