Monday, August 13, 2012

Sushil Kumar's Ear-Biting Stomach-Upset Controversy

In a classic case of ‘cheaters never prosper’, Sushil Kumar lost the Gold Medal in the final of the 66 kg men’s freestyle wrestling competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He blamed his loss on a stomach upset, which it seems he got after biting the ear of his opponent in the semi-finals, held earlier in the day.

Sushil Kumar’s Stomach Upset

After Sushil Kumar lost the gold medal to his Japanese rival in the final of the wrestling match, he admitted he was unwell, and said, "My stomach was not good. I don't know what happened. I suffered from loose motions."

The Secretary of the Indian Wrestling Federation, Mr.Raj Singh, also spoke to the media about Sushil Kumar’s upset stomach. He said that Sushil Kumar was in a bad shape after the semi-finals, and vomited thrice, while going to the toilet six times for loose motions. He said, “Sushil is a better wrestler than the Japanese. This is sheer bad luck". According to media reports, Sushil Kumar lost six kilos due to his stomach upset, and dehydration.

Yonemitsu Tatsuhiri, the eventual gold-medal winner from Japan said, “I was lucky. It is impossible to win gold with just my strength. It came because of a combination of luck, good conditions, good preparations and everything".

Well, what was the cause of Sushil Kumar’s stomach upset? Could it be human blood and flesh??

Sushil Kumar’s Ear Biting Controversy

Did Sushil Kumar indeed bite the ear of his rival in the semi-finals of the 66 kg men’s freestyle wrestling competition, at the London Olympics?

Here is a YouTube video showing Sushil Kumar biting the ear of Kazakhstan wrestler Akhzurek Tanatrov. You can judge for yourself.

In the semi-finals, Sushil Kumar fought against Akhzurek Tanatrov of Kazakhstan. He was lagging at 0-3 in the third round, when he pinned Tanatrov down to score two more points, and move to 5-3. Even though he was winning at this stage, video footage shows him bending down, and seemingly biting the Kazakhstan wrestler on the ear.

Tanatrov touched his ear, and signalled to the Finland Referee Karri Tapio Toivola, that Sushil Kumar had bitten him. Not understanding because of the language barrier, the referee simply gestured for the two wrestlers to get up and continue. Sushil acted like he was innocent, even though there was human blood on his lips. No official complaint was lodged by the Kazakhstan team, as it is not permissible as per the rules.

Sushil Kumar might have won India a silver medal at the Olympics, but this sort of performance does not deserve any sort of congratulations. In fact, it is quite shameful that he did such a 'Mike Tyson’ act on the world stage, which was caught by the camera. I don’t know if he can be disqualified for such an ear-biting act or not, or his medal taken away. However, this is a perfect example when a sportsperson should be disqualified, and banned for a certain period. Even Mike Tyson's boxing licence was suspended after he bit Evander Holyfield in 1997.

Sushil Kumar Biting His Olympic Silver Medal 

Anyway, karma seemed to have caught up with Sushil Kumar, in the form of a stomach upset and loose motions. The weakness caused by this stomach upset led to Sushil Kumar’s defeat in the finals of the 66 kg wresting category, to a much weaker opponent.

C’mon, it’s obvious. If a so-called vegetarian eats human blood and flesh, the vegetarian is bound to get a stomach upset! The body will certainly try to eject the indigestible, maybe harmful foreign matter!

What do you think of Sushil Kumar’s ear-biting stomach-upset controversy? Will you congratulate this wrestler?

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  1. F*** YOU Mr. Support ur country don say blah blah :P

  2. Bite your medal and not your opponents ear!
    Congratulations to Yonemitsu of Japan and Tanatrov of Kazakhstan for the gold and bronze respectively...
    Sushil Kumar is a disgrace, the silver medal should be awarded to Tanatrov.

  3. u r simply a big asshole looser.....

  4. Kazak wrestler must have forgotten to 'wash behind his ears'...eeewwww...

  5. It's a shame Sushil if you really did seems to indicate that he did bite his opponent's ear..

    1. can you see blood on the mouth or lips of sushil after this act,, he might have pulled hi opponents ear with his hand resulting in blood.

  6. you are Shameless Indian....The jury and judges there know better than all this. He didnt bite...
    He won a silver for our country...Grow up dude...
    Show some respect.

    He did , what you and many other million Indians couldnt do.

    1. He did bite and is a Cheater. Speaking truth is brave PERIOD

  7. Controversial London Olympics ends in a shame...

  8. yes, what sushil did was wrong. and should be strongly condemned, indian media should take it up. sushil is a spoilsport.

  9. Its a shame what Sushil did and our media is so biased they didnt show anything related to it and no one seems to be talking about it. Sliding the matter under the carpet.

  10. This is really shameful act of Sushil Kumar. The blood on his lips shows the evidence !!!!

  11. Sushil has made India proud. He along with the Indian Olympic team has proven that heroes don't just come from Bollywood movies and cricket alone. I wish all the best for our Olympic team for the future. All those who wish to poison our happiness will say stuff, let us not lend them our ears.

  12. Agree with you. Totally unsporting, displays a very nasty, unsportsmanlike attitude. After seeing this match, I was rooting for Yonemitsu in the finals and thankfully he managed to make short work of Sushil Kumar. What disgusts me even more than Sushil Kumar's biting are all the folks jumping to his support 'because he is one of us'. Unfortunately, the concept of honor seems to be dead in our corrupt country.
    On a side rant, it reminds me of the way people drive in India. Will do absolutely anything to get ahead, rules be damned and to hell with everyone else on the road. Absolutely shameful.

    1. Its called darwinism...welcome to the real world. The world is not about niceties, you do anything to win and its not exclusive to India. Look at western history, you'll see some serious nastiness.

  13. I agree with the writer of the article. Its a disgrace he did what he did. He doesn't deserve the tile of Olympic Silver Medalist. His actions do not match those of someone who wears that medal. The olympic spirit is fair-play, hard work and honesty.

    I don't understand why someone would swear at a writer, it is an opinion, grow up! ...supporting your country is something that you should do, but open your eyes and look at what happened. if you're the sort of person that supports cheaters, then...ur an idiot!

  14. Finally India has an answer to Mike Tyson, but they are a bit late. Indians should not support Kumar's behavior. People like him bring disgrace to a nation not pride.

  15. Sushil kumar is from that strata of semi-literate/ semi-civilised "population" who bring more shame and less fame to our country. People unaware of facts are overlooking his mis-deed and labelling him India's best Olympian :( Lets hope that such cheats dont get to carry our national flag in the next Olympics. AND ITS WRONG TO SAY THAT HE WAS WINNING..THE SCORES WERE ACTUALLY TIED AT THE TIME HE TURNED CANNIBAL!!

    1. Hey Man/woman if u are are so literate educated, then why u are sitting in ur home and commented non scense things about Sushil, just got up and do something good for INDIA.
      I want to know what proudy thing u did for INDIA. If u did nothing, then do not comment such harsh comments a bout any one.

    2. Dear, please rest assured that I am proudly playing my part in building the nation and it is because of this that I have the right, duty and obligation to speak on such isues. Nation building is anyday more important than what sportsmen are supposed to do- that is upholding and enhancing a nations pride, in which cheats like Sushil fail miserably and let people like us feel let down. I can speak because it is out of the taxes that I pay that such people are getting their cash rewards, acres of land and what not. And all of should be harsh on such issues so that people like him are not idolised. Just emagine the extent to which India's reputation would have been tarnished in case Sushil was not lucky to escape his misadventure and get suspended/ banned whatever.. BTW I am a man and a sportslover

  16. Ear biting is illegal but eye gouging is authorized ?,0,

    Grow up ! illegal moves and dirty tricks are present in every competitive combat sports from rugby to football from wrestling to boxing long it doesn't hurt badly or change radically the fight's outcome there is nothing to complain about .

  17. I have been a great admirer of the dedication,
    hardwork and skills of this wrestler but all this changed after he won
    the controversial bout in semi finals against an agile and strong
    Kazak wrestler. Its pretty clear in the video recordings and also from
    clips on youtube that Mr.Sushil Kumar bit the ear of kazak wrestler
    which the refree or judges could not detect owning to fast pace of
    bout and language barrier ( wrestler being kazak and refree from
    Finland). But the Kazak wrestler wriggled in pain immediately in
    reaction to Sushil Kumar's dirty trick and was in tears out of shear
    frustration and shock from such a behaviour of Kumar which went
    unnoticed by the refree/judges. The look on face of Sushil Kumar after
    the wrestlers were seperated after this incident, says it all. He
    looked all scared and guilty. One should compare this reaction to one
    after winning the bronze metal bout in 2008 Olympics which was of pure
    elation being culmination of hard work and dedication.
    This is a very sensitive and controversial topic and
    many of fellow Indians will brand this comment as ' Anti Indian' or
    'non patriotic'. But the issue remains if we consider winning a medal
    at the cost of losing our morals. It comletely defies the basic
    defination of sportsmanship. The motto of London Olympics being '
    Inspiring a generation', I am afraid, what kind of inspiration
    Mr.Sushil Kumar will leave for Indian youth. The pressure on our
    sports persons to win a medal at these games was immense but that
    cannot be the justification to use unfair means. The route of ' beg,
    borrow or steal' cannot make real champions. The frustration and
    ambition to be ' Numero Uno' again had led Mike Tyson in his comeback
    boxing bout against Evander Hollyfied to bite his opponent's ear which
    was detected by refree and it led to a ban on him and later into
    obscurity.I feel Sushil Kumar would still have been considered a
    Champion if he lost that bout fighting and get a bronze than to play
    dirty and win a silver. In the end ' Karma' prevailed supreme and he
    ended up losing in the finals to the Japanese wrestler in straight
    bouts( The Japanese wrestler outclassed him with his stamina, agility
    and intelligence although the media has been informed that he had an
    upset stomach before the finals. Sushil being a vegetarian, the taste
    of human flesh and blood would have been too much to digest). The real
    inspiration for Indians came from the likes of boxers Devendro Singh
    and Vejender Singh and P. kashyap in bedminton who though lost but
    fought valiantly against much better opponents and would be much
    better idols to 'Inspire a generation'.

    Jai Hind,

  18. sushil should forfeit his medal.. it's not like we are in the top rankers in the olympics medal tally.. a loss of medal wouldnt affect much.. but loss of pride does... i wouldn't be wanna called a person from a nation which cheats to win..

  19. I agree with Anonymous. I watching the match. Not one media in India mentioned this.

    We need to be first civilized. Medals can come later. It doesnt matter we win medals or not.

  20. I agree with the writer 100%. I was shocked and disgusted that the media hasn't highlighted Sushil Kumar's cheating and are glorifying him instead. I also agree with the person who made a comparison with this case and Indain drivers who don't follow rules just to get ahead and thus compromising their safety and that of others. I feel frustrated as an Indian to see my country men and women act so uncivilized and selfish in terms of littering, inability to stand in a civilized queue or simply breaking any rule unbashedly just because you can get away with it.

  21. Oh such a hypocrite you are really! If that was controversial the officials would have taken care of it.

    In fact he did not bit the ear, though his face was covering his ear, no was his mouth reached the ear.

    Kazak wrestler already had the ear cut, with the bashing he might've gotten hurt more and blood might've come as Sushil's fingers were tightened across opponent's ears.

    Have ya not seen the Kajak wrestler scratching Sushil's eyes five times at least!

    The way people get up to disgrace the achievers with the half truth is disgusting. Stop poisoning the country.

    1. Please dont go by You-tube videos!! After about 25 minutes or so after the bout took place, DD Sports flashed for just about 20-25 seconds the clipping from a HD camera from a different angle, in slow motion, clearly showing without an iota of doubt that he groped his ear, bit it quickly and then took his mouth away( after all why he needs to keep his mouth near his ear with so less time remaing?)..!! but the anchor smiled sheepishly and not discussed it for the sake of " national achievement". that clipping is nowhere available online and no media channel is going to show that, in fear of losing their popularity and inviting public wrath..As far as officials taking care of it is considered, Sushil was MERELY LUCKY as appeal is not allowed after the bout is over and the refree did not understood what Kajak said ( owing to language barrier) during the bout about Sushil Biting him ( blood flowed gradually after the bout was over, can be seen on you-tube).. We are not poisoning the country but trying to expose the cheater..Me Sports Loving Citizen again :)

  22. Sushil Kumar is the champ,he has high moral values and he would never bite any one's ear....infact it was the kazak who put his thumb in Sushil's eyes as can be seen here :,0, ....congrats Sushil the Asi .......

  23. He didn't bit his opponent's ear. Becoz his opponent claims this,the writer and few other morons in this comment section are passing judgements.


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