Friday, August 17, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger - Film Review

I watched Ek Tha Tiger at PVR Rivoli recently, and thought I'd take the time and post a film review on my blog. I noticed that the last film review I wrote was for Dabangg, which was posted way back in 2012. It's not that I've not seen any movies since then, I've seen almost every movie, but I just had so many things to do at that time, that I ended up postponing the task and finally forgot to write the film reviews, altogether.

So, here is my movie review of Ek Tha Tiger....hope it helps you decide if the movie is worth watching or not.

Film Review of Ek Tha Tiger 

'Ek Tha Tiger' is an Action Romance, and I'd give it a rating of 6/10. Ek Tha Tiger features Salman Khan (Tiger/ Avinash Kumar Rathore), Katrina Kaif (Zoya), Roshan Seth (mad scientist), Ranveer Shorey (Gopi, colleague of Tiger) and Girish Karnad (head of RAW).

Salman Khan plays a fearless RAW agent named Tiger, who travels to exotic countries on secret missions, at the government's expense. Katrina Kaif plays a Pakistani secret agent named Zoya, whom Tiger falls in love with, and elopes. The security agencies of both countries (RAW and ISI) are on the lookout for them, as they fear that they may give up valuable national secrets, to each other.

The movie is a fun action movie, and is a paisa vasool film. Unlike recent Bollywood releases that promote drinking alcohol, rampant sex, and violence; Ek Tha Tiger can be considered a family entertainer and suitable for the whole family to watch.

Positives of Ek Tha Tiger:
  • Action sequences, including car chase sequences, jumping from building sequences, tram stopping sequence and helicopter stunts.
  • Beautiful new locations, such as Cuba, Ireland, Turkey and some middle eastern country that looks like Morocco (but was actually Bangkok). There were also mentions of Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, but I don't know if Ek Tha Tiger was actually shot in those places, or it was a film set. I've become tired of seeing London Bridge or the New York skyline in almost all Bollywood films. 
  • Action sequences of Katrina Kaif. I know a stunt double must have been used, but it was nice to see the heroine doing action sequences, rather than simply screaming 'bachao'. 
  • Nice songs and music.  

Negatives of Ek Tha Tiger
  • Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have zero chemistry, and did not look like they loved each other passionately enough, to risk their lives, and run away together. 
  • The story was half-baked, with lots of holes in it. I have no idea if Roshan Seth was the bad guy or the good guy. He simply disappeared half way through the story. Also, I don't suppose RAW or ISI agents operate in such an open manner, as shown in the film.
  • Salman Khan was looking unwell, and his director shouldn't have forced him to shoot in such a condition, as it shows in the scenes. He doesn't look like his usual 'playful' self, and is unable to make those 'expressions'. Also, the unshaven look and checked scarf/brown shawl around his neck makes him look as if he is suffering from very high fever.
I liked the Ek Tha Tiger scene where Tiger asks Zoya to dance, in front of the other ISI agents at the conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Did you watch Ek Tha Tiger? What do you think of this film review? Will you watch Ek Tha Tiger after reading this movie review?


  1. Is this story based on real characters "tiger and zoya" ? do they really exist?

    1. Yes...some people believe that the movie is based on a real-spy couple, except that they weren't as good looking as Salman and Katrina.

    2. Definitely the movie looks to much exaggerated.


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