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Google Adwords Representative - Online Test

Google Adwords Representative - Online Test

Over the past 8 months, Google has been holding tests to hire Google Adsense Representatives for its offices in Gurgaon, near New Delhi. Recently, a placement consultant called me about this test. She told me that they are paying real well at 'Google standards' ...blah blah and swayed me into taking the test. The job involves editing and proofreading the Google Adsense ads displayed by Google. Tired of my low paying media job and the lack of work, I thought I'd give it a try. I landed at the local cyber cafe where the test was being held with identification proof as asked. Nobody asked me for my ID and I started off with the test. Here is what the Google Adwords Representative test included -

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Part 1 - was a multiple choice online test that involved correction of grammar and spelling. It comprised of 40 questions and had to be completed in one hours. Questions were about -

- the use of 'which' and 'than'
- the use of 'who' and 'whom'
- arranging parts of sentences in the right order.
- arranging sentences in the right order to make a paragraph
- comprehension - where you had to answer questions about given nonsensical paragraphs.

I completed this in around 30 minutes.

Part 2 - involved writing two 250 words paragraphs in an hour. The topics I got were -

- Describe a characteristic feature of your generation.
- A negative quality of your home town.

I completed this in around 1 hour ten minutes. I really had no idea that it would take this long, but the keyboard at the cyber cafe was at the level of my chin and just could not be moved lower ! Plus, I was given a real low chair. Ha Ha.

No idea if I will get the job as a Google Adwords Representative. They haven't called me as yet. None of the people I know who took the test ever got called for the interview either. Wonder, if they are actually hiring people or holding the tests as a legal requirement ? 6 months seems a pretty long time to hire a few staff !

Hope this post helps folks who have planned on taking the online test. Does anyone have any idea about this Google Adwords Representative job ?


  1. that's a real bad experience.........i really need to thank you for this enlightening article as i was on the way to take the test but was trying to banish the nightmare i was having.......

    thanks abd be honest as this so i can be safe.....

    i wish u the best in life..

  2. strange ... the google guys came to my sis's college for campus recruitment, did some 5-6 rounds and boiled down to two people( one of them happened to be my sis), and then they disappeared... ironical that this search is taking them so long...

  3. That test sounds bad.After going through with something like that I do hope you get called. I think a letter or an E-mail saying that they are still interviewing people and would get back to you would have been courteous and nice.(Google you are not keeping up with your image)

  4. Nope!! Good luck with job if that's really what you want!:)

  5. 6 months is a long time. they would have either droppped the idea of recruiting or have already recruited. however, there is no reason to believe that they just held the test without intending to hire. competition is such just tough luck to you.

  6. i think ur english is excellent and u will get that job!!
    thanks always for such interesting stories :)

  7. Anonymous, Asha, Whiskeypriest, Niki - thanx for your good wishes!

    Manuscrypts, Starry Nights & Whiskypriest - Yes, its surprising its taking this long. Something is not right. Either they need to fine tune their selection process or they have already employed their 'friends' and are holding the tests as an eyewash!

  8. hi,

    I thought I will just tell you that after the test, google takes something like 12 -13 days to select the candidate after which there is a telephone interview and then three rounds of interview at their office in Gurgaon. So dont lose heart. Maybe you still have a chance!

  9. hi
    I am also goin to appear for online test this sunday !!

    don't know whats gona happen butr I knoe am poor in english but google is my dream comapny
    Am working as Search Engine optimizor @ noida and got call today :( :( no tiem fro preparation...

    Your blog post give me some courage to appear in the interview...

    thanks a lot !!!!!!

  10. don't know when you are gonaa read and approve may commnent but can u mail me how to do well and also I forget to ask you what happened after the interview Are u in google now

  11. Shabana - thanks for the information !

    Webmaster - No, I did'nt recieve any calls from Google after the test nor did any of my friends. The test does not need any preparation as its a general sort of thing.

    If google is your dream company then I hope you get a chance to work there and see what it's like for real. Best of luck for the test !

  12. waiting for the response from people came in my collage, i appeared & passed the written round & then went through three rounds of interview .......only i & one of my friend reached the third round from my collage, rest eliminated in first &second round

  13. I have been selected for the final round,which gonna happen in Gurgaon. I need your blessings. I will keep updating you about the procedure,if i get selected.

  14. Anonymous - Thanks for the information !

    Ankit - Best of Luck ! Mere aashirwaad aapke saaath hain !

  15. Hi I got thru all the rounds of the interview at google and their representative told me that my papers have gone to US for approval and then it tuk them 2 weeks and only yesterday she told me that my papers have been approved and they will be extending me an offer on wednesday...This is for Google Gurgaon as an Adwords Representative...

  16. Can some body please tell me what happens at the personal interview, just given the telephonic interview. It will be great help

  17. Anyone plz tell me wat they ask in the personal interview...

  18. guys
    what is an adword rep exactly supposed to do???

  19. LOL, this is just great!!
    So, it happens to everyone around. Its worse here because they actually friggin called to say that the 2nd round was cleared, asked for documents and never ever ever got back. EVER!!!
    So much for all the energy you waste in scanning mark sheets. LOL. Great job Google.

  20. @tanushree..others too..
    i've given the on-site interview at google gurgaon for adwords rep. two questions:
    1. wts da actual package and compensation structure? (i've heard tht its nt all tht good...i'm waitin fr thr response)
    2. is the job good?

  21. i am supposed to give the online test this sunday.but google hasnt called me directly . its some consultant. if they r so lousy i rather not go for the test only wastin my time

  22. to all those wanting to get in...dont screw ur life..u dont deserve this trust me...i've bin thr n done tht...n its not worth it!
    the process took 2 months..i was told tht evrythngz goin very good...n was told i shud prepare myself to join google..n thn i ws told get lost.
    after 2 writtn tests...2 telephonic interviews...n 4 on site interviews...i wasted 2 months of my life..i strongly caution anyone lookin forward to ready fr the worst!

    1. ....look at how you write. And the made up mystical pony land words you use. No wonder.

  23. could anyone tell me what all is asked in the 3 rounds of the interview

  24. there are three rounds of of the rounds involves a tele-interview-there is an employee from Bangalore or Hyderabad who goes through the cv point by point. The other rounds are similar. each interview lasts about 20-30 mins and all the rounds consist of similar questions related to ur educational qualifications/achievements/current employment. Dont worry too much about the interviews as questions are straight forward and typical. Just say the same thing in all the rounds...Good luck

  25. Donno y soo many ppl have had a bad experience. Im from bangalore, and will soon join google hyd as an adwords rep. Have gone through all the rounds of interviews and have the offer letter. they had cum for college placements. i think they prefer to hire that way, cauz its more secure for them. anywayz, if anyone needs help, do mail me and i'l b glad to help.

  26. it's no wonder, i had a very similar experience, but it was worse coz they actulally called me for the interview in the scorching delhi heat. The recruiting specialist later called me n said that i had cleared the interview n they needed my documents. After going thru all this i get a sugarcoated regret mail informing me that there was no post vacant that fit my qualificationa!! It's funny how they came to realise this fact so soon!!!

  27. hey came to our college for the adwords campus recruiment programme.....i have cleared the written test and the 3 rounds of interviews.....after that i got an email from google asking me to fill in the candidate information sheet and provide my CV and Certificates......scans......does anyone know wat exactly happens next.....????how long does the whole process take??

  28. Hi
    nice to hear from u !!!!
    Is that all about that Google adword test ?
    only 2 rounds n then they ll call u for an interview?
    and today its 23 Jan 2009
    Do they still conduct these tests ?
    pl sum one confirm me this pt !!!
    thanks in advance

  29. ah, SIX Months....You must be knowing deep down that you weren't good enough for the job. Face it, you just did not get the job. So, you decided to blah blah blah. Accept defeat like a man!

  30. Hi! guys
    I'm Manik this side, i dont think so that the google test is that much difficult. if anyone wants to clear the test or wants any kind of assistance in getting a job as a google adword representative, just contact me at my email id.:
    All the best guys.

  31. hey!
    I'm from Bangalore and a fresher...
    and I applied to Google last month ( 7th oct to be precise) following an Ad for an opening for "Adwords reprentative Hyderabad)
    Well as of today, 13th November , I've cleared all the rounds ( resume> written test>phone interview> personal interview> reference verification and now im waiting for the final call from them which i should get in another 10days...So ill keep u all posted.
    one thing i can tell you, Google places a lot of focus on your academic performance and extracurriculars...apart from a near flawless keep these things in mind if you paln to apply...

    all the best
    my email's

  32. well just a day after posting that last comment here, i got a call from Google.I'm through. Will be joining the Hyd office from Dec 28th.
    all the best to everyone.

  33. Congratulations!! Can you give us some information about the interview questions and process you faced?

    Also, please let us know about the salary package they are offering and the conditions of service at the Google Office in Hyderabad....

  34. hi!!even I have made it till the final round of campus intrvws two weeks bk..nw waitng 4 d nxt step abt whch i dnt hv any idea yet..smbdy help..

  35. hey like i posted before, I've made through Google.
    Here's my blog which has all the info on google.

  36. How often can we apply for the post of Google representative?

  37. thanks dear.... I am going to give this interview tomorrow. M also from the same media field & thinking of giving this interview tomrrow as I got a call from theor side.Your article is really very helpful for me! Now atlest i have an idea about their test & interview questions. Thanks alot
    I pray for you.....
    Bye bye

  38. hey ppl..i ve jus given sum 3 rounds of intrview jus 2days bck. Google came 2 my collage. 3 of us 0uta d final 26 managd 2 giv sum 3-4 rounds of intrview finally..cud sum1 pls tell me hw long it generally takes 2 get d results? i did giv it well except 4 d 3rd really anxious.....

  39. Guys can u tell me something about the prcoedure and the package they are offering

  40. d interview process s simple....depending on d person, one might have 3-4 rounds..sumtimes evn up2 9!..same kinda questions in al d rounds..dey kinda actually test ur creativity and ur basic knowledge abt adwords..den totally abt ur extra currriculars..d interviewers r generally damn one need not have any inhibitions in answering..but den think twice b4 blurting out had actually com 4 placements 2 my college..nd still d results r nt yet out..lots of confusions and mess ups wid d entire procedure so dunno wats gonna it was grt bein interviewed..nice experience.

  41. Hi, I have just finished the test and HR interview. My next round is a video conference. Does anyone have any tips to share?

  42. hey folks..i have just mailed my resume..i hope that i get the chance to attend the tests and interviews...

  43. @ Anchal..
    Thnx Anchal 4 sharing info.

    Could u plz tel me more abt written test n HR round??

    I hv a written test on 24thApr2010.

  44. can anyone tell me about the written test pattern what will come ... kind of questions .. math , logical or what

    please reply fast

  45. But folks plz tell me how much is d annual compensation package?Many of you selected people should know?

  46. Even I appeared for Adwords post from Coimbatore. They'd come to our college for Campus Recruitment. Its long time, though I respect and wait for Google. Here is my blog on 1st round in my website

  47. hello everyone..Anuja here...
    i m a BMS grad frm mumbai..
    totally new to this page..i m trying 2 apply for this position in Google..
    they were supposed 2 come to our campus..but they dint..
    pls help me regarding the online test..
    i Have no clue how it works.

  48. Guys want to share Google Hiring process with you

    1.Phone interview
    You’ve applied for the position and your skills fit the job. The phone interview assesses your technical skills and proficiency, to the level of determining whether you should be brought in for in-person interviews. Typically phone interviews are conducted by someone in a similar role and last about 30-40 minutes.

    2.Onsite interview

    Google interview process for technical positions evaluates your core software engineering skills including: coding, algorithm development, data structures, design patterns, analytical thinking skills. During your interview, you’ll meet with several engineers across different teams who will give a cross-section view of Google Engineering. Interviewers will ask you questions related to your area of interest and ask you to solve them in real time. Our interview process for business and general positions evaluate your problem solving and behavioral abilities. Remember, it's not a question of getting the answer right or wrong, but the process in which you use to solve it. Creativity is important.

    3.Hire by committee

    Virtually every person who interviews at Google talks to at least four interviewers, drawn from both management and potential colleagues. Everyone's opinion counts, ensuring our hiring process is fair while maintaining high standards as we grow. Yes, it takes longer, but we believe it's worth it. If you hire great people and involve them intensively in the hiring process, you’ll get more great people. We started building this positive feedback loop when the company was founded, and it has had a huge payoff.

    4.What happens next

    Following your interviews, Google Recruitment team decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously and like to make consensus-based decisions. To that end, it can take up to two weeks for us to make a definitive decision as to whether we'd like to have you join the team. Please be patient with us – your recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.

    Thanks ......

  49. can anyone tell what might be the payment?? i heard it is 15000.. is it??

  50. What about walk-in's ? How does this process work during walk-in's ?? As in the number of rounds and the written test pattern ?

  51. I gave a similar test in regards to an advertisement for the post of "AdWords Representative" this year on "July 21st" but have not yet got any info. back regarding the tests.

    We were told that we would get the results in a month or so but I didn't hear back from them. Also, I've tried to search the internet for any info. based on it but unfortunately didn't find much about it. I mean I'm pretty much proficient with Adwords (having been used the product myself), but it would have been better to know what happened regarding the test or where, if, I can get any info about it?

    I know this post is old but if anybody who wrote the same test could they let me know if they got any news or are they on the same platform as I am.

    My email address is : vari007(at)gmail(dot)com


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