Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Vacation in Goa

My Vacation in Goa

Recently, I went to Goa for a week long holiday. This was not a budget vacation like my previous holiday in Goa where I tried to spend as little as possible, so it was much more comfortable. I arrived in an airconditioned compartment of the Goa Express train that runs from Delhi to Vasco in Goa. The journey was two days long.

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainDay 1 - Candolim Beach

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainWe were living at a place located on Candolim Beach, so every morning I went for a quiet walk along the beachfront. The soft golden sands and the azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea were simply breathtaking. I rubbed my feet in the cool sand and curled up my toes in delight. The beach was totally empty in the morning. The only sounds I could hear were the calls of seagulls and waves splashing on the shore. Far over the horizon, I could see ships leaving on long voyages.

Day 2 - Old Goa, Pilar and Dona Paula.

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainAfter my early morning stroll on Candolim Beach, we set off for the churches of Old Goa. First, we visited the Se Cathedral and Bom Jesus Church where miraculous things take place. Here a film crew was shooting and had brought along equipment like cranes, cameras and huge lights. The crew was speaking in a South Indian language, so it assumed they could'nt possibly be shooting for a Bollywood film starring Salman Khan and took off. Next, we went to Fr. Agnel Church in Pilar. It was located on a hill top and offered a spectacular view of the surrounding lush green forests and rice fields below. The auto rickshaw charged Rs. 150 from Old Goa to Pilar and back.

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainIn the evening, we went to the city of Panjim and Dona Paula. At Dona Paula I spent Rs.70 on a water scooter ride. It was just a three minute ride, but the experience of bouncing on the choppy waves at top speed was simply unbelievable. We climbed up the Dona Paula hill and managed to catch a magnificent view of the sun setting over the shimmering green sea. The strong sea breeze filled with the spray from the waves hitting the rocks still linger in my memory. At dusk, we took a walk along the Panaji riverfront and watched the lighted yachts cruise down the Mandovi River.

Day 3 - Baga Beach

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainI started the day with a relaxing walk on Candolim Beach. As the day wore on, it became quite hot. I had a Cranberry Bacardi Breezer and slept the day off. In the evening, we went to Baga Beach. This place was crowded with mostly Indian tourists, had fun water sports and a range of restaurants. The creek on the far end of the beach is a good place for safe swimming. As evening neared and the sun began to set, the sky turned a marvellous hue of yellow, orange and red. We left the beach pretty late and ended up having to take the sole luxury taxi back to Candolim for a cost of Rs.200.

Day 4 - Mapusa and Candolim Beach

goa vacation trip travel baga candolim tickets flight trainIt was a Friday and a day when sellers from all over Goa come to Mapusa to sell thier wares. Prices are cheap, so we thought we'd buy some Goan sweets and gifts for our friends back home. I saw some beautiful tropical plants being sold by some ladies and bought seven for my garden in Delhi. I also bought a pen holder decorated with shells for my boss, but I haven't gifted it to him coz he isn't back from vacation as yet. Other things we bought included wine, feni, masalas, goan sweets and namkeens. I spend the evening lying on a beach bed at Candolim Beach.

Day 5 - Thivim and Delhi
We were supposed to leave for Delhi by the 5.00 am Mangala Lakshadweep Express from Thivim station, but all hell broke loose. Our train ticket did not get confirmed even though we had relatively low waiting list numbers of 2, 3 and 4. I spent the day running to internet cafes, booking offices and travel agents in Panjim and Porvorim to get any ticket that would allow me to reach Delhi by Monday morning. I also had to travel to Thivim (the station of boarding) to cancel the waitlisted ticket and get a refund. I later managed to get a ticket for the 5.00 pm Spice Jet flight. This was my first flight and I was real nervous. I finally touched down at Delhi Airport at 8.15pm.

That's How It Really Works !!: My Budget Vacation in Goa - Day 5 - Siolem and Morjem


  1. That looks like a beautiful relaxing vacation CK! We have been to Goa,long long time ago nudies were allowed on the beach!;D

    Good for you CK:))

  2. a train journey from Delhi to Goa?
    good to know there are still a few fellows left who prefer these royal comforts to travelling cattle class in AIr dhakkan

  3. so that was the reason y u didnt comment on my posts for long; nice u enjoyed in goa but i heard that it is very hot at this time. how did u manage then? and it is always better to go on ur trips only if the tickets are confirmed. anyways flight tickets have bcom so cheap nowadays. but surprising ur going on flight first time! how was the experience?

  4. hmm, there are some lovely spots near dona paula with awesome views... but it isnt part of the regular tourist itinerary... and hey, you would've seen my insti on your way to old goa...
    meanwhile, drop in for some fourplay at my blog :)

  5. Hmm.. i have been considering a vacation in Goa for a long time now.. no realisation yet!

    But this post makes me want to so much more!

  6. I would rather rely on the airlines (here) to get a standy by confirmed than hoping that a wait list on IR would get confirmed.

  7. wow, seem that u had a nice trip, i too always wished to go there, but... no chance...

  8. Asha & R2k - thanks !

    Pegasus - Never travelled by Air Deccan, though many people say its real bad !

    Whiskypriest - I don't travel much that's why this was my first flight. I'll be writing more about it later.

    Manuscrypts - Which institute is that ? Are you in Goa ?

    How Do We Know & Aditi - Don't think, just do it !

  9. Sounds like you had the perfect vacation...


  10. SO you enjoyed much over there. btw every indian comes being very happy on visit to goa . because of its stunning sunshining beaches goa always heartly welcomes to visitors


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