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Movie Reviews - Traffic Signal, Sarhad Paar, Gafla and Nishabd

Movie Reviews of Traffic Signal, Sarhad Paar and Gafla

Over the past three weeks, I managed to catch four movies - Traffic Signal, Sarhad Paar, Gafla and Nishabd. Here are my ratings and film reviews -

film reviews movie review traffic signal sarhad paar gafla nishabd pictures photographsTraffic Signal - 7/10 - starring Kunal Khemu. This film is a documentary about life on the streets through the eyes of Silsila (Kunal Khemu), a local toughie. Silsila collects a weekly amount of cash (hafta) from beggars, hawkers, prostitutes, conmen and others who work daily at traffic signals. The casting is perfect. I'd say Kunal Khemu is one of the rising stars of Bollywood who can actually act. The makeup, costumes, locale and script of Traffic Signal are very realistic. The movie ends with Silsila deciding to testify as a witness in the high profile murder of a civil engineer.

film reviews movie review traffic signal sarhad paar gafla nishabd pictures photographsSarhad Paar - 4/10 - starring Tabu, Sanjay Dutt and Mahima Choudhary. This movie is about an Indian army man who strays over the border while chasing a terrorist and is imprisoned in Pakistan for five years. When he is released over the border, his family realises that he has lost his memory. His wife and sister nurse him back to health, after which he decides to chase after the bad guy - a mercenary called Bakhtawar. In the end, the armyman's sister has to choose between her husband who is a traitor and her brother. She chooses her brother. It was an ok movie, nothing great but nothing horribly annoying either. Part of the script was confusing and events were disjointed.

film reviews movie review traffic signal sarhad paar gafla nishabd pictures photographsGafla - 6/10 - starring Vinod Sherawat and other debutants. Gafla is a film about a young ambitious fraud at the stock market. It seems to be loosely based on the life of Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh - two stock market scamsters. The movie has all new faces in lead roles and they do a relatively good job. The story is also good.

film reviews movie review traffic signal sarhad paar gafla nishabd pictures photographsNishabd - 1/10 - starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jiah Khan's long legs. (Aamir Khan's supposed half sister). This movie is about a 60 year old photographer who gets turned on by a 16 year old friend of his daughter. This movie can be called a 'blue film' because the entire film is given a blue look through the use of a blue filter. I'm tired of watching Amitabh Bachchan in every second movie. An awful 'tauba tauba' kind of movie, I kept flicking channels throughout and skipped the end of the film.

So, how did you like my film reviews of Traffic Signal, Sarhad Paar, Gafla and Nishabd ? Have you watched these movies ?


  1. II am a die hard fan of Amitab bachan,I like to see him in every frame.
    Nice post ,i am knowing about the third film only through this post.Thank you

  2. hello cyberkitty..
    No I have not watched these movies.. :)
    me dont understand Hindi :)
    Ur blog is very cool..
    like the A&A wedding post.
    nice pics..
    see yaa :)

  3. Kunal Khemu looks sooo handsome!!
    i think he will be popular worldwide.
    i couldnt recognize that was sanjay dutt lol
    thank u very much for such great review even tho u didnt want to watch
    sooo kind of u!!

  4. Have you seen the 70's film "Blame it on the Rio". It seems that Nishabd is on the same lines. I don't know of the Nishabd, but Blame it... was a hilarious Comedy. If you haven't, then rent and watch it.

  5. nicely written, like what i've also felt.. traffic signal was one of the movies not worth being skipped and nishabd was one worth being skipped... after hearing so much about nishabd, thank God, i missed it out..

  6. Deepak - Yes, not many people have heard about Gafla coz it does not have big stars.

    Sree & Aditi - thanks.

    Niki - yes, Kunal is one of the sexy new stars around.

    Sifar - Nishabd is anything but a comedy. It is a dark and deary film. I'll try and rent out 'Blame it on Rio'

  7. I think Madhur Bhandarkar is a brilliant director. He seems to have an extraordinary power of observation, which he employs to sketch out the characters in his films in very minute detail.


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