Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pointers for Pet Owners going on Vacation

Tips for Travelling with your Pet

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogToday, on the 3rd Birthday of my cat, I can't help but think of the thousands of pets that are lost or abandoned by people on vacation. Most pet owners who travel are not really mean but are just unaware or too lazy to bother to think of any options. As, the summer holidays start, here are some points to help pet owners plan thier vacation.

Vacation with Pets Tip 1. Leave the pet with neighbours/family in the same Neighbourhood (all pets) - Make sure the caretakers are people who love pets and won't mistreat him/ forget to feed him in your absence. The pet should be ok in the same environment with familiar faces. Remember to provide your pets favourite food/toys and money to buy milk,bread etc. that he needs daily. Another merit is that you can phone often and 'speak' to your pet and know that she is fine.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogTravel with Pets Tip 2. Leaving Pets with friend/family in other areas of the city (all pets except cats) - for pets that don't move out of the house much. This is so they don't get lost or killed finding thier way back home, or walking in some other animal's territory.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogVacation with Pets Tip 3. Leaving Pet Home Alone (cats only) - Since cats are very protective of thier territory and not as emotional as dogs. Leave an entry/exit point open, like a tiny window/balcony or a small hole cut in the door so the cat can go outside to pee/poo. Take small packets of catfood wrapped in newspaper and hide them around the house. Stick some packets with cellotape at different heights which the cat can sniff and find after a few days. Leave a bucketful of drinking water around. Your cat should be fine when you return coz most of them can easily hunt birds/rodents, scavenge in garbage bins or steal from neighbours. However, if you have a expensive breed cat, there is a chance it may get stolen if it's too tame. Most thieves think twice about stealing a cat as they are difficult to catch, scratch and bite sharply and are considered bad luck.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogTravel with Pets Tip 4. Animal Hotels/ Holiday Home ( usually for dogs) - I would not recommend this as pets are largely ignored in these homes. They are not fed properly or given water, they howl miserably the whole day long, people whack them, there is a chance they may be sold off too. There may be some good animal homes but hey they are very difficult to find and they cost hellova-lot. Can be used as a last resort.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogVacation with Pets Tip 5. Taking Pet Along on the Vacation (all pets) - Always keep the pet in a carrying case or on a leash firmly tied up, unless you are indoors with all the doors and windows shut. The animal may get disoriented by its surroundings and if it runs off there is a 95 percent chance you will never find it again. There is also the issue of continous howling to deal with. Remember to pack your pets food and toys. Line the pet's box with a diaper, for easy cleaning.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat doga) Driving down to your vacation spot is the most convienient. Just ignore the howling. The pet is just communicating its discomfort and is not in any great danger.

b) Train - try and travel by second class. If you have a small, silent animal keep him in a box/pet case either under the seat or on the top berth. If you have a big dog/noisy pet and you cannot convince fellow passengers or the TT to let him stay with you then you have to put him in the luggage bogie. You have the option of checking on him when the train stops for a long time at some stations.

travel trip vacation pets dogs cats holiday flight plane pet cat dogc) Plane - is the most problematic with Lots of rules and procedures to go through. Also your pets health may suffer due to lack of oxygen, heat, cold and pressure in the baggage hold.

There are many who lock thier doors and leave thier pets to the mercy of the streets just for a few weeks mazaa. This is certainly not fair,animals may not be able to speak out but thier silent tears and howls leads to the Law of Karma catching up with thier owners.

Anyone with more suggestions on travelling with thier pets please post a comment !!

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  1. Here are some more points to keep in mind -

    1. Don't be afraid or embarassed to ask people you trust to feed your pet when you are away. Don't be shy to shell out some money.

    2. If your trip keeps you away for long and you are worried that ur cat maybe starving at home alone, then you can always mail/courier cat food to ur home address daily. Make a few tiny holes with a pin on the packet so kitty can sniff and tear the packet. Also, have a slit in the door with 'letters/packets' written - so that anything posted through will fall directly on the floor.

    3. If you are planning to take your pet along, help him learn to be comfortable sitting in his carrying case a few weeks before the trip. Put his favourite bedding in the case and make him sleep there with the case door open. Reward him with treats for being in the cage for long periods of time. Every morning, take him for short rides in your car/local transport to places which are new to him and reward him with treats. Teaching him to get used to the case and leash will ensure he behaves and does not howl when you finally take him with you on vacation.

    4. Never sedate/drug your pet when travelling. It is cruel and he may become very violent when he wakes up.

    Hope this helps someone and thier pets !


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