Thursday, May 04, 2006

Indian Cricket Team Beauty Pageant 2006

Cyberkitty's Indian Cricket Team Beauty Pageant 2006: As beautiful as Cyberkitty thinks you are.....Presented in Association with

The biggest pageant in Indian Cyberspace was held on May 4th, at

Harbhajan Singh Mohammad Kaif Virendar Sehwag and Irfan Pathan walking the catwak and modelling for Samsung cellphones
Results of Cyberkitty's Indian Cricket Team Beauty Pageant 2006:

Sub Contest Winners:

1. Mr. Beautiful Hair -
The Nominees are - 'Musharraf's pet' Dhoni, Clinic All Clear -Dravid, Wavy haired Irfan.......
And the Award goes to Harbhajan Singh for the longest hair !!
He recieves the prize of - 1 Ruffle

2. Mr. Beautiful Eyes -
The Nominees are Cat Eyed Agarkar, Brown eyed Sehwag, Winking Kaif......
And the Award goes to 'goggle-nashi' Ramesh Powar for his 'stunning' eyewear.

He recieves the prize of - 1 pair of star shaped Janpath Sunglasses.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Irfan Pathan shirtless in a swimsuit in Goa
3. Mr. Perfect 10 -
The Nominees are - 10dulkar, Kaif, Yuvraj, Irfan........
And the Award goes to Venugopal Rao for his 10 runs in the 3rd ODI with England.
He recieves the prize of - A Barbie Doll

4. Mr. All Rounder -
The Nominees are Irfan, Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Cricket Ball........
And the Award goes to Ramesh Powar of 'Fat but Fit' fame.
His prize - The Cricket ball that lost out !

5. Mr. Beauty with Brains -
The Nominees are '2B Honest' Dravid, Prince of Calcutta Ganguly, 'Exam-oholic' Raina.....
And the Award goes to Anil Kumble for being the only one with a 'Real Job' ! (Director of Stumpvision)
His prize - A copy of Cyberkitty's Resume.

6. Mr. Congeniality -
The Nominees are - Bike Driver Dhoni, Umpire Mimicking Kaif, Grinning Gambhir.....
Awarded to Rahul Dravid for his diplomacy in making the team click and dealing with Ganguly.
His prize - Free Dinner for 12 ( team + chappell) at Ganguly's Restaurant 'Souravs'

7. Mr. Talented -
The Nominees are Man of Matches Yuvraj, Match Finisher Raina, Good at Everything Irfan........ But the Award goes to SreeSanth for his butt-shaking dance moves on getting a wicket !
His prize - One of Yuvraj's Page 3 Party invitations.

8. Mr. Catwalk -
The Nominees are Reebok's Dhoni and Yuvraj, Samsung's Irfan, Sehwag.......
And the Award goes to Mohammad Kaif for his ' Bheegi Billi ' walk back to the Pavilion.
And he wins - A jug of milk with Boost

9. And finally the 'Mr. India' Title -
The Nominees are Sexy Kaif, Handsome Irfan, Stud Dhoni, Suave Yuvraj........
But the winner is 'chased from hotel' Dinesh Karthik, the most 'invisible' team member ! Runner's up are Munaf Patel and Robin Uthappa.
And they all win DVD's of Anil Kapoor's film 'Mr.India'

10. Consolation Prize -
Awarded to Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his 'Bholepan, Sadhgi, Dilkashi Aur Taazgi' that has won Cyberkitty's heart.
His Prize - Gets to go motorbike riding on a hot date with Cyberkitty !!

This Pageant for Charity was held during the 'Really Long Break' before the India - West Indies Series due to be played in May 2006. The proceeds of the event were donated to The Trust for Indians suffering from 'Lack of Cricket Disease' and is meant to be taken seriously.



  1. Oh that is too good! Hilarious!!

    Really laughed meself off the chair reading that... imagining Powar in star-shaped glasses!! *chortlechortle* Could he LOOK any more ridiculous!


    You rock, dudes!

    Props and more


    PS: The funniest thing is, my friend Ayushi( and I write stupid cracks like that at the Indian Cricket team too. Last year, or so, we wrote the Indian Team participating in Indian Idol contest... check it out, if you'd like, and let us know...

    Going off to read the rest of your blog! :D

  2. very funny post!!!:) enjoyed it thoroughly, keep it up!!


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