Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend Reviews - Nurburgring F1, Shaadi se Pehle, Being Cyrus

Reviews of what I watched over the weekend -

1. European Grand Prix - 10/10 - for the points Michael Schumacher got for winning the race. Coolest part was the second pit-stop during which Schumi overtook Alonso.

2. Shaadi Se Pehle - 5/10 - Not as bad as I had thought! Akshaye is a Hypochondriac who thinks he is dying of cancer. He tries to get his fiancee (Takia) to leave him by showing he is a Sex 'Bhedhiya'- wolf by chasing Sherawat. A dark comedy, with jokes about death, funerals etc. which is maybe why the film flopped. Rajpal Yadav's comic timing is perfect...with a bit of makeup and a new haircut he'd look like a better version of Emraan Hashmi.

3. Being Cyrus - 3/10 - for Saif's lousy acting, yet again. The casting otherwise was good. Saif should continue to do negative roles - it suits his face and personality. Too much abusive language in the script did'nt add much to the story. Why can't anyone make a sane English film ? It also promoted the stereotype that Parsis are nuts - which may not be entirely untrue !

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