Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reservation in Private Sector - 70% for Jack-less

Private Sector Job Reservation

Before the CEO's of private companies make a bigger deal out of 'Lack of talent' being brought in by reservations for SC/ST and students start believing the drivel being dished out in the media that they won't get jobs, here is some food for thought -

1. I don't know many who have got a job without knowing someone ( papa/chacha/dost works there, beaurocrat recommendations, Client/Customers/Suppliers Kid etc). In all the seven jobs that I've worked, I've got through with one of the above jacks.

2. Neither me nor anyone I know has ever got a private sector job by applying through the internet/newspapers. Even though we were well qualified and attended ten's of interviews we were never selected. Later I found out through a friend in HR, that the applicant was already appointed. The interviews and ads in the paper for resumes was just an eyewash used as a legal requirement.

3. Those people without jack who are placed by educational institutes/placement companies work as trainees/interns for years sometimes. They are made to work extra hours, late night shifts, work on holidays and if anything goes wrong then it's thier fault. The salary is paltry and sometimes even that is not paid for months. Performance Appraisals are a big Dhoka. The cost of the educational course is not paid back by the job. Placement agencies ask for the first 2 months salary but they see to it that the company they place you with sacks you within 3 months. This is so they can appoint someone new and take that person's 2 months salary too.

4. Privat SectorJobs are bought and sold - by unscrupulous HR and placement people. eg. my brother was asked for Rs. 70,000 for a call centre job in Wipro, Calcutta. He is a B.Tech in Computers.

I am all for Private Sector Job Reservation. There should be atleast 70 percent reservations for people who don't have jack. Out of this 35 percent should be reserved for women. Women are more qualified, work harder and more efficiently, yet they are disqualified for no apparent reason.

Yeah, Mr. CEO's, Worried that some unknown SC/ST's will get private sector jobs for free !! Why should they not, atleast there will be some qualified employees, doing work and getting paid for it. The government is there to protect them. Manmohan Ji, please do something for the 'Jackless' too !!


  1. Cyberkitty, this happens not only in india, but also in the US. Please spread the word around.

  2. I got job without any recommendation and My friend who belongs to SC caste also got job without any recommendation. what to you say about it


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