Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Movie Reviews - Malamaal Weekly, Taxi No. 9211

What I watched over the Weekend - Malamaal Weekly, Taxi No. 9211

1. Malamaal Weekly - 3/10 - for the yelling and screaming dialogue. Point to note for the producers...a corpse starts stinking after some time.

2. Taxi No. 9211 - 6/10 - had a good story, script and plot with strong characters. ( ya, i know it was a mixture of Hollywood films Changing Lanes/Collateral but it was still well adapted). Nana Patekar was as usual realistic and gave his character depth and John tried hard and was not that bad either.

3. Formula One San Marino Grand Prix - 10/10 for Michael Schumacher who won after keeping Alonso at bay for more 2/3 rd of the race.

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