Friday, October 27, 2006

HDFC Bank - Totally Sucks

HDFC Bank totally sucks - How HDFC Bank left me cashless during the Diwali Season !

hdfc bank icici aditya puriThis HDFC Bank saga started around four days before Diwali when I found a HDFC Bank letter on the stairs of my apartment building. Assuming it was a HDFC Bank credit card offer, I almost did'nt open it. It's good that I did though, and was totally shocked by what the HDFC Bank letter read regarding by salary account.

"We observe that there has been no salary credit in your account from July-September 2006.............we learn from your previous employer that you have since left the organization.........the captioned salary account would need to be closed..........visit our nearest branch during working hours within 30 days from the date of this letter along with your debit card and unutilized cheque continue a banking relationship with us , you will need to open a normal savings account...........treat this matter as urgent .......failing which we will be constrained to block operations in your account. " Srinivas Iyer, HDFC Bank.

hdfc bank icici aditya puriThis was like a bolt from the blue, considering I had left the company mentioned more than two years ago. Also, I had lakhs (hundred thousands) invested in HDFC Bank, plus term deposits and mutual funds. Thinking there had been a mistake, I called up the HDFC Bank customer care center and was in for a ruder shock !

Cyberkitty : I recieved this letter from HDFC Bank......blah blah
HDFC Bank : It's your fault, you should have informed the bank whenever you switch jobs. Now you have to open a new account.
Cyberkitty: Haven't you heard 'customer is king', is this the way you treat a valued customer who has invested so much in HDFC bank ? I have given this bank account number for direct credit of divident from mutual funds and stocks. Think of the inconvinience ?
HDFC Bank : It's your mistake, there is nothing that can be done, come to the office and close your account.
Cyberkitty: I can easily transfer my 'huge' balance to my ICICI Bank Account. In these days of intense competition in the banking sector, do you really want to lose a customer. I can also tell lots of folks about the lack of service at HDFC Bank.
HDFC Bank: It's your mistake. If you want to go to ICICI Bank then go ! Submit your debit card and cheque book at our office to close your account or we will disable it.

Shit scared of losing my cash, I cut a cheque and transferred every drop of money to my ICICI Account by depositing the HDFC Bank Cheque in the ICICI automatic cheque machine. I asked at ICICI if they forced customers to close an account on quitting a job and the answer was no, they just change the salary account to a regular one. Since, I did not have much cash in my ICICI account, I could not do the Diwali shopping that I had planned for as I had to wait for the HDFC Bank check to be cleared. HDFC Bank took nearly a week to clear my check.

hdfc bank icici aditya puriHDFC Bank has always been tardy when it comes to dealing with customers. The ATM's never seem to be stocked with cash. I have never recieved my internet banking password despite many reminders neither has my friend recieved her ATM Card pin code. I have not visited HDFC Bank with my debit card and cheque book to close the account as I don't want to face more rude service. Anyway I heard they automatically close the account if the balance falls below Rs.10, so good riddance to them !

hdfc bank icici aditya puri Dear Mr. Aditya Puri, (CEO, HDFC Bank) these policies won't take your bank very far, you know. Closing accounts of folks who don't earn you fat profits by applying for credit cards, home loans, education or car loans make seem cost effective, but in the long run you will lose out on the very funds that enable you to give out these loans .

I should have closed my HDFC Account, the day I heard top executives were involved in the demat account and IPO scam, but it's better late than never, i suppose.

Did any blogger face a similar problem with HDFC Bank ?


  1. Hi

    You are absolutely right. There are a bunch of crooks sitting at HDFC Bank.
    I held an HDFC Bank Credit Card, where on the very first bill I made a delayed payment due to delayed receipt of the bill, as the sales person who had sold me the card had noted my address incorrectly, due to which I did not even receive my bill.
    I had to request for a duplicate statement to which I made the payment in full, albeit delayed due to the above problem.
    The next month's statement had finance charges and late payment fees attached. I called the customer service representative who reversed these charges and I again made my payment in time and in full.
    The next month, even though the previous month's charges had been reversed, fresh charges had been added for no reason whatsover.
    I again called the helpdesk agent, who again reversed the charges and explained that there was a glitch in the system. I again made my payment in full and again the next month my statement showed reversal in previous month extra charges and fresh charges being added on.
    This continued in the same manner for a few months till I got fed up and made my final payment and told them to close down my card.
    HDFC Bank Credit Cards continued to levy late payment fees and finance charges on my card for the next few months and finally they debited my Salary Account (which I had not linked to my Card Account) automatically.
    In essence they misappropriated funds from my salary account without my authorising the same, without any standing instruction from my side - using the term "Banker's right of lien" on my Salary account.
    This amounts completely to cheating and misappropriation. How can the Bank allow any entity to debit their customers' account.
    I have a relationship of fiduciary trust with the Bank and the Bank has committed breach of trust.
    Its like holding a safe deposit box with the bank and the bank allowing anyone else to come and open the box and take whatever it is they feel like.
    How can this be allowed. Do we not have laws in India that protect a customer's money from cheats and crooks. Isn't the Bank bound by contract to its customer to protect the funds entrusted to its care by the customer. Doesn't the bank act as an agent and only on behalf of the customer in relation to the customer's account in the Bank.
    Is our country coming to such a state where nobody's hard-earnerd money is safe anymore because the Banks themselves can cheat you out of it?

  2. sorry abt the fiasco.
    i think though, that ALL banks, as a rule SUCK BIG TIME. they make a living out of keeping our money, and yet they treat us like shit. mebbe u shud go one step further - pour a cup of coffee or something on the ATM & screw it.

    1. Yes HDFC is bastard they suck human blood, Dear Indians understand and go for any other public sector banks, revolute all the public of India and kick to dismantle from India

  3. i have never banked with hdfc but what u have blogged is shocking to say the least. please do not keep quiet. log a complaint in writing with the bank (if ncessary mark a cc to their ceo) and still if nothing happens take them to rbi.

  4. ICICI bank gave you the correct information. I can say that from personal experience.

    As for HDFC, I suggest that you write about your experience to major newspapers also.

  5. I had taken an lifetime free credit card with HDFC once. but in the next month billing there was a 350/- charge. I was so infuriated at the hidden charge that i cut the card into 2 and threw it away.
    they send me some followup threatning mails which i promptly ignored.

    that was my start and end of the banking relations with them.

  6. You are not alone and not the last one to suffer. The tyranny of PSU banks are being replaced by the tyranny of private sector banks, who are scalping unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money and take it or leave attitude !!! Go to banking ombudsman and RBIwith your complaints and dont giveup.........

  7. Hi!

    This is really shocking, I thought I was the ONLY ONE facing the problem with HDFC.
    I had some amount wired from US on Oct 3rd, there was a small mistake of missing the last digit of my account no. Inspite of repeated mails I just get the response, " please wait patiently for 4 days, your query has been attended to. its been more than 25 days since i mailed them, no response form them
    when i go the bank, they say they have to SEARCH for the phone no of mumbai branch!!!!!!!!!!!!!(LOL)
    Do you think going to the consumers court helps?

  8. I've seen worse.....had many such experiences wid HDFC until i switched to ICICI.

    This is my latest one:
    Once i spent 3000 bucks wid my mom's creditcard n got a bill for 7000...(4000 extra charge 4 spendin 3000..LOL)!! I swore 2 myself dat I wud'nt pay dat bill, n when dey called up I threatened them of approachin the consumer forum. Finally the bastards "reviewed" the bill n asked me 2 pay 3200.

    Now we cancelled all the HDFC accounts in our family.

  9. Sheesh.. and i was just gonna go and open an account with them.. ur a life saver.. no way am i going to them...back to my hometown bank...which i think is the best...HSBC.

  10. Hi!

    Thanks to this blog, My problem was solved in a day while I was trying since 20 days. It helped me trace the concerned person in HDFC

  11. hey nice informative article..thanks.

    btw if you leave a job and salary is not credited to your icici salary account for 6 months, only then they convert it into a savings account and only after that you are required to maintain Rs 5000 average quaterly balance.

  12. Hello CyberKitty...

    It is with all these Banks.

    My hate list starts with ICICI...

    I opened an account at their Kottayam Branch, Kerela. It was for 2500 Minimum balance, as it was a semi-urban branch. Once I left that job, I came to Chandigarh. I talked to the guys at the bank and talked about getting the account changed to Chandigarh. I do not know why I did so, but, in spite of all the assurances, as soon as the account migrated, the minimum balance rose to 5000. I went to the bank and asked about it and was told.....CyberKitty, you guessed it..."Your Mistake, you should have let it be with that branch as this is a change of the region and we cannot do a thing..." To make a dense story condensed, today my ICICI bank balance stands at -24,000 or so... Accumulation of all the minimum balance charges' fine and all that...

    Second on the Roll of Honours is My Present, soon-to-be-ex-as-soon-as-I-change-this-job CitiBanck.(I spell it this way) From day one, they are a CONSTANT pain, all over… And their customer support LIES… They LIE… They sell you hope on false expectations and on getting a complaint, do not do a thing about it… Their selling department is worse…They sell you things on worse immoral lies. I can quote a lot on them, but it is 3 AM, and I need to go on my last break of the night.

    SBI, according to me, as of now, is the Besttt. My association with HDFC lasted 2 days, so, sorry CyberKitty, I cannot comment upon them… :-(



  13. i had my fill of HDFC the day i understood their version of net banking.. though i have heard bad tales of citi, they work fine for me..

  14. never faced such situation but yes their ATM's are never stocked with cash..
    and most of the time its in the reparing mode..

  15. My experience with HDFC is probably better : when I wrote e-mail to them and called their executive for opening a saving account, no one has turned up for last one year. I never tried second time, because response to first call is enough in today's fast life.

    I am happy with ICICI bank and more happy with ICICI because they are operational (almost fully) till 8pm. HDFC bank is good for nothing after 3:30 pm.

  16. Mailing across an article proving that HDFC bank officials are crooks!

    Delhi Police has filed an FIR against two top officials of HDFC Bank, charging them with cheating and breach of trust, after the bank allegedly deducted three EMIs from the account of a person without disbursing a loan to him.

    In an FIR, lodged against the Managing Director and the Regional Head of HDFC on the direction of a Metropolitan Magistrate, it was alleged that the officials illegally and fraudulently deducted three Essential Monthly Installments (EMI) from the account of one Abhay Gupta who was never disbursed any loan.

    The General manger of the Indian Bank, the banker of Gupta, has also been charged in the FIR for his alleged role in clearing the EMIs towards repayment of the loan.

    Gupta, on December 19, 2005, was handed over a cheque of Rs 1.97 lakh after he was sanctioned a car loan from the HDFC bank through its direct selling agent, the FIR alleged.

    But, the said cheque was allegedly dishonoured by the HDFC bank. When contacted, the Bank officials informed Gupta that the loan was never sanctioned to him, it said.

    Gupta, however, was taken aback when received the repayment schedule from the Bank and was also issued a letter on February 15, 2006, threatening to use recovery mechanism if he failed to repay the loan.

    He received another rude shock when he came to know that the Indian Bank had deducted three EMIs from his account through Electronic Clearing System (ECS) and denied his request to stop further payment to HDFC, the FIR alleged.

    Earlier, the Defence Colony Police Station had refused to lodge an FIR in the case forcing Gupta, a resident of Masjid Moth in south Delhi, to approach a Delhi court for redressal.

    Metropolitan Magistrate Chadra Shekhar, taking cognizance of his complaint which was filed through counsel Nishchal Joshi, had directed the police to lodge the FIR and submit the report after completing the probe.

    The FIR has been lodged under various sections including 409 (breach of trust), 420 (cheating) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC against the accused.

  17. Hi sdas, pegasus, sonpari, harshvardhan, rahul, anonymous and sd - I knew I was'nt the only one, but had no idea things were this bad. I feel a bit lucky, they only asked me to close my account - Atleast I won't be taking a loan or credit card from them now !

    Hi Dharmabum - I like the idea about the coffee ! A road roller can prove useful too.

    Hi Whiskypriest, siddhusaheb - thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi bharat - Psu banks are quite helpful, organised but a bit slow. I remember how the branch manager of Canara Bank, Janpath, searched all over his office for a change of address form for me when some of his staff were absent. Also, I must mention the good treatment of the elderly executive who helped me open a fixed deposit there - he called me into his office behind the counter and actually asked me if I would have a cup of tea !

    Hi sbk and sonpari, glad to be of service !

  18. In November 2004, I had taken a two wheeler loan from HDFC bank. I have been a loyal customer to them and have never defaulted in any of my payments and have never done it in my life. We all know how important our credit history is to us.
    My loan account number is 879160 and my name is Mr. Kuchi Venkata Subbarao. I do not stay in India currently and so may not be able to take timely appropriate action against these crooks. I have my parents staying in India who have to go through the harassment made by the bankers. As we know that two wheeler loans are only given if we provide post dated cheques of the amount required to be given to the bank. All my instalments have gone through smoothly except for one in the month of May 2005. The reason for the same not going through was due to signature mismatch. However, the very next month there was a phone call made to my place and asking to make an alternate payment with late fees. Since I was not there that time, my parents had to make cash payment to the person appointed by HDFC for collection. Nevertheless, after making payment a receipt was handed over to my parents saying that the payment was then cleared. I was under the impression that even the last instalment got debited in the month of October 2006 and the loan a/c is closed.
    Now my parents have received a letter dated 18 November 2006, threatening to have the bike confiscated and auctioned to recover the amount due from me at my cost. I realised that the letter was in respect of the instalment not received by them in May 2005 and I should be really glad to the bank for their early response for which i have already made an alternate payment. Surprisingly the letter also used words like "instead of repeated reminders i failed to make the payment" where as there was no single correspondence sent to me at my address.
    a) Why don’t they have complete details in their systems if the payment was collected by their own representative?
    b) If it was to do with an instalment of May 2005, were they sleeping till now?
    c) If they had a system saying that the payment was not made for that month, why was there no correspondence sent or phone call made to me till now about this?
    d) Why did the letter use words like "instead of repeated reminders" when there was no single letter sent or a phone call made to me.
    e) While talking to the customer service rep. I was asked if you have the receipt??? I said I had the receipt but never expected you to come back so late asking me for it. Am I wrong if ask you to produce the receipt of your class tenth examination fees? Can I expect it to be preserved for me?

    I do not expect my parents to go through any inconvenience just because i am not there to handle the situation especially when we have cleared all our dues and have no liabilities on us.

  19. My husband went to draw cash from a HDFC ATM. The cash was sucked back into the machine in a jiffy even before he could take it, but the account showed the cash debited. He is still fighting out with the authorities. Any such experience to anybody else?

  20. My very bad experience with HDFC bank is with regards to the netbanking.Every time I request for one they say that my Netbanking password will arrive within 7 buisness days... but know what its two months or more and still the 7 buisness days of these poeple are yet to come...anyone had to face something like this?

  21. You are so right - HDFC Bank is simply pathetic. I dont know why they are rated the best private bank blah blah

    I have been asking them to change my demat account andbank account address for 2 years - they havent complied. Result: I havent seen a single statement. I have no idea whats happening on my account, my shares.

    Now that you mention about crooks, I am worried that I may have lost all my funds.

    They are completely and totally clueless.

    Does anyone have Aditya Puri's email address. I would like to drop him a line

  22. oh my god! i cant believe that i am going thru the same shit with HDFC. they more or less forced a "free" credit card on to me and the "second" showed a late payment charge for the first bill (that never arrived of course). And this has been happening for three months . Each time I complain they "reverse" the fictitious late payment charge ONLY to send me the next bill because the previous late payment charge was not paid ON TIME by me. Last week I got a debt collectors threatening call - he said that not recieving a statement is not really a problem since he is TELLING me how much I owe!!! - HDFC call centre is staffed with either totally incompetent people or they are taught to lie and misguide as part of their customer care - I called up their grievance cell 044 2374 4704 who were a little better than the local call centre in A'bad (or my branch). However she was unable to help since they cant CALL out!!!! I have sent in my email complaint TODAY so let us see what comes of that. I have also send a copy to the Office of Banking Ombudsman with my complaint.

  23. I am C S Prasannakumar, I have a savings account and FD with HDFC. They had got me a Gold Debit card with sweepin facility.

    I am a resident of Bangalore , Malleswaram, 404, Pritvi apts.

    Presently I am in USA. As per their rules I can draw $500 per day. The ATM banks here are not allowing me to draw -saying" negative balance".This should not happen.


    Please sort it out and help me.

  24. I totallly Agree with You.Iam going through a Bad Patch with HDFC myself.
    I applied for replacement of my debit card 3 times and yet there is no hope of it arriving on time

    HDFC Sucks!!!!

  25. Hi,
    Is there an email address where a customer complaint could be projected? and are all relayed email addresses and sometime give a delivery error notification. I had this customer service representative call me on an outstanding payment on CC and was very rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and unethical in communication, behavior and threatened me of dire consequences. I have taken this up personally now. Are you aware of the proper channel? In case this comment is out of line against your enlightening post, please ignore.

  26. Hi Saurabh,

    I have long given up on HDFC Bank. However, if you wish to give them a second chance, I suppose you could try writing them a letter or filling their online customer care form....Click here

    Thanks for your comments everyone !!

  27. CyberKitty,

    I am facing the same problem as you the only difference, I am still in employement but at onsite. I also have my dividends and other stuff linked to it.

    You know what, we are around 1000 guys here and its only my account they have closed. Infact they did not even notified me, when I asked their Corporate Relationship manager about the guidelines for closing an account, he has not responded back, that too when I told him that I have to forward the documents to Bank Ombudsman. I have called him n number of times, from the past one week, he is simply ignoring it. When I wrote an email to him, he is simply saying that he is in some sort of induction programmer (for one I think I might ask my employer that I do not want my account in HDFC.

  28. Your evaluation of HDFC bank is absolutely right. here's my experience while applying for a loan, for cash which was needed extremely urgently:

    25th june: Contacted HDFC loan department, was 'assured' that the load can be arranged by the 28th.
    26th: All documents submitted, same assurance repeated.
    28th: No disbursement, rep 'assures' again that disbursement will happen next day. Note, no verification done till date.
    29th: same story, add one day
    30th: No answer from rep (Saturday), verification call finally happens
    1st: Sunday
    2nd: See 28th events, rep says no power so couldnt process on saturday.Note: Blank cheques collected
    3rd: Verification visit finally happens. SMS approval received. Same story with rep.
    4th: No calls, no cash. Same story + 1 day with rep, no power on tuesday also (Apparently the best Indian bank is without power most of the week)
    5th: Same story + 1 day
    6th: A change: 'Assured' disbursement the same day at 7:00. But the rest is the same; no cash, no answers to calls.
    7th: Got sales head's number: Apparently he was down with typhoid for the past three days and will take care of the matter on monday (yesterday, according to his office, he was out with his team on a branch visit. Whatever)
    8th. Sunday. Poor me.
    9th: No answer. Call up the front desk and asked for the Branch manager's number. Ten minutes later, am called and asked to wait till 12 by when the rep has guaranteed to confirm the status.
    12:00 Am leaving to visit the branch right now. will keep you posted. This really sucks.

  29. I agree with you.. This is most terrible bank I have seen ever in my life. In fact Govt banks are much much much better than HDFC bank.

    behaviour of Bank people including Branch manager's is pathetic. They think that we cutomer is begger if he is asking for any service and they treat like HITLER and always same reply that WE HAVE THIS POLICY & THAT POLICY.

    This is for TOP MANAGEMENT of HDFC:

    Policies must be made to give convenience to customer not to harass them so that your staff could not give lame excuse to customer and top mgt must give their contact detail on website sothat all of you could come to know about every complaint and incompetency of your staff.

  30. Hi

    Shocking post there

    I too have a HDFC a/c

    I'll careful in future

    Could one of you please give me the email of people responsible for (Bank to Bank ) transfers at HDFC Bank ?

    thanks in advance

  31. Sir

    This is regarding my HDFC Credit card no 5176521000393993, I am holding this card for the last one and half year in the first year everything was going smothly as I was getting my statement on time but later on the statements got irregular due to which payments was not made on time subsequently late payment charges and finance charges were levied on my card. Later on I start receiving calls from there collection agency people who don't know how to speak with CM and there family members, they even called my office and abused them. Then one day I got a call from Bank, the person over there asked me about the problem I explained him the whole story, he suggested me to make a settlement.On 07.07.06 I received settlement letter for Rs 59000/- which i was supposed to make in 5 instalment 11800/- each. But the person told me to make monthly payment of Rs 6000/- which i started doing. Dates on which payment was made is mentioned below:

    17.07.06 6000/-
    16.08.06 6000/-
    19.09.06 6000/-
    18.10.06 6000/-
    27.11.06 6000/-
    01.01.07 6000/-
    06.02.07 6000/-
    17.03.07 6000/-

    After making 8 instalment i.e 6000*8 I called up Bank to know my outstanding payment as I was thinking of clearing my dues at one go. Then came one more surprise from Bank as I was told that my card was again settled at Rs 50000/- in the month of September 06.(NO SETTLEMENT LETTER WAS GIVEN TO ME). I asked about the payment which I made in the month of July and August 06, nobody was able to give me any explaination, they told me that they will give a call and confirm me my outstanding amount. On 06.06.07 I got a call from one of the representative MEGHA she told me that all my payments are clear, only 14000/- is the amount which I have to pay to clear off all my dues and within 45 days I will receieve NOC for same on 09.06.07 I made payment of Rs 14000/- as told by them. Now it is more than 45 days I hane'nt received any NOC from Bank moreover I am still getting calls from them for more money. Request you to please help. Giving you details of person I have spoken: Mr Vikas 9313414958, shivani 55150468, Shweta 41809137, Megha 41809342.

    Bharat Kumar

  32. Hi All,

    I don't think this is a complaint blog of HDFC. But its the feedback everyone is giving.

    I have also had a very bad experiend with HDFC. This is our corporate banker and all our salaries go in here. I have now requested to my HR if I can change my banker. Not sure if this is possible.

    Will the consumer court do anything about such complaints? Or will any lawyer help if filing any case on such Credit card payment suckers...?

    Pls let me know if you we can do something about this.

    We have any way lost...but atleast we should try to raise our voice. Else we will just keep talking amongst us.

    What do you all say?

  33. Hi All,

    I agree with you all, HDFC sucks and sucks to the max.

    I am an HDFC NRI customer and am trying to open a NRI demat account with them for last 6 months. First it took me 10s of ISD calls and 100s of email for them to tell me in 4 months that some information is missing frm my application despite the fact that this application was filled under the guidance of an HDFC employee who supposedly inspected in few times and indicated no problems. Anyways, once they indicated these discrepancies I sent them additional information and documents which they received, inspected and confirmed that every thing is alright. Now its 1 month since then and they came back to me saying there is some discrepancy in my application and thats why its on hold.

    I just don't understand all incompetent people have gathered under one umbrella "HDFC". I am convinced that HDFC stands for "HOUSE of DUBM, FOOL, CALLOUS employees.

    Good help them and their customers

  34. All the problems with these new age bank are just because of two reasons : inexperienced staff everywhere and a poorly written software computing. The staff are all , except for those at higher level drawn up or pulled out from the old PSU banks, new and are products of today's work culture. They know something very deep about something but not know a overall picture, while banking is a continuity chain and the chain is delinked by poor knowledge. There is a problem with them in integration of their ability and knowledge. The seniors can only solve these problems; but do they have time for it ? Erroenous calculations done by the Computer Server is also another problem. These not only happen in banking sector alone, but also in other electronic media like mobile and internet ISP services. In fact these cannot be just termed as erroneous computing, but are deliberately programmed software with an intention that nobody will probe it. The persons at the counters may be knowing it.

  35. This was the mail i had send to HDFC for which i received no reply.

    Subject: Worst than Pathetic service of HDFC Bank, Loan Division.

    I have an saving account with HDFC A/C : 5401050151147 and I have Personal Loan from Hdfc Loan No : 10094612.

    I had made an online transfer from ICICI bank on 5th April 2007 to HDFC account referred above so that my EMI for Personal loan can be deducted from HDFC account directly. Even though the amount was deducted from my ICICI account instantly Till 7th April it was not reflecting in my HDFC account and hence the EMI amount was not deducted and bounce charges were deducted. After few minutes the transferred amount started reflecting in the HDFC account.
    You guys had an explanation that it takes 3 working days for online transfer .FINE….

    I was instructed to visit the collection center at Trade Center Andheri by the customer service rep so visited your collection center at Trade center on 16th April 2007 and paid the EMI along with late payment charges Receipt No : 5184678.

    At the end of the month I found out that my credit card payments were not deducted from my HDFC account and instead of that bounce charges were deducted, on enquiry I found that the payment which was made to HDFC at trade center was deducted on the next day a another deduction of the same amount was made by HDFC Loan division.

    I called up your phone banking officers and enquired about the same and I was told that the amount will be returned after 7 days. After 7 days I enquired I was told that the amount will be returned 1st week of june 2007. I wanted to speak to supervisor but as usual he was busy in a meeting when I threatened the phone banking rep that if supervisor does not come on line I was kept on hold for more than 15 minutes and I had to disconnect the line.

    IF the payments to HDFC how can you guys deduct the amount from my bank account. I was late by few minutes(which I am quite sure that it was done deliberately by HDFC but anyway you guys have a reason for that) I had to pay bounce charges and late payment charges and you guys have used my money for almost a month are you guys going to pay me interest for the same.
    i had to pay late payment as well as bounce charges for hdfc credit card payments who is responsible for that.
    In all I had to pay more than Rs: 1300 in late payments and other charges just because of extra deduction is hdfc going to refund me those charges.

    Exactly similar situation happened in July 2007 where I made a payment on 12th July 2007 receipt no : 6010045 and after the amount was deducted from my account and the next day another deductions were made of the same amount.

    On enquiry I was told that a cheque will be send to my home in 7 working days. After 9 working days when I enquired about it I was not surprised to hear that your phone banking officer answered me rudely that HDFC does not owe any money to me and I owe Rs 17 to HDFC. I told him I want to speak to manager or I am sending a legal notice to hdfc, I was made to hold for more that 13 minutes and reluctantly he informed me that the cheques have been send and I will be receiving it the next day.

    I did not receive the cheque on the next day ,but the money was transfer on my HDFC account and this time it took a month for the money to be returned back.

    You guys have used my money for almost 2 months when are you going to give me the interest for the same.
    I had to pay more that Rs 2000 as late payment and other charges just because you guys deducted the amount from the bank which you were not supposed to deduct.
    When are you guys going to return my amount?

    What about the telephone charges I had to bear for the calls made to hdfc for no fault of mine.

    I had passed my grievances on online forum and I was not surprised that I was the only person who was a victim of HDFC>
    From the above experience I have arrived to following conclusion that .You guys are not only big time shameless liars but road side scoundrels and the only mission of your bank is to loot money from the people in which ever way possible.

    I have heard and read the big talks of Mr Parekh in interviews and magazines and I am wondering if he heads that same HDFC bank.

    Due to personal reasons I was not able to take any action but very soon expect an legal notice from me and I am going to approach that consumer court.

    Rajesh Satam

  36. Hi Friends,

    I am planning to take Home loan from HDFC Ltd.

    I am not able to gain confidence on HDFC Ltd. Though I already made application to HDFC Ltd., but i didnt submitted my original property and personal documents.

    After reading your comments i am in a mood to shift to other Bank for seeking loan.

    Need your advise friends.

    Debasish Nath

  37. Oh my goodness. This is probably the only blog post which has been attracting comments for such a long time. This alone proves the bad service of HDFC.

    I joined my first job after graduation. I was excited and eager to get my first salary. I had opened the salary account with HDFC. They promised a zero balance account with free access to other bank ATMs.

    The first salary of Rs. 9302 was credited. Since, it was first salary I wanted to draw it fully and tried to draw Rs. 9300 from a nearby ATM of ICICI bank. It declined. So I went to a Canara Bank ATM and it said insufficient funds. I was shocked.

    When I checked my balance online I found that Rs. 25 each was debited for the two transactions in the name of declination charges.

    When I contacted the customer support, they are telling me that Rs. 55 is supposed to be deducted for each transaction and that amount will be refunded after a month. WTF! Since if I draw 9300, there will not be Rs. 55 left, the withdrawal was declined and the declination charges cannot be refunded. What the hell? Why didn't the representatives tell me all these before?

    Where do I register complaints on Banks?

  38. Wow, this is the first ever long-living threads I have seen on a started more than a year back and is still living strong! Kudos to HDFC and their bad service.

    BTW, I too had a bitter experience with HDFC bank (that's why I landed into this blog through google). Would anyone know what one should do if they have been cheated by a bank like HDFC. Whom should they approach for justice? Consumer courts? or are there any other specialized organizations to help bank-cheated customers?

    Any inputs with detailed contact info of the helpful organizations is appreciated.

    - Ram

  39. Hi,
    HDFC Bnak is really Damn Sucker.

    I had a purchase of Rs. 40000/- and din't get the bill. Still I dropped the Cheque to payback with 6 working days margin into the main branch -Lucknow. Still the Bank penalized me Rs. 2000/- saying that your cheque clearence was late by one day.

    I must say they are bloody leach.

  40. Hi
    I'd couple of bad Experiences with HDFC bank. Since I hold a salaried acc. wid them I went in for a Car load wid HDFC as I was adviced from their executive in the Car Showroom that processing would be easy n fast. They were asking for my address of Native though nobody lives there now, this din't stop there, I'd given a standing instruction to the bank for ECS on 5th of every month. Initially I observed that were sucking the EMI on 1st or 2nd of every month. Once my salary got credited on 3rd and I recieve a letter frm Bank that my chq is bounced and I'm fined 500 bucks fot tat. I went to the bank for enquiring. They said the bank has only 2 dates for post dated cheques/ECS tats on 2nd and 7th of every month of which I was not informed before by their executive. Finally when I changed my date from 5th to 7th I was charged an interest of 350 bucks. So, ended up paying 850 bucks for doing nothing wrong but for hv dealed wid HDFC.
    In another instance I'd to draw a sum of Rs.35000 urgently and my chq leaves were over, I'd applied for it Online which takes abt 5-7 days to reach me. Then they said u can't draw yr money unless u hv yr chq book, they asked me to visit my Branch and enquire. I ran to my branch had a few arguements and finally they took my Photo identity and gv my money. My question is where the hell technology is gone. They don't hv a proper defined process and their staff is quite rude in answering you. Does anyone had such experience???

  41. Last worst mail from me to HDFC Bank. After this also I canot imagine any kind of minimum service in future also.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sorry to say that I never expect this kind of service from HDFC Bank. After sending so many mails and calling many times to the concern person also I did not get any feed back. So on 9th October I send a request mail to close all my account(i.e. SB a/c,DEMAT a/c & TRADING a/c) which I have attched herewith. And sorry to say again that even after a request mail for closing all my a/c also I think your bank is not aware of that mail.
    *It seems that your bank is not a responsible organization and for this specific resone after bearing loss of Rs 999 I donot want to continue the relation with HDFC Bank.
    **After such a long drama of nearly 3 months(From 21/7/2007) I am unable to get the password till today.
    ***After all this drama I will never advice any of my near and dear to go for HDFC Bank and also my friends and collegues who are being eyewitness of the complete drama, Who are going to open Demat a/c, are not interested for the HDFC Bank.
    ****Lastly please take this email again as an application to close all the three a/c mentioned above. Thank you very much for your service. I have many other option in the market.

  42. hi,

    I highly agree to you folks. Hdfc is the worst bank to bank with and guys working in there care a damn for their customers. I also had a very bitter experiance where in i wanted to change my name after marriage i completed all the formalities required for getting the name changed they informed the necessary changes will be done in 2 days. It was alomost 15 days i didnt get a revert from them then again i called the call center and logged a complain but all went vain. It was after alomost 2 months i again called them and they had no idea as to what was suppose to be changed in my account. Am still chasing those guys and now all of a sudden they ask me of a new formality to be completed by providing a gazatte copy.

    This is pathetic.

    Its really worst banking with HDFC.

  43. Yes its absolutely correct. HDFC sucks big time. The customer care shit is even more worst. I wanted to close my account in the month of sep 2007, so called cc for help, they said the bank people would get back to me but no one did. Now in Dec 2007 sucko HDFC sends me a half a piece of paper saying that I have a due of 1000 Rs, as an account of not maintaining the mim balance. HDFC sucks BIG time buddy, only wanna suck cash.

  44. Is there any dam email address to which i can mail HDFC

  45. Hi,

    Absolutely right.. 1 of the crap bank... I am using the HDFC back credit card since 2 years. From the last 2 months i havent recd the bill. I got the call from collection dept. to make the payment of 1800/- because i stop making the payment, I told the advisor to waive the late payment, the collection dept. person told me that he will mail my statetment and waive the late payment, I made the payment of 2000/- in cash on same day, Next month also I havent recd the bill. I stop making the payment again, I got the call from Yash from Rajouri Garden and he was so rude. I told him that i havent recd the bill and last month also collection perosn told me that he will waive the late payment charges. Yash , said with the conversation nothing will be happen and I cut off the call, cause he was rude and dont have manners and started abusing me, He called me againa dn said that if i cut off the call he will call me again and again . This type of bad service customers are getting from HDFC bank. This bank is 1 of the bloody shit bank. I decided to take this matter to R.B.I now and To the court and I will fight for this.

  46. With regard to the ECS scam, what exactly happened? Has the case reached Court? I am quite interested in the ECS - it seems to be quite risky as far as customers are concerned. I mean, the thought of your bank account being debited by a computer is quite disconcerting.

  47. When I was working for Oracle Bangalore, I had employee a/c with them. When I had requested to reset and issue the ATM password they asked me to come and collect it as mailing it was not safe. Then I asked them, as to why the bank sent the ATM password in mail first time, if it was NOT safer?! They had no answer, but they still insisted me to come and collect it. Moreover, when I went to collect the ATM password the person didn't even care to address my query but when I informed them that I'm from Oracle then they showed some sign of working. Their service is biased and it sucks all the time....

  48. WOW!!! I thot HDFC was being inefficient only in my case but it seems they have touched the lives of many :) Anyways my story goes like this...

    I am working with HCL and have opened sal a/c with them (didn't know abt their world class service). I opened the account on 12th Nov and they gae me the card, pin, cheque etc on the spot. Was impressed then. Salary got credited by 30th Nov.. I tried to withdraw the same from another ATM(as they had informed me about unlimited free cash withdrawal at any bank ATM). The machine refused to give money and wud pop out the card. I then tried at HDFC's ATM. to my dismay it showed me a good balance yet wudn't allow me to withdraw stating 'transaction dclined'. To my shock I realsied from the call center that my account was not personalised and so I cudn't use either card nor cheque. In short my money is locked in. I escalated the matter to the relationship manager who after continuous reminders got it personalised after 6 days.

    To add to my misery I also realised that they debit Rs.55 for other bank withdrawal. I was shocked at this coz I am a regular with HSBC and as a power vantage customer I get the same facility of cash withdrawal from any ATM albeit at actually zero cost. I contacted the relationship manager and she informed me that it will take 6-7 working days for reversal which will happen automatically. She took special approval for revesring the charges for which the stated 7 days weer already over. I get mail from her saying that the charges will be reverted next day and in future it will happen automatically. Its nearing a month and the charges are yet not reversed.

    I am shifting the salary account to ICICI which is a tad better. The relationship manager also refused to reply to my mails asking her the procedure to close the account.. anyways I wil just withdraw all the money and virtually close it for all I care. Can't understand how can such a big bank behave like this in todays scenario when customer has a choice.

  49. This was an eye opening post. It would be more fair to read if you updated with response from HDFC Bank. They have given the Redressal Process at and usually things get sorted out if you escalate the matter. Escalation also helps them understand which policies need to be revised. If they still do nothing, guess it is time we moved away from such banks.

    I have had a salary account with them as well, which ceased to receive any salary around 2 years ago. So far, it is working fine but your blog suggests they could randomly pick it for "closure" anytime! Scary

  50. Every Financial Institution has a weak nerve, if they turn persuasive just do not respond to them, they think that they have earned the reward out of persuasiveness so they continue.
    Work on this weak nerve of their's.

  51. hi
    this is one of your clients from srinagar.i want to say that the cashiers at your residency branch are very rude to clients. i jst dont understand that how people with such an arogant nature can be fitted in public dealings.its ofcourse best known to the management of so called HDFC. whenever i go to these cash couters i face such a humilation as if i owe them something.when i discussed it with some of my friends, they alsO told me the same story.Its my humble request to
    the concerned persons to look in to the matter.

  52. Hi, they gladly opened my account when I was in Mumbai and lied about having a 24 hr toll free number for me to call from Chicago. My "Relationship Mgr." whom I had to got hold of once at midnight my time, 1st time she said her email is not working!! and there is no 24 hr number so how do i get customer service??the 2nd time she asked me to leave a message with the landline spaker and avoided me, her cell seems to be not working, tried abput 6 times. She has 2 cells and she asked me to use the 2nd, that should have given me a clue about regularly changing cell numbers. They sent the pin etc for the NRo to the wrong address in spite of having the correct address on file. Lucklily the courier called me to correct the address. They did not honour a bearer's check I had left for my father/borther which eventually they deposited and got cleared.

    When are Indian banks going to stop acting like the public banks of yore where they treated us like shit, and as if they are dong us a service.?? I feel sorry for the good employees like the Mumbai customer service lady who sincerley tried to help out to activate my NRO account netbanking who work surrounded by a babu culture.


    I am going to try SBI who have an office in Chicago? Any news about thier service.

  53. Does anyone know that HDFC has a policy in which the customer, when he gives his cheque to anyone, and if that cheque is presented anywhere other than his home branch, it will have problems to get encashed if it is above 10,000/=??????!!!!!!!!!
    So much to %^&*%^&*^ around for the bank.

  54. I know the pain.

  55. Dear All,

    I have gone through the mails. As a customer of HDFC Bank for the last couple of years, I realised the following:

    1. HDFC Bank want to be the most profitable bank with least service quality. So thay don't pay their employees well, don't provide sufficent infrastructure anad communication facilities to their employees.

    2. Service quality is poor becase they don't have relationship managers, but have only sales managers. They jump from one job to another in a short period and the customers suffer a lot.

    3. By 2009, HDFC Bank will be taken over by some big foreign bank and Mr. Aditya Puri is only waiting for that day.

    4. The incompetent and inefficient senior staff is the major problem with the HDFC Bank. They don't leave the bank and pull down the efficiency and performance of the entire bank.

    If HDFC Bank management make the necessary steps to improve the quality of their employees, the service quality will also improve to a great extent.

  56. I also had very bad experince with HDFC bank. I dropped a DD at the bank counter and after one week , the money is not credited. I called the bank and they said they are tracing the DD. In the meantime i asked them to give me an OD for that amount and they refused. After one month of continues followup i got the amount credited and they have still not revised the return charges of the other cheques which was submitted . I am really not sure what has to be done for the claim. Someone please let me know whether there is any way i can get back all my bank charges which occurred to they misplacing my DD.

  57. Thankyou for your sharing your experience!

  58. yes, hdfc really suck, i have opened opened share trading account on 8/08/08 but till date not received share trading password, i had written 7 to 8 email to customer care hdfc sec department for non receipt of password, they said to wait, to-day (23/08/08) when i check my AWB status it showed that courier is returned back to mumbai without delivering at godhra - god help this bank

  59. Like so many others before me I reached this blog by googling for HDFC bank complaints! Let me contribute my sad tale. I opened an NRI account by visiting the branch in India. But they made me visit a couple of times as each time they would forget to ask for some document. Even when I went back abroad after my holiday was over they continued to ask for documents through post! I now realize the mistake I did by going for HDFC bank. Suddenly they have realized that the cheque I had deposited for opening the account had a mistake. They have also asked me to now apply for netbanking through post (sitting abroad!) even though I had put in the request while opening the account and as for debit card, forget it, they aren't even responding to my queries about what happened to that! Sorry for making use of your blog, but this has to be done somewhere! Thanks for giving us the platform!

  60. Dear HDFC BANK,
    The Fruad of 80500 happened ,This amount has been transferred from my acc no 05941000008835 thru TPT(netbanking).I logged the complaint to customer care phonebanking& sent the mail to support immediately when i recieved the alert on my email for this fund transfer.Till date I have not recieved any update except this that the case is under observation.I really dont know what should i do now.I am Ajay Singh employee of Siemens .We all employees have the corporate salary acc with HDFC Bank,

  61. HDFC bank SUCKS big time . Always worst customer service. Somebody has to teach them how to behave with customers. The collection department always behaves rude. They wont survive any long if they continue in this customer driven world of business.

  62. And one more:

    My HDFC credit card was fradulently used somehow (the card was in my possesion all the time) for 35,000 Ruppees in April 2008. The matter remained unresolved until I escalated it to the complaints division, and finally it got resolved in November 2008. 6 months, during which the fradulent amount remained on my card happily building up interest and giving me stress and tension. It seems that only by consciously following up with them would the amount be credited ; otherwise if the customer is busy or otherwise does not take the effort, the default behaviour is to ignore the matter and just bill the customer ! It seems these banks just don't have the ability to handle a situation out of the ordinary -- in the hurry to capitalize on market opportunities they do the bare minimum necessary to get a profitable service going and don't care about taking care of the out of ordinary cases.
    Repeated phonecalls to customer service did not make any difference. In fact in May they sent me a letter saying the amount would be credited, but never followed up on it.
    I stopped paying any money on the account from August onwards in frustration. After the matter was resolved, I have been arguing with them that since this is a case of gross negligence on their side, and that was why I stopped paying minimum balance, I was not liable for the fines. The customer complaint response emails are always polite but a.) have never actually apologized for the gross negligence on their side - a small thing that would show their sincerity b.) don't seem to be able to understand that bad customer service should have some redressal.
    In complete contrast to the polite customer complaint email responses, the normal customer service people have continued to call me up demanding the extra payment. And the gloves are off as far as these people are concerned -- their rudeness is breathtaking. These banks seem to operate in a goonda world.


    Dear HDFC;

    I genuinely do not know where to begin the 'tales of woe' in regard to your staff and working in

    Pune, their inefficiency and their attitude towards not only a family of preferred customers for

    years, but also a rather well respected senior citizen. Of course, there are seniors and sane

    people still, like Mr. Rahul Mone, who know their job as well as how to deal with a customer.

    Kindly hear me out. Thank you.

    I have recently relocated to Pune from Bombay, where I, with my family have been a very loyal

    customer of HDFC for years....only due to the fact that their service there was impeccable.

    However, in Pune, being close to my residence, I go to your Pashan, Pune Branch and seek to

    open a simultaneous account here with the same Customer ID. The manager there, Mrs.

    Pundalik, without telling me the detailed pros AND CONS opens a Saving Max account for me.

    This "grab a client" policy cost me very very dearly with regard to my daughter's not only

    further education, but also her own future domestic life with her husband in Sydney, Australia.

    The details of this will come later, but first the other things chronologically. The opening of this

    account was in end November/early December 2008.
    As I had finished my Bombay cheque book, and knowing that the cheque book for the new

    account may take time, I made a requisition. I also requested them for the address change of

    the entire family alongwith the change of address for our Signature Credit Card.
    What I get is as follows:-

    On repeatedly calling up the branch, only after around two weeks, on one fine Saturday, I am

    told by one executive of yours, namely, Aatish Bhowmick, rather non-chalantly, to try and

    check out on Monday and 'come and collect' it from the branch. On enquiry about my being a

    Preferred Customer, I was told that there is no such thing there and I should only deal with my

    Relationship Manager, Mr. Asif Shah in Bombay. By the way Asif is a great asset to both

    HDFC, as well as any client of HDFC. God Bless him.

    And now, listen to what happens after I opened the new account.

    a) The Manager goes on an indefinite leave.
    b) The second in command, Mr. Alok, does not know whether he is coming or going.
    c) In spite of filling out a new form for the address change etc., the cheque books of the new

    account ALL have my old telephone contacts. Wonder how ?
    d) I receive an ORDINARY and NOT a Preferred Debit Card.
    e) No follow up of my Capital Gain Bonds done through HDFC.
    f) Clients, unaware of the intricasies of banking are just shown the pros & NOT the cons.

    Thus far.... about the INEFFICIENCY AND ATTITUDE of the related branch. However, as I said

    earlier, thanks to your Cluster Heads like Mr. Rahul Mone that at least my running around to

    the branch was saved. He, once again saved me from "falling to the prey" of your MOST

    INEFFICIENT staff of both, the Sales, as well as The Credit Department.

    Now comes the second phase of my complaint which has cost my daughter's future in terms

    of her own domestic life, as well as her further education in Sydney. THIS WAS THE LAST

    STRAW and I will go to the hilt to get her justice, even if it means of severing my such old (

    AND BEAUTIFUL) relation with the lovely bank or going to the media for the same. I had

    written a shorter complaint just a couple of days ago, but NO ONE came to me to clarify

    anything. Hence, this larger letter. If now, no action against the people concerned are taken, I

    will have no choice please but to take actions my way.

    So, now the second phase of my woes...

    I was seeking an educational loan for my daughter's further education in Sydney where she

    would also join her husband. On knowing this fact, VERY PROMPTLY and RATHER

    EFFICIENTLY (to 'grab a client') I was made to do an FD of Rs. Twenty Lakhs (as colateral)

    and knowing the DEADLINE of both, IDP, as well as The High Commission, I was promised a

    loan ASAP and your Sales Manager, Mr. Vinode came home with ALL sorts of promises

    showing me the BEST OF IT ALL ( as usual). Thereafter, once they were convinced that due to

    the DEADLINES I had no other option, but to COMPLETELY rely on HDFC for a loan, the true

    colours of your GRABBER INEFFICIENT STAFF started surfacing. Examples:-

    a) Informing me only about the Pros AND NOT THE CONS of the loan by the Sales Manager

    Vinode. (Just as Pashan Branch Manager had done). This made me totally dependent on

    HDFC's mercy.

    b) Not answering the cell phone when any query is to be clarified.

    c) Eventually, some staff were (not literate enough in English) sent to me who created further

    confusion, delay AND THEREBY more harrassment and dependency of the client on HDFC.

    d) Gross delays in submission of the papers to the concerned authority resulting in a total

    fiasco on my end.

    e) Tremendous attitude of both the Branch Manager, as well as others ( except Mr. Mone of

    course). Infact talking to Ms. Mohini Pundalik on the phone was anything just short of an

    abusive conversation on her part. NOT EXPECTED. So much so, when told to her about her

    not informing me about certain features, she even went on to defiantly say that I could make

    any complaint that I feel and that she 'knew it all' after having served HDFC for past eight


    f) On reaching the final stage of the loan agreement, I was, once again required to sign on

    certain undated cheques..which I refused, ONLY AFTER CONSULTING MR. MONE who

    himself felt that when my loan is against a 'hard cash' FD, there should be no need of any

    further need for any security cheques and that too blank dated...AND...without the bank giving

    me any letter for my own money to be secured. What if like any other bigger bank than yours..

    even your bank fails ? Where is my security ?

    g) This,I wanted to discuss with Mr.Vinode and as usual,( like other most employees of yours

    in Pune), he didn't answer my calls. Exasperated, and TIRED OF THIS TREATMENT I chose

    to withdraw my requisition for ANY loan from HDFC. I sent SMS's to this effect to ALL the

    concerned executives and.. Mr. Vinode 'suddenly' woke up to call me back. Pretty convenient I

    reckoned. He promised to come over and talk it out personally but even after six hours, no

    news of him. I AM MADE TO FEEL LIKE A BEGGAR in spite of the fact that I was taking a

    loan against a colateral of Cash FD. Never ever has HDFC made me feel like that before.

    h) This INEFFICIENCY and THE USED CAR SALESMAN attitude of your staff has cost me a

    lot of damage to my only daughter's life and I will NOT sit quiet.

    i) By the own telephonc admission of Ms. Pundalik, that no one in Pashan Branch could write

    a proper draft in English. SHAMEFUL FOR HDFC.

    j) When finally, one Credit Manager reaches my house yesterday, he tells me that my papers

    were submitted to him only on the 7th Jan. instant, whereas my entire papers were submitted

    to Mr. Vinode and his men much earlier. THIS COST ME RATHER DEARLY by way of the

    deadline to be met for Australia.

    k) Also, the questionnaire of the Credit Manager Anand Kucheria was also rather

    IMPERTINENT and UNCALLED FOR with reference to my loan sanctions. Questions like

    "Why did I shift to Pune" or for that matter, "How much I had sold my earlier property

    for".."Whether I've put ALL my personal money in HDFC"..etc.etc. I told him that it was not

    HDFC's but Income Tax's concern and my personal concern as to why I relocated. SUCH IS


    i) For your kind information. I am a rather well respected citizen. I have been honoured by The

    White House, I am a Knighted "Sir", I have had honours from US Parliament, Assemby, The

    Counties, besides I am an Hon.Col of Kentucky Order as well as meritorious recepient of

    American Volunteer Reserve.

    In short, the HDFC here somehow made sure that a stage is reached wherein I will sign on any

    document as per the bank executive's demands. WHY ?

    I am thoroughly disappointed by HDFC Pune and for your own image to remain what it should

    be,,...I would strongly recommend AND request you to take stringent action ASAP. I feel 'only

    sweet talk and no action' does not pay in the long run. Especially, in view of the present

    situation of different banks, both in the country, as well as worldwide.

    Although, this letter is being sent to the Grievance Cell of HDFC, a copy of the same is being

    directly sent to the higher-ups of HDFC. This is for your record.

    Sir Chandan Ghosh
    10th Jan. '09
    Cell # 9765766999
    Pune A/c # : 02231930001292

  64. Hi All,
    I applied for personal loan in HDFC bank...everything was good but when they came to physical varification ,they are asking to my neighbour ,now can any neighbour tell about their neighbour ?even i don't know anybody in my neighbour so how its possible ?and when i talked to bank guys ,they are not talking in a proper manner ,in my view this is not a way to make the customer relationship ....i will not recommend to anybody reagarding this bank.......if you want to take any help from this bank ,they will harass you in any personaly i will recommend to everybody that plz never go to this bank.

  65. Reading all the diatribe against HDFC bank i am bracing myself for the difficult relationship its going to be with HDFC ( Can you believe it i opened an account with them today)
    Something that i would like to add to the collective knowledge of this thread. Not many people are aware about the Right to Information act 2005, it was an act conceived to empower the customer.
    I have had bad experiences with banks but they have always been resolved because suddenly the once slothful babus with tons of sangfroid got really concerned and proactive once i sent them mail threatening them with Right to information Act.

    Most people are put off by having to take legal recourse, pursue it be a pain and a nag till your problem is resolved.

  66. Hi

    Please don't ever think or even dream to have banking with HDFC Bank Now a days they are charging Rs.50 per transaction if you call the Phone banking. While opening the account they will say some x amount as AQB (Annual Quarterly Balance) then without informing the customer they will increase the AQB to some x+y amount. If you asked them they will send you and URL. it means that the customer has to check the HDFC bank website is there any update has been done. I request you all please don't have any kind of relationship with the bank. Let all our people awake and try to isolate this bank.

  67. Total Fraudulent Customer care ..
    dont know even what they support..

    Never open NRI account in HDFC...

  68. Its definetely dumb and callous bank- HDFC so called is a stupid bank, the customer care department is irresponsible and say whatever they like and play with customer's money. The managers all are decision makers and they call for credit card payment even after 7pm in the evening. I have a very bad experience even after settling the card in January till now they are harrasing for the payments

    God Damn who is heading this bank is truly a cheater and has trained the same to his employees

    The managers and the heads of credit card defend the blunders done by their own staff and also tell you that they have dismissed the staff who has committed blunder

    They are not at all customer friendly, very very arrogant and expecting the D-day when the bank closes on a crunch. Pray for this also

    Bloody buggers and blood suckers to be hanged even after their death

    Nobody is responsible enough to hear to client's grievances and they keep talking and talking I donot whether their mouth will pain or not but HDFC bank Credit card division employees are pain in the wrong place.

    Asshole to them, buggers are beggars and they threaten to get rowdies home for collections, how dare they are and somebody should pull them to streets and hit them with their own shoes and sandals.

    a great pain taker of HDFC credit card

  69. Dear All,
    I am new to this But not new to the HDFC bank. I being their PRIORTY CUSTOMER can say that they TREAT all the SAME- THAT IS with a USELESS SERVICE.

    i have been troubled so much that i am moving my Current Account from them to AXIS Bank. Atleast they know how to deal with Customer.


  71. Yuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk for the services ,, yuckkk for the products ,, yuckkkkkk for the process , finally f u ckkkk

    Only for the Higher management

    Poor Lower Mgt ha ha ha ha ha



  72. Yes absolutely right. Bunch of crooks sitting over there. Worst experience with the banking division and also the credit card division. We should not keep quite we should also go the court of law for justice

    We should all write mails to the CEO and let him what happening.

    Does any body have the mail id of Aditya Puri

    Who will bell the cat???

    Wake up everybody let us do it??

  73. HDFC is a real Cheat.

    I have applied a loan for my newly building house from abroad and first I approach the office here and they scrutanized all documents and send to Dubai and then Kochi and then Kottayam, finally, I got denial after I pay the processing fee (1.25%)+ all attestation and other expences. I have friend here is also same experience. Even they didn;t give me back the document all first and now they are keeping Power of Attorney which I generated from here for my wife. Now I think they are making money in the name of processing fee and still many are here getting hammering on that.

  74. I have bitter experience from HDFC Ltd.....another vampire....

    I lost money as they say processing fee plust my time and money for taking all the documents.

    DO NOT Approach this F**** to take any loan, go to any nationalized bank that would be save you money and agony.

  75. I was holding salary account with Centurion bank, before a year it was merged with HDFC bank but I have not received any letter that your account number hase been changed, last month (Jan 2010) I went to the bank and I got my new account number and I have transfered some amounts to my HDFC Bank account last night(15 Apr 2010) I have received a message through SMS that they have dedected of Rs. 2700.00 for fine to no balance maintance. even they did not send my debit card also.
    how the HDFC bank ceating there customers. this is the belody bullshit bank in india.

  76. Guys beware of giving your information to xy people who call for the credit cards, Also if you are trying for any loan or credit card and if it is not getting approved repeatdley then check your credit history. I have really bad experience with CITI BANK where I am holding my salary account for more than 3 three years. I use CITI BANK credit card also. But when I applied for the loan it got rejected and then by luck I got to know from CITI BANK Executive that I have taken a credit card from them for which I have done the settlement and reason why my loan request got rejected by them.
    I collected the all necessary information from them and then asked them to provide me the copies of relevant documents I have submitted and signed for this fualty credit card.

    They were unable to do so and appeared they have wrongly linked my each and every details of verification to the faulty card. Thank GOD I came to know about it. So I asked them to sent me an email as proof that I am no where connected to the faulty card.

    All BANKS Sucks real hard. They lure you initially to buy there credit cards or loans or give ready credit facilities and without informing you, your payments get bounced out the blue though you have funds in your account. The bank will hardly tell you clearly and finally they charge for all bounced EMI's and put in defaulter list by some means so that you can't come out of it and go to another bank for any relationship regarding the finances.

    It's been horible. Keep your eyes wide open these are the banks only who misuse your information and get profit out of it and we poor people don't even know about it utill get into such tricky situation

    -Sanjeev Kumar from Bangalore

  77. Another group of suckers, who think middle class Indians as an obstacle to their they preach their employees that smaller accounts are nothing more than a legal obligation.

    Moreover they regularly keep updating their staff on how to lick rich a....

    The funny thing is despite having largest(really huge) middle class, Indian consumers are the most manipulated people in any democracy around the world.

    Saying goes "United we stand, one powerful brand"...and this isn't how we live in get exploited is becoming the habit of Indian middle class from generation to generation.

  78. All you'll crazy suckers, cant you'll go to the Consumer Court by juts paying Rs 25. the rest is taken care by the court and when a case is filed in such courts the banks nrmally shit briks.

  79. HDFC bank totally sucks. Bank's MD preaches for total equality, growth for all employees. And after the merger of Bank of Punjab, it has added to the woes of the customers as well as employees. If some senior employee (ex-CBoP) branch manager does a fraud, all senior employees of bank tries to cover him, shield him, even arranges the bail for him and rather terminates the other guys of the branch. Bloody politics prevails in the bank. Never ever suggests your friends to join the bank. It gives 3rd degree torcher to employee. CH & ZH enjoys the benefits and other staff works as assholes

  80. Hi,

    I think the words used to elaborate these litches are polite and gentle. More words and examples to be produced in this Blog and communication to be done directly to the TOP Management.

    I will provide you some of the examples of organized financial trap by these racket of blood suckers headed by Mr. Aditya Puri.
    ( Mr. Puri and Team, if you are able to get the msg from this popular blog, answer me...)

    1. Congrats Mr. Puri for taking the Business Man of the Year cup standing on the dead bodies of your slaves called HDFC Bank employees. You are a true General; you exactly know how to utilize your CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

    2. You have created a pack of ever hungry unholy beasts called CH, RH, ZH, ZSM, RSM whose main task is to live like a Parasite and suck the bloods of thousands of employees and customers and implement the rule of the jungle.

    3. Your so called pass book is mockery of regualtors guidelines. You are making fool of RBI and individuals by providing this pass book. Even some people have thrown these pass book on the face of staff and said" why you are making fool of us ".

    4. There is a dept called TBG. They are under a tremendous pressure of cost cutting. Many a time CH/SH visit a branch to tell them you are paying 2 rs extra on courier packet. you should negotiate with courier co to pick a packet for Rs.8, then to present charge of Rs.10. Same is true with voucher binding charges. CH/SH visit the branch after covering 100 to 500 k.m. distance by way of shatabdi or Innova to tell them how to save re.1 or 2. why dont these state head/CH travel by ordinary bus or rail to cut the cost. Because this is a matter of their comfort they dont feel here cost cutting is required.

    5. You made the employees at lower mgmt to sell some of the ‘Award Winning’ products which only can be sold when you mis-sell or half sell or under sell or by putting a Gun at customer’s head. When a customer complains, it is the poor hand to mouth earning PB/RM is put infront of the Firing Squad by these CHs. PB/RMs’ career is at stake becoz the management who is instigating to hit the dash board in every sec mail by the theory of BEG BORROW STEAL and UNDER SELL will stand down.

    6. Why your gold prices are 2000+rs higher as compared to market price. Not only with local jewellers but even when compared with branded jewellers(24 carat 99.99 % pure)these are very costly. Why can’t you purchase from the customers? Have you ever tried to find out how much Gold you have sold to HDFC Employees? Less than 1% of total sale. Coz employees very well know that only the scape goat called 'customers' will be cheated.
    Dear Frnds, do u want to purchase Gold Bar from HDFC Bank nd enjoy Dhanteras or Diwali after knowing all this?

    7. You have started Band1 and Band2 exercise, which means eradicating less profitable accounts from the Branch and whipped the Branch Staffs not give any service to those customers. I have got the Bank Guideline in my hand and can be handy when I drag u to RBI and Consumer Forum as this is a Slap to RBI Legislation.

    8. Dear Frndz, there is TRAP waiting for all of the HDFC Customers and common people( domestic and international)... its called the UNHOLY HDFC SLIC-Insurance. All the NRIs are targeted. Though this is done by all Pvt Banks here. But HDFC Bank is the master of cheating clients. For ur information, Bank gets 30-40% profit by selling Insurance to the clients and the parasites called Cluster Heads, Regional heads and all the Di.k Heads are going abroad and enjoying Booz Parties with lady collegues who r getting promoted. Not a single penny is given to the poor Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers or PB/TA Authorisers.

  81. Hi,

    I think the words used to elaborate these litches are polite and gentle. More words and examples to be produced in this Blog and communication to be done directly to the TOP Management.

    I will provide you some of the examples of organized financial trap by these racket of blood suckers headed by Mr. Aditya Puri.
    ( Mr. Puri and Team, if you are able to get the msg from this popular blog, answer me...)

    1. Congrats Mr. Puri for taking the Business Man of the Year cup standing on the dead bodies of your slaves called HDFC Bank employees. You are a true General; you exactly know how to utilize your CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

    2. You have created a pack of ever hungry unholy beasts called CH, RH, ZH, ZSM, RSM whose main task is to live like a Parasite and suck the bloods of thousands of employees and customers and implement the rule of the jungle.

    3. Your so called pass book is mockery of regualtors guidelines. You are making fool of RBI and individuals by providing this pass book. Even some people have thrown these pass book on the face of staff and said" why you are making fool of us ".

    4. There is a dept called TBG. They are under a tremendous pressure of cost cutting. Many a time CH/SH visit a branch to tell them you are paying 2 rs extra on courier packet. you should negotiate with courier co to pick a packet for Rs.8, then to present charge of Rs.10. Same is true with voucher binding charges. CH/SH visit the branch after covering 100 to 500 k.m. distance by way of shatabdi or Innova to tell them how to save re.1 or 2. why dont these state head/CH travel by ordinary bus or rail to cut the cost. Because this is a matter of their comfort they dont feel here cost cutting is required.

    5. You made the employees at lower mgmt to sell some of the ‘Award Winning’ products which only can be sold when you mis-sell or half sell or under sell or by putting a Gun at customer’s head. When a customer complains, it is the poor hand to mouth earning PB/RM is put infront of the Firing Squad by these CHs. PB/RMs’ career is at stake becoz the management who is instigating to hit the dash board in every sec mail by the theory of BEG BORROW STEAL and UNDER SELL will stand down.

    6. Why your gold prices are 2000+rs higher as compared to market price. Not only with local jewellers but even when compared with branded jewellers(24 carat 99.99 % pure)these are very costly. Why can’t you purchase from the customers? Have you ever tried to find out how much Gold you have sold to HDFC Employees? Less than 1% of total sale. Coz employees very well know that only the scape goat called 'customers' will be cheated.
    Dear Frnds, do u want to purchase Gold Bar from HDFC Bank nd enjoy Dhanteras or Diwali after knowing all this?

    7. You have started Band1 and Band2 exercise, which means eradicating less profitable accounts from the Branch and whipped the Branch Staffs not give any service to those customers. I have got the Bank Guideline in my hand and can be handy when I drag u to RBI and Consumer Forum as this is a Slap to RBI Legislation.

    8. Dear Frndz, there is TRAP waiting for all of the HDFC Customers and common people( domestic and international)... its called the UNHOLY HDFC SLIC-Insurance. All the NRIs are targeted. Though this is done by all Pvt Banks here. But HDFC Bank is the master of cheating clients. For ur information, Bank gets 30-40% profit by selling Insurance to the clients and the parasites called Cluster Heads, Regional heads and all the Di.k Heads are going abroad and enjoying Booz Parties with lady collegues who r getting promoted. Not a single penny is given to the poor Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers or PB/TA Authorisers.

  82. Hi,

    Mr. Puri and HDFC Sucking Team. Congrats for getting the Business Man of the Year cup from IBN by lobbying with media houses committing ad revenues in return.

    Dear frndz, plz read this carefully and try to avoid taking services from HDFC Bank.

    1. there is TRAP waiting for all of U( domestic and international)... its called the UNHOLY HDFC SLIC-Insurance. All the NRIs are targeted. Though this is done by all Pvt Banks here. But HDFC Bank is the master of cheating clients. For ur information, Bank gets 30-40% profit by selling Insurance to the clients and the parasites called Cluster Heads, Regional heads and all the Di.k Heads are going abroad and enjoying Booz Parties with lady collegues who r getting promoted. Not a single penny is given to the poor Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers or PB/TA Authorisers.

    2. HDFC Credit Card and Loan dept is a pain in ass. Customers get end number of SMS/Mail/Ph Calls to take CC/PL/BL/HL/TWL/EL/. But when someone applies, the harassment start from there.

    3. As per RBI( 09-07-10, Economics Times(),
    'The RBI has issued fresh directives in view of the numerous complaints from credit card holders, especially with regard to excessive finance charges and issuance of unsolicited cards, it said.

    Besides, complaints like charging annual fee on what were being offered as free cards, issuance of loans over phone, disputes over wrong billing, difficulty in accessing the credit card issuers and poor response from the call centres, it said'.

    HDFC Bank is master cheater. Beware...


    In case of any loan, the Interest rate should be charged on the net disbursed amount( Net dibursed Amt= Sanctioned Amount- Processing Fee-Other Charges). But HDFC Bank charges the Interest on the sanctioned amount. Mr. Puri, can anyone tell me from ur Team, why customers pay interest which is already taken by you at the first place? Proc fee u have never disbursed to the customers but u r shamelessly taking interest from the customers. Why??? U bloody cheaters...

    In lieu with RBI Guideline, u charge 4% Foreclosure for Premature Loan closure or Loan Balance Transfer and even in case of Top Ups. When someone is repaying the Principle amount, you should give them some discount for their assertiveness. But you are penalising instead. What is this?

    For the Information to the customers of any Money minting Pvt Banks, Foreclosure charge is not to be given if you are pre-paying Loans from ur own pocket. If u r transfering the Principal Outstanding to other BANKS, then there is a provision of a Charge.

    You directly mail to the Top Management of HDFc Bank and choke their mailbox:

    Mail to:,,,,,,,,,,, ZH)

    6. HDFC Gold Bar--Mr. Puri,
    Why your gold prices are 2000+rs per 10gm higher as compared to market price. Not only with local jewellers but even when compared with branded jewellers(24 carat 99.99 % pure)these are very costly. Can you re-purchase the Bars from the customers? Why? Have you ever tried to find out how much Gold you have sold to HDFC Employees? Less than 1% of total sale. Coz employees very well know that only the scape goat called 'customers' will be cheated.
    Dear Frnds, do u want to purchase Gold Bar from HDFC Bank nd enjoy Dhanteras or Diwali after knowing all this?

    Frndz, I will update information about this Bank's trend to cheat customers on every facet. Post ur queries, i will help you.

  83. Hi,

    Now HDFC Bank has lost its quality of service.. I am holding my saving bank a/c since last year. Their staffs are very much irresponsible. For clearing of same bank at per cheque (no complain) they took 3-4 days after making lots of complain to the customer care. This becomes a regular prblem with this bank now a days. They don't even give you any feedback for the delay........

  84. Hi,

    I am holding a savings Bank A/c in HDFC Bank since last years. Last couple of months I am very much unhappy with the service of this Bank. The staffs are very much irresposible, they don't give proper informations to the customers.
    This has happened with HDFC Bank, Sector-14, Gurgaon. The Bank took 4-5 days time for the clearance of an atpar cheque of HDFC Bank having no complain carring in the cheque. First three days Bank people could not answer what happened with the cheque. They did not have any informations. Ultimately on registering a complain in the customer care the cheque was get cleared on 5th days. This is a regular story happened with the same branch. After the clearance I tlak to the brach people for the reason of delay, but the Bank people have a proper answer.







  86. Hey, I am sorry or whatever it is and for whatever I did.
    I mean I am begging you guys.
    I am ready to pay you money to give me peace in life.

    After two months I finally get the card and then I get the PIN after applying again for it.
    Now the Card is BLOCKED. I am sorry if I was rude, didn’t mean to.
    Please forgive me and give me my card and money.(or take the money also and tell me.)

    I promise I will never come back again to HDFC ever again, My first mistake.

    Forgive your customer,
    Ajay singh.

  87. apart from about, HDFC online services are worst and cant be reilable. as simple ex : we can rechare our prepaid cell phones in smiple ways, and its not easy to pay lic bills and all.. however all these things can be done easily in other banks.
    HDFC should think about improving online services as these are very busy and difficult for every one to goto banks.

  88. It took two full years to close my transaction-free dmat account while the sucking bank earned Rs 1,200/- annually and now it is charging me Rs 110.30 annually for a non-existent Debit Card. Some common sense, 3 years, no debit transactions in the account except their own charges for debit card. I am sure, they have sophisticated systems to track whether Debit Card is issued, if so, any transactions and whether active. Charges for services NOT RENDERED is sucking, illegal and illogical.

    Bank with a transparent bank, honest bank and not with Aditya Puri, who has a foul tongue and attitude. Sorry, Deepak parekh saab, your values have gone missing somewhere.

  89. Dear All,

    I am an ex employee of HDFC Bank and i fully empathize with most of the complains. The organization's work culture is totally rubbish. Its dictatorship out there resulting into low morale among employees hence most of the experienced employees leave and their replacements are new enough to handle or learn anything also whomsoever stays there they are frustated and on a mode of revolution resulting into rude behaviour by employees even to clients. Also because HDFC Bank's higher authority always shows arrogance because of their good hold in media and performance in share market the lower level learns the same attitude. Further HDFC Bank hardly encourage any new innovations or thoughts.So its basically the culture of the organization which is the grass root of the problem.

  90. I am trying to get a Gold Loan (OD facility). On enquiring, each person in HDFC Bank
    gives different answers. They hide behind "sorry", "I made a mistake" and "he was a
    junior person, who delivers documents". Why put such people to interface with the

    Finally I got the Asset Desk Manager at Ghatkopar (East) branch (Ms. Poonam Gill) to
    give me a handwritten paper showing rates and charges. I get a mail from Bijai Shankar
    (Manager - Sales) with a 0.1% of loan amount, which was not mentioned by the Asset
    Desk Manager. Do 2 employees of the same bank follow two different books, or are they
    blissfully unaware of the charges ?

    When I asked for a copy of the agreement, to see beforehand, I was told it cannot be
    given to me. On stating that I could come to the branch and read it, I was told there
    is no soft-copy and hard-copy will take 1-2 days to send the hard-copy to the branch.

    If this is the level of disconnect between employees of HDFC Bank and also the
    experience that they are giving to a prospective customer, I wonder what a customer
    can expect by way of experience, after he has become a customer.

    Best may be to look for an alternative and teach HDFC a lesson they will not forget.

  91. HDFC is a dumbest bank I have ever seen.
    Nothing is good in this bank.

    I am hoping [and praying] it will be vanished soon from this soil.

    How can we uproot HDFC bank? suggestions please

  92. Hi,


    I have not been a valued customer for HDFC FORTUNATELY, however i tried to get a Credit card from HDFC just because i went INSANE.

    its been 3 weeks I am trying to get a credit card from HDFC but they have been declining my verification by stating that my door was locked. however its IMPOSSIBLE coz my mom stays here 24/7.

    first time they have rejected it on the ground of my door been locked which is not acceptable at all. as i stay at hightly secured area, my escorts doesnot allow anyone inside the main gate without the permission of any of the concerned person. so when i applied i specifically mentioned to call me when reaches to gate so that i can make an entry for you guys to come to my place. however i didnot recieve any calls and no person been to my place. and later on I CALLED HDFC to find out the matter after a week. and very courteously they informed me that its been declined as MY DOOR WAS LOCKED. They Just PASSED THE BUCK LIKE MORONS. and then when i asked for Manager to talk with they said "MANAGER IS NOT IN THE OFFICE" and when i asked for any supervisor, i have been told that "NO MANAGERS OR HIGHER LEVEL PPL ARE IN TODAY".. lol does it make any sense. if no one is in today then who is running the business...?? SOBs.

    then i replied and asked them to verify again with me but this time make sure to call me if they want an entry to my place. then the same story happenned. i didnot receive a call from them and after a week i called them. then again they TURD told me the same SHITTY F*****G story lying under their ASS HOLES. till then since past two weeks i have been asking for call backs from them, they alwayz promised to do so however they never turned back as their ASS H*** was to big to stop them from turning back to me. and then the cust care guy "AKASH" and his luving Supervisor were kept on saying their SCRIPT "SORRY FOR INCONVINIENCE" however they had no idea that they already sucked all ma blood and left me with a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. and then they said you can apply AFTER 6 MONTH IF YOU WANT.

    and now its as horrible as a NIGHTMARE that i dont wanna look back to HDFC, not even as a LAST OPTION.

    and HDFC SUCKS AND F**** like Anything in this World. They have no right to EXIST.

  93. HDFC has been able to optimize the cost of business continuity because of the ability to mix SATA and FC drives in the same system.

  94. I am an exporter and have an EEFC account with HDFC Bank. They have agreed with me on the Email that they will convert all my foreign exchange remittances at IBR Rate of the day and time as the forex rates fluctuate a lot and go up and down the whole day. Whenever I find on a particular day and time as I personally monitor the forex exchange rates, the rate is good for conversion from my EEFC account to my Rupee Current Account, they deliberately delay things and at times it takes them three to four hours to get the forex rates from their treasury and the rates Quoted to me are extremely less than the prevailing IBR rates. This is being done deliberately so that the bank makes a good profit at my cost. Since the amounts involved are quiet heavy for conversion. I complained about this cheating to Sh.Aditya Puri and the Cluster Head of HDFC. Instead of taking any action they gave me flimsy reasons and forwaded the complaint to the Branch Manager of the dealing HDFC Bank.My complaint was totally ignored. I am regularly facing this forex conversion problem with HDFC Bank. I am seriously thinking to shift to some other good bank with EEFC Account.

  95. HDFC really gives a bad service. I had Gold Debit Card of HDFC with lifetime zero balance account.

    I changed my job. After changing the JOB I had not kept any balance in HDFC abank. But after a years time i deposited one of my salary cheque in that account & I shocked that they had deducted an amount of Rs. 1000.

    Then onwards I never deposited any amount in HDFC

  96. I totally agree..HDFC BANK and Credit card department is very unorganized.I recently got credit card from HDFC in the month of July 2011.Only thing they delivered safely is the credit card .The pin was sent first on july 21st 2011 and asper HDFC rep it was delivered on23rd jul -11.Never received it so called 5 times.They made me wait till 15th august and finally they said they will dispatch new pin on 17-08-2011 after that again run around started they sent SMS stating dispatched on 17th but never received till 30th august .After calling them they requested me to wait till 15sep and after couple of calls to care they again dispatched new pin on 26th sep-2011 again same runaround finally when I told them that I would need info about HEAD of Credit card division to escalate the issue a Manager came on line and promised me that he will get it delivered in 4days thru bluedart this time.So far they used MRF couriers.
    It looks like they want to capture Credit card market but they dont have capable staff.I have been with Citi from 5years and so far never had any issue or not even inconvenience like this for a silly pin.



  97. Hello everyone!

    Absolutely surprised to read the bad experiences that people had to undergo and suffer with HDFC!

    I have a slightly different issue. Could anyone help in this matter or anyone have had to go through this kind of


    SUBJECT: Conversion of salary account to non-salary account/normal SB account and CHARGE A LIEN AMOUNT on it!!

    While I was working, I had my salary account with Deutsche Bank Bangalore. And once I quit(due to pregnancy) I just

    withdrew all the money thinking that they will automatically close the account as the salary won't be credited to it

    anymore. Or atleast the company would let them know. I have been receiving their e-statements since then but I have never

    had bothered about it until recently till my friend brought this to my notice that there is a lien amount in it. Learnt it

    later that once the salary account is inactive, they wait for a period of 3-6 months(not sure) and then convert it to a

    normal savings account and that the minimum balance to be maintained quarterly is INR 1,00,000!! The lien amount is

    increasing every month!
    Anybody in the same boat or crossed this boat to the shore?
    Any inputs greatly welcome!

  98. HDFC SUCKS so bad! Evidently they have 3rd party individuals that are not even bank employees to go to your job to open your salary account. These guys who carry out this task are slightly more literate than street sweepers! They are unfamiliar with the types of ID that can be used to open account and are unprofessional on so many levels. Bank is run in such a backwards, banana republic fashion! No help from customer service, forget it. Joshi Paul, nodal officer for Bangalore is an arrogant snot- Sent this person an email and instead of writing a direct message to me, forwarded me a message that was sent to grievance redressal- basically passing buck to subordinate due to arrogant "I can't be bothered" attitude. Took 3 weeks to open my salary account!!! LAZY, INCOMPETENT, ILLITERATE PIGS! All the directors, CXOs/managers should be sacked and prohibited from working in finance sector- let them be rag pickers, that's all they're competent enough to do.

  99. Dr. Sunil PevekarJanuary 04, 2012 10:10 AM

    You are right on target. For gold loans they have a nincompoop, called Uday Yadav, who insists on all customers talking only in Hindi and not English or Marathi (this is in Mumbai). The Sales Officer, Vijay, apparently a HDFC employee knows less about gold loans than even what I know !! Wonder where does HDFC source such intelligent people.

  100. Yes! I agree with the thing that HDFC staff are arrogant!! I was selected for HDFC and because of the way the HR dealt with me i backed off. Can never entertain such kind of crap everyday of your work! Thank God i dont have any account in HDFC.

  101. Wow.. A site dedicated to ripping off HDFC.. Awesome..

  102. This is wrt refusal to close my HDFC Personal loan account: XXXXXXXX after my formal request to the bank at all 3 levels of HDFC Bank Ltd, Bangalore. They have communicated and rejected observing that I should complete 12 EMIs or 12 months and then pay 4% pre-closure charges. As on date of my communication of the bank, I have completed 8 EMIs (8 months). I had stated that I was ready to pay 12EMIs in advance and then pay 4% pre-closure charges and my requesting them was of my intention to avail vehicle loan in the next 1-2 months for which I might have not have income eligibility without pre-closure of my Personal loan account: XXXXXXXX

    I)My regret and grievance is, in spite of stating that i shall pay 12 EMIs and then pay the fore-closure charges, my request was rejected. This is in spite of me stating my loan closure was for availing vehicle loan in the next 1-2 months.

    a)Please note my personal loan agreement that I have signed is only on the final page but the page with para/point 12 has not been signed by me.

    b)Further the schedule page, Loan details and Charges section executed by me has no details regarding whether you cannot close within 12 months/12 EMIs. It only mentions prepayment charges as 4% of the Principal Outstanding. And there is no mention of the 12 months/12 EMIS clause. It should have been there in the “schedule with loan details”.

    II)The second regret on the following differential treatment towards salaried employees and self-employed where you can close in 6 months. This is only for your reference.

    RBI ombudusman closed my complaint saying credit policy does not come under RBI ombudsman scheme.

    I did not seek any compensation but I seek a fair closure to this issue as HDFC Bank has shown no sensitivity in addressing my issue in the most mechanical/arrogant manner. This attitude does not hold good for the banking system. But I seek a closure on pure technical grounds here as stated above and I agree to pay the 4% pre-closure charges on Outstanding principal.

    i had sent to RBI ombudsman the following:
    1)email communication with HDFC Bank at 3 levels and final rejection from HDFC
    2)Personal loan agreement XXXXXX with the HDFC Bank Limited: please note that I
    have not signed the loan agreement page with the clause12/para12. I have signed
    only in the last sheet and then in the schedule of the loan agreement which has
    no mention of the 12 months clause. There is only a mention of 4% on Principal
    3)complaint form submitted online to RBI

  103. You folks are right HDFC bank sucks big time. They dont have good net banking system nor they have proper way to channelise the things.

    Suppose if you want to transfer the funds to other bank in utmost urgency. HDFC banks takes 12 hours just to activate the added third party account. There netphone banking never works in urgency

  104. they have the shittiest netbanking system ever

  105. I want to file a complaint against some members of HDFC :
    Mr. Hari OM (Manager),
    Mr. Deepak,
    Ms Priyanka.

    These people are very arrogant and not helpful at all. I request them to settle the bill amount but the response is too bad and they even don't have the correct address of my home. After providing the correct address they again putting someone else address.
    Now they are even not ready to speak in proper manner and not sending any executive to collect the amount.
    Ms Priyanka said to me that why dont you send your friend in their branch? I dont understand these type of conversation.
    And i dont know what the hell she is talking about.
    So many different peoples are calling me from HDFC from their personal contact number.
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.

  106. There netbanking is worst then even government banks . To make NEFT you first need to add recipient account details which takes +12 hrs to get authorize by HDFC then only you can make payment but even after doing this you have to wait next business day for money to get transferred . But HDFC will deduct that amount instantly , clearly they are saving themselves for giving one day interest and making profits through there lengthy procedure .

  107. Nice to see the blog running for years.. Such a "Constant" service provided by HDFC.. I had few experiences as well and thinking to change my salary account. Never ever think of banking with them.

  108. Some of the representatives of hdfc bank is big time fraud. They also opened a demat account without my knowledge and permission while opening a salaried account for me in a private Company. I had left the company long time back. I didnt know anything about the Demat account till the time I suddenly started getting text messages to pay the balance due on my Demat account. I was shocked because I dont even know what demat account is actually. I called the Hdfc back several time to close the Demat account but to no avail. NEXT TIME IF HDFC REPRESENTATIVES COME TO OPEN YOUR SALARY ACCOUNT, PLEASE BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. OTHERWISE THEY WILL SIGN YOU UP FOR DEMAT ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE.....IM NOT BLAMING ALL BUT SOME OF THE HDFC REPRESENTATIVES ARE FRAUD. I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY GET DOING THIS. MIGHT BE EITHER TO MEET THEIR SALES TARGET OR THE BANK ITSELF IS ENCOURAGING ITS AGENTS I DONT KNOW....THEY JUST CAN'T ROB IGNORANT PEOPLE!! ..... I am not going to pay the dues...I have posted the same on facebook


  110. Hi

    I came upon your page from Google. I was searching for "assholes at HDFC" to be specific on a Saturday.

    I have two tales to narrate:

    - I ha*d* a credit card which they just randomly disabled (purely due to lack of transactions for 3-4 months) without any warnings. I lost a treasure trove of reward points and there was noone I could complain to. I tried but nothing worked. They never responded to my mails to post box where you redeem these saying they never got those

    - I have a savings account which I maintain sufficient balance and the rest is parked in investment services accounts/FDs and HDFC securities account. I am their longtime customer which is why the so called top end credit card was issued to me from their end.
    Everything was fine until today when I get a random mailer / message claiming I am not maintaining enough balance in that acccount.
    The balance is right about the minimum balance and I do keep it that way. Nothing mattered for years until today.

    And these assholes really dont care. Other perhaps at least pretend to care. Bunch of thugs. Never bank with these folks


  111. Shifted recently and had to get communication address updated... ICICI Bank took down online request for my account after triple layer verification. On the other HDFC Bank insists that my 80 year old dad goes to the bank, physically fill up a form and submit passport or voter's ID or Aadhaar card with the new address... When I asked them if they know how much time it takes to get government documents updated, they had no answer... Also if one goes to get passport, voter's card or Aadhaar updated with new address then they ask for copy of bank statement as address proof...

    HDFC charges private sector bank rates and gives shoddy public sector bank service... Choose State Bank of India for cheaper service or ICICI Bank for better quality service.... Lousy customer service Mr Aditya Puri - you and your bank positively suck!

    ‪#‎HDFCBanksucks‬ ‪#‎AdityaPurisucks‬

  112. I have an HDFC account which was my salary account in bangalore. I moved it with me when I moved from bangalore and kept minimum balance in it. No issues so far. Recently I received a sms saying the minimum balance may not be kept. After reading this post I am planning to call them up about the sms. Also I am postponing my investment in HDFC shares, because if this is their approach, no matter how big the bank it will fall. I have some mutual funds with hdfc which I would watch like a hawk from now on (even though it is a separate business). Tons of thanks for the post.

  113. Exactly same thing happened to me in Kolkata.... Each & every word of it.. Only difference is when I finally paid the low aqb charges.. the executive assisting me in filling up the closure form says... "Sir, chaar hazar paanch sau ka hi toh fine lagaa hai.. Bhar dijiye aur account chaloo rakha... LOL!!!! WAS ABOUT TO FAINT!!

  114. HDFC Bank is like if your gynaec collects real-time information about when and with whom you have sex, what kind of sex you are habituated to, exactly when you menstruate... and then this gynaec hires a bunch of MBAs and college freshers, calls them "Relationship Managers", lets them hang around his clinic pretending to be gynaecologists themselves till you start telling them about your intimate problems. Then your gynaec goes and gives these people access to your private information on their computer screens, with monthly targets for selling you condoms, sanitary pads and other intimate products. That's HDFC Bank for you :-)

  115. You have no right to rake money for unprocessed loan processing amount for your administration charges. You don't charge the fees to are sucking stealing money from accounts. advancement, you do not inform customer about earlyor about charges you going to pick, But only take it as granted since it is lying in your bank account is gross violation of banking rights. Who is the warner bankersor customers? HDFC bank is not for customer service bank there are like a crows only waituwg for customers eyes to close.they will steal our amount.without our knowledge customer service executives open our accounts details directly and keep on calling us.for money deposit etc... They smelled our account money..our government well played for Bankers wealth. HDTC Stealing and earning customers money. GOOD WORK.


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