Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jaan-e-Mann Movie Review

Jaan-e-Mann Movie Review

I watched Jaan-e-mann - Let's Fall In Love Again today at Chanakya, 11.30 am show and this is my Jaan-e-mann movie review.

jaan-e-mann movie review jaanemann shirish kunder salman khan akshay kumar preity zinta anupam kher janeman jaanemanJaan-e-Mann (beloved) - 8/10 - Romantic comedy. Jaan-e-mann is a fabulous movie, with an excellent script, storyline, dialogue and character development. I specially liked the editing special effects which I have never seen in a Bollywood flick before. Shirish Kunder has done a marvelous job, infact, I am shocked to hear that Jaan-e-mann is his first film. Jaan-e-mann is narrated by Akhay Kumar's character Agastya in an interesting flashback - flashforward mode.

jaan-e-mann movie review jaanemann shirish kunder salman khan akshay kumar preity zinta anupam kher janeman jaanemanSalman Khan plays Suhaan a cool dude who is a struggling actor. Akshay Kumar is Agastya a college nerd who grows up to be an astronaut while Preity Zinta is Piya, Suhaan's college friend and estranged wife. Suhaan cannot afford to pay Piya alimony, so he cons Agastya, who has a crush on Piya since college to woo her. If Piya remarries then Suhaan saves a lot of cash. Suhaan almost succeeds but then sees that Piya has a daughter (his) and falls in love with her again. Jaan-e-mann has a happy ending with Suhaan being reunited with his family and Agastya getting a blonde version of Piya. (Preity Zinta in double role)

jaan-e-mann movie review jaanemann shirish kunder salman khan akshay kumar preity zinta anupam kher janeman jaanemanI simply loved the music of Jaan-e-mann - the songs like Humko Maloom Hain, Dard Hai, Ajnabi Shehar kept playing in my ears long after I left the hall. Choreography rocked too. Costumes were colorful and funny, especially Salman Khan's various disguises as a cop, zorro, cowboy, elvis, sardar etc. My favourite scene in Jaan-e-mann was the one where Salman Khan dresses like a girl and beats up toughies in New York.

The cinema theatre was quite empty though, but Chanakya is quite a large theatre with a giant xenon screen. The crowd was mostly gay looking guy couples (As Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were in the movie together...wink) who kept whistling whenever Salman Khan came on screen. Salman Khan took off his shirt around seven times ( I was counting :D).

jaan-e-mann movie review jaanemann shirish kunder salman khan akshay kumar preity zinta anupam kher janeman jaanemanAnupam Kher (double role) as a midget reminded me a bit of John Leguizamo's character in Moulin Rouge. Preity 'pregnant' Zinta's face was too lumpy and she looked too 'strict' for Salman Khan. Akshay Kumar did a decent job playing a nerd who cannot speak to girls. Aman Verma can now only get roles of a molester. Salman Khan is the only bollywood hero who looks cool and normal when talking to firangs. Most other actors look 'bewakoof' (foolish), out of place and make me cringe or switch channels. I liked the part where Salman Khan becomes the brand ambassador for Boo Boo diapers - he looked real sweet and adorable.

This is the first Salman Khan movie I am seeing in the theatre, as I have never been a crazy fan of his, though I liked his movies. I usually don't watch Hindi films in the cinema but usually wait for the pirated DVD to be shown on cable, but I made an exception for Jaan-e-mann as it was Diwali and I have been having dreams of Salman Khan regularly for the past few weeks.

Wishing all my blogger friends and their families a very happy and prosperous Diwali !


  1. The songs' lyrics are by Gulzar and so had to be beautiful!

    Anu Malik hasn't done too bad a job with the music direction either...Wonder if we'll find out any time soon whether he lifted some of the tunes from somewhere in a foreign land or not...

  2. nice review; i didnt want to watch the movie but going by ur review i will try. just a question - y did u choose this over 'don'?

  3. Hi Sidhusaheb,
    I bet he lifted the tunes from old hindi or regional films / struggling music directors !

    Hi Whiskypriest,
    Since I've already seen Amitabh Bacchan's 'Don' (around 4 times), I know the story, so it made no sense to spend money and watch the remake starring SRK. I'll wait and watch the pirated DVD on cable though !

  4. Happy Diwali wishes to you too dear!
    Now that was a wonderful review I must you have really detailed out each character, song and even the part where you liked the most and which you didnt...I dont think I have ever read any reviews so detail...and specific :) you have done a good job I must say...and one more thing..I thought u r a gr8 fan of Salman as I was reading but when I saw at the end that this is the first film then I felt someone is really falling ;) (kiddin)
    Good job...keep it up that tells me whether to see or not ;)

  5. 'inspired' by ur review i have watched the film. yeah u r right its different. i thought the film had more histrionics at some points making it lengthier by about 20 minutes which culd have been avoided

  6. Happy Diwali to you too! Movie sounds good but don't like Salman!:)) Enjoy!!

  7. the first favourable review i have seen of the movie... the director is farah khan's hubby, isnt he?

  8. Happy Diwali....nice review..shall watch

  9. "gay looking couples" - have come pity on the boys - i suppose it is the dearth of girl company :)

    no way i'm going to watch the movie tho...salman khan & akshay kumar - too much to take in the same movie!

  10. Shirish Kundar's only claim to fame is that he wooed a much ugly farah khan. His editor's credentials are dubious as well. Eveyone knows he just a wannabe who's trying to work his way up using his contacts (and dick ;-))


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