Friday, October 13, 2006

Salman Khan Janampatri Match

A Suitable Match For Salman Khan

salman khan cyberkitty india new delhi salman khan cyberkitty india new delhiOk, this is what happened when I ran out of stuff to blog about. I ran a marriage horoscope compatiblity test on for Salman Khan and me - and this is how the result turned up -

Varan Match Analysis (1 out of 1) - The boy and the girl both comes under Vaishya varan. This is a good combination in all respects. The boy would able to plan out the domestic affairs nicely.In turn, the girl can look after the house beautifully. Both the boy and the girl will have very good understanding. Together, they can achieve success in their aspirations. Both are faithful, loyal and will take their domestic duties seriously. Both are idealistic also and have the some humanitarian interests.

Vaishya Match Analysis (1 out of 2) - The boy's vashya is Jalchar, while the girl belongs to Chatushpad vashya. This is a good combination. The natives encourage each other towards expension and progress in ventures, family etc. The boy will help the girl to bring out her best in all fields. In turn, the girl will provide him a base for his work or operations.They both will have mutual understanding at most of the cases. Family happiness is also indicated. Both are matched well as far as vashya guna is concerned.

Tara Match Analysis (1.5 out of 3) - The boy's tara is Mitra and the girl comes under Vipat tara. This is a good combination. In this relationship, the boy will turnout to more sensible and matured. She will put his best efforts to maintained very good relations.In turn, the girl may play a subdued role and at times, find herself confused to take the right decisions. She is advised to be more practical in her approach.However, both tara's matched well. They will also develop liking for each other in a due course of time.

Yoni Match Analysis (2 out of 4) - The boy's yoni is Simha and the girl comes under Nakul yoni. She needs his strength and daring while he relies on his competence and companionship. He is forceful and out spoken, she will manage an artistic and restful home for him.She is adaptable but moody and defenceless. She serves as her warior and protector. On the physical plane, they will be quite compatible and enjoy the sensual bliss.

Griha Match Analysis (5 out of 5) - The boy and the girl both comes under Saturn's lordship. The natives have compatible attitudes toward handling business, financial, educational and professional affairs. The natives will bring out each other's qualities of patience, hard work prudence and fore thought. The native adherence to principle and mutual responsibility will make them stead fast and loyal friends. The natives can further each other's determination and resolve to achieve social and professional goals and status through their careful and systematic planning.

Gan Match Analysis (0 out of 6) - The boy's gan is Rakshasha and the girl comes under Manushya gan. This combination indicates relationships that could lead to rash impulsive and costly acts.The natives are likely to make unreasonable and considerate demands on each other. The girl will try to exercise a restraining influence on the boy, which, he will resent. The girl, in turn, resent the boy's aggressive attempts to initiate what she considers rash and impulsive actions and will regard these actions as a threat to status and security. However, this alliance may be taken into consideration, if other guans are matched well.

Bhakoot Match Analysis (7 out of 7) - The boy and the girl both comes under Makar bhakoot rasi. This combination indicates that the natives will have the similar needs for security, stability, status and professional advancement. They will take a similar approach to handling important responsibilities and will have similar concepts of justic and fair play. They tend to bring out each other's ambitious, cautious and conservative tendencies. They will also develop a very good rapport and understanding with each other.

Nadi Match Analysis (8 out of 8) - The boy's nadi is Madhya and the girl comes under Antya nadi. This is an excellent combination. The natives share may intellectual, spiritual and philosophical interests. They will also improve each other's capacity for hard headed, practical thinking, especially in such areas as science, writing and organizational activities. They will have lot of respect and love for each other. This combination strengthen the over all compatibility of the charts.

If you are wondering why 'Salman Khan' ? It's because I had a dream about Salman Khan a few nights ago where he was giving me a beautiful diamond bracelet and talking to me nicely. I also ran a match of Salman Khan with Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif and I still turned out to be a better match ? So what do you say ?


  1. Have you gone bonkers??!!:D:D
    Of ALLLL the men in this world,you even think of this steriod laden horse of a man(?)to match yourself???!!!
    Cyber Kitty!! Find a hobby, girlie!!:))))
    Have a better day!

  2. wooow i think i should tell u...
    "go, get him!! marry him!!" ^^

  3. Forget Salman Khan and look for a match in lesser mortals ;-) You may
    find some one even better. no?

  4. Salman...Cudnt find anybdy else ae!!!
    Me 22 Libran...Koi mila kya :o

  5. Arre, what are you waiting for? call a Nai and send the proposal across. Unhe itni achhi kundali kahaan milegi?

  6. Thanks Niki, Whiskypriest and HowDoWeKnow."We are told never to cross a bridge until we come to it, but this world is owned by people who have "crossed bridges" in their imagination far ahead of the crowd." Just keeping my fingers crossed ! :D


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