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Partner - Movie Review

Partner - A Movie Review

This weekend, the promos of the movie 'Partner' conned me into buying a ticket for the film. As the Blueline buses were off the road, my friends took a day off from work to accompany me. We decided to watch 'Partner' at Liberty Cinema, which is located in the crowded central Delhi area, to check out the crowd reaction. Plus, Liberty cinema is located nearby, which saved us from the transport havoc caused by the absence of Blueline buses.

As this was my first experience at Liberty theatre, and I thought I'd write something about it first. The prices of tickets were unbelievably low compared to that of the PVR's in New Delhi. We got balcony seats for Rs.80 a head. The cinema was quite big and the seats were plush and comfortable. The Dolby sound was amazing, the air conditioning worked fine and the toilets were clean. The best thing about Liberty cinema was the varied choice and low price of eatables. I bought a popcorn for Rs.20 and a large strawberry cold drink for Rs.15. About the movie, well, here goes......

partner movie review film reviews salman khan govinda shirtless gayPartner - 4/10 - starring Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif. This film scores on four points only - the songs, colorful locales, charm of the lead pair (Sallu/Govinda) and the kid actor. Otherwise, this film is a mishmash of scenes which have no connection to each other. It seems that someone thought up some jokes and then decided to insert scenes to fit them instead of the other way around. The film has absolutely no script and just kept meandering along making up unconnected stories along the way.

In 'Partner', Salman Khan plays the role of a love guru who counsels folks on relationship issues. Govinda is a bumbling manager who visits him for help on wooing his boss - Katrina Kaif. Lara Dutta is a journalist, single mom whom Salman Khan falls for. In the end, both couples get happily married. The space in between is filled with unrealistic scenes, gay jokes and characters that appear and disappear without adding anything to the movie.

Surprisingly, the cinema hall was houseful. Most of the viewers in the balcony area consisted of families while those in the stalls were gay couples from the lower strata of society. The scene that garnered the most whistles was the one where Govinda jumps of a running bus. In Delhi, most people think it's real cool to dangerously jump off running buses, which is why the Blueline buses are in so much trouble. More about this issue in a later post.

Most irritating part of 'Partner' - were the 'in jokes', where instead of playing the character, Salman and Govinda make jokes about their personal lives and history. Also, the Aamir Khan lookalike scene was in bad taste. I know Aamir did the same to Salman in Fanaa but to take revenge for that scene was real uncool.

My Final Take - If you are a hardcore Salman Khan/Govinda fan then you can go watch this film, but remember to leave your brains behind. For others, this movie is an OK time pass film that you can watch on cable. For me, 'Partner' was by far the worst film I have seen in a cinema hall.

Have any of you watched Partner ? What do you think of this movie review ?


  1. ur review is pretty right . I share similar sentiments - you may read my review at chakpak here

    Jokes become unbearable after few times.. and there is all this forced sequences.. too much :)

  2. i kinda liked hitch.. but i guess i'll wait for the tv premiere.. should only be a couple of months away judging by current standards ;)

  3. I watched the snippets of that movie on B4U here.As usual,it's disgusting jokes and horrible acting like teenagers from 40+ puffed up oldies! What else is new!!;p

  4. err.. i wasnt even planning to give Partner a Dekko.. the promos were what put me off big time. It promised to be another slapstick,mindless jokes thingie with some songs thrown in for the heroines to dance. Guess i wasnt so off the mark.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Will Smith was superb in Hitch.. Eva Mendes and Lara Dutta? You must be kidding me right?

  6. woow i want to go to there!!
    surprised to hear that gay couples are coming to cinema tho.
    do they worship salman(??)
    i think i would like any kind of jokes :)

  7. Dumb Movie... even for Dumb people like moi.. Hahaha

  8. Nice review. Checkout a review on my site Partner Movie Review

  9. The story has apparently been 'inspired' from:

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  11. omg partner is not as ur reviews most commonly used word GAY omg its a very good movie to me but i think some scenes where copied like
    the brat who stuffs a knife into govindas pocket that part infact was a copy from a (english) movie called Are We There Yet... by the way i dont only like this movie cuz im a katrina kaif fan!! so shutup and btw why do u use the world GAY so much (hmmmm) =P
    Partner is not a GAY movie i extremely rec. it =:P (omg= oh my god btw= by the way)

  12. Thank you all for your comments -

    Nitin - Yeah, ur review is pretty good.

    Manuscrypts - Wish I had thought like that !!

    Asha - I'd like to say 'Old is Gold' but unfortunately it is not true in this case.

    How do we know - Clever girl!

    Chill - I haven't seen Hitch, but from what I've been hearing, it was way better than Partner.

    Niki - Salman is supposed to be a gay guy's fantasy and he is made to do odd scenes with a male co-star in almost all his films.

    Anonymous - thanx for dropping by.

    Siddhusaaheb and Anonymous2 - thanx for the links!

    Partner Not Gay - Ok, so you liked the film ....btw, I used the word 'gay' only twice in an eight paragraph writeup while you used it thrice in a one paragraph comment - hmmm, so now who is overusing the word???


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