Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life In A Metro - Movie Review

Life In A Metro - Movie Review

This weekend I watched 'Life in a Metro' on cable, this is what I thought of it -

Life In A Metro - 3/10 - starring Shiney Ahuja, Dharmendra, Irfan Khan and some actors with zero personality and little talent. This movie is about the lives and affairs of seven people in Mumbai. Visit wikipedia for a step by step account of the whole story.

There was nothing spectacular about this movie. All in all, it was a boring movie about the reality of how life sucks. I certainly don't want to be reminded of how humdrum life is. This sort of movie is OK to watch at home, if you have absolutely nothing to do. I definitely don't recommend it.

The moral of the movie - If you cheat on your partner, never ever tell him/her about it.


  1. hmmm love affairs...
    the story looks very interesting!!


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