Monday, July 09, 2007

Ta Ra Rum Pum - Movie Review

Ta Ra Rum Pum - Movie Review

Ta Ra Rum Pum Movie Review film reviewsThis weekend I saw Ta Ra Rum Pum on the illegal cable channel and Herbie Fully Loaded on Star Movies. Both movies are based on NASCAR racing, however that's where the similarity ends. While Herbie Fully Loaded was very entertaining, Ta Ra Rum Pum was a big let down !!

Ta Ra Rum Pum - 1/10 - starring Rani 'frog throat' Mukherjee, Saif 'mama's boy' Ali Khan, Javed 'boo' Jaffery and a few kids. Saif is a rich race car driver who meets with an accident and loses his confidence to race again. He get a job as a taxi driver to make ends meet. The movie was really long - more than 180 minutes. It was also filled with highly noticeable in-film ads of Chevrolet Aveo and Castrol which was very irritating.

The long shots (stock) of racing cars moving wildly around the track were cool, the only problem was they were interspersed with close ups of Saif looking real dumb steering a dummy car! Songs were not that great while locales were the same old foreign stuff. Acting was way below par, so there, absolutely nothing to look forward too! Saif should stick to roles where he plays the villain!

Did you watch this movie?


  1. hahaha!! your review is soo funny!!
    is rani really called frog throat?!

  2. Was that a real name for that race car film?! Illegal cable,hope they don't read this! Funny description of stars!:D
    No,I haven't seen it,I don't think I will either.But dropped off the kids to "Transformers" movie yesterday and of course got to go to Harry Potter on Thursday,probably.
    It's very very hot here now,today is officially the hottest day of the year!!

  3. Not surprisingly, the movie has bombed at the box office!


  4. i did see the movie on the local DVD.. umm... its not even worth a review.. i soo agree with the 1/10. Actually, no, we shld make that -2/10, Saif and Rani deserve that for being so bad.. i can understand a non actor being bad, but Saif and Rani??

  5. didnt i already comment on this post? What happened?

  6. Thanks for your comments -

    Niki - That's cause Rani has a real hoarse voice. I'm sure she could do something about it, if she bothers to try a bit !

    Asha - It's hot here too and very humid. It rains almost every day which makes it even worse.

    Siddhusaaheb - Quite true ! Can't take the audience for granted !

    How do we know - My home computer was not working, so I could not moderate comments :(

  7. And can I make a good point. I mean talk about lying to your kids and keeping them away from the reality of life!! Hello a kid's got a learn!

  8. Yes I did watch at home...didnt waste money at theater!!!
    Your review rocks ;)

  9. Sinusoidally - quite true!

    Dawn - thanx :)


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