Monday, July 02, 2007

The Day I Met Salman Khan

It was a hot and humid day in New Delhi. I was late for work and so I half ran - half flew from the bus stop to my office. When I reached the building, my shirt was soaking with perspiration. Pushing my hair back into place, I headed straight to the watercooler for a drink.

As I bent down to fill a glass with water, I could hear whispers and giggles of 'Salman Khan Sallu Bhai'. My eyes rested on a pair of black 'Red Tape' shoes that were attached to a leg wearing blue jeans. My heart skipped a, two beats. I slowly lifted my gaze upwards to look into the questioning eyes of...Salman Khan.

Too bad though, this was not the real Salman Khan but just a colleague with the same name who has recently joined my office. I had always hoped to meet 'Salman Khan' someday. Today, I work just a few cubicles away from him.

Do you know anyone with the same name as that of a celebrity?

p.s. The colleague is cuter than the real Salman Khan.


  1. poor salman khan, if he sees the last sentence in ur blog, he will burn with jealousy :)

  2. Jeseem - I bet Salman would rather be called handsome, sexy or Rambo than cute.

    Ankur - Salman Khan, of course !

  3. Hahaha!!! That was funny.Anyway,why do anybody like that nut case called SK!;D
    Enjoy the cute colleague though!:))

  4. I like Salman Khan- for a few of his movies. He also happens to be my first crush, so in all probabilities, I'm just biased when it comes to Salman talk.
    In any case, I think anyone's personal life is their own business and noone else's. It's sad when people try to judge others, while they conveniently forget their own gory skeletons in the closets. Besides, one didn't ever hear HIS side of the story. Who knows, all the controversies, could be simple PR stunts. But seriously, none of our business I think.
    Coming back to your post...really cute- the piece of writing, that it.
    I've met Salman Khan and many more, as I wroked for Wizcraft for a good 2yrs, half of which was in Mumbai. He's nice, as are most of the others, when it comes to day to day conversations / events / performances / appearances etc.
    I've known a Zayed. And the Zayed I know, is a much better person and looker than the original.
    I guess we can easily say that the people we know closely, are better, simply because we know them,and the people we don not know, but get to hear about (with God knows how juicy chinese whispers), seem much worse in our perception... what say you?
    Cheers...S m i l e

  5. Wonder if you've told him that...


  6. heyyy i loooove someone who has same name with darling ;)
    it doesnt matter whether he is cuter or not..
    i bet it is going to be romantic, kitty-chan!!
    wish u a super happy weekend!!

  7. yes, i guess u r right. but what finally matters is what he (salman khan) is finally called.
    bet ur colleague will not like to be called that

  8. Thanx for all the comments.

    Asha - The colleague may be cute, but he ain't really my type !

    Sakhi - It's the exact opposite with me. I know exactly how bad people who are close to me are. The rest - it hardly matters what they are!

    Sidhusaaheb - No, am too shy.

    Niki - Even I was surprised and a bit happy that there is someone called Salman Khan in the office. Kills the boredom!

    Jeseem - Salman is actually quite smart - that's why he has been able to evade marriage uptil now! ha ha ha!

  9. hahaha!! i have a customer called sheldon khan and his voice is very much like salman.
    it really kills the boredom ;)

  10. Do they still make the Red Tape shoes? Last pair (Tan color) I bought was in 2000, on a visit to India. It is still good, as I get to walk very little here wearing formal shoes.


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