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Cheeni Kum, Swami, Shootout at Lokhandwala - Movie Reviews

Cheeni Kum, Shootout at Lokhandwala and Swami - Movie Reviews

This weekend I watched Cheeni Kum, Shootout at Lokhandwala and Swami on cable. This is what I thought of them.

film review movie reviews cheeni kum chini shootout at lokhandwala swamiCheeni Kum - 4/10 - starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu. Amitabh Bachchan is the 64 year old owner/chef of a restaurant called 'Spice 6' in London. Tabu is a 34 year old customer who sends back an order of 'Hyderabadi Zafarani Biryani' claiming it was too sweet. Thus, begins the love story.

This movie has a good script and the title track 'Cheeni Kum' sounds great. However, Amitabh Bachchan was miscast in the lead role. He just does not look like a 'young at heart' old person who can steal the heart of a woman half his age. Plus, how can the head chef of a non vegetarian restaurant be a pure vegetarian - just does not make mean he has never tasted any non vegetarian dish he has cooked ?? There were a lots of other things that made no sense or sounded wrong in the movie.....

film review movie reviews cheeni kum chini shootout at lokhandwala swamiShootout at Lokhandwala - 1/10 - starring the Bachchans, Sanjay Dutt and others. A boring violent blood and gore movie through which I flicked channels. Starts with the story of a policeman - Abhishek Bachchan who gets killed during the Sikh riots in the 1980's. Keeps getting more horrific with every scene. This is a typical 'Guy Flick' that certain guys watch to prove that they have a strong stomach.

film review movie reviews cheeni kum chini shootout at lokhandwala swamiSwami - 2/10 - starring Juhi Chawla and Manoj Bajpai. This movie is a film about Senior Citizens. Juhi Chawla and Manoj Bajpai play a rural south Indian couple who move to the city to fulfill thier dream of educating thier son and sending him to America. The story is ok but there are no songs in the film. Things move too fast and in sudden jerks. Characters age too quickly - kids and grandkids grow up at the speed of light. This movie was a bit too much.

Did you watch any of these movies ? How was your weekend ?


  1. Well, as for 'guy flicks', first of all the production values have improved so much these days, with the excellent gun replicas being used (the lovely 8mm semi-automatics, for instance, that use blank ammunition of a calibre that is not used in any real world gun, but otherwise replicate the real thing perfectly well!).

    I can't comment on the movie in question since I haven't watched it yet, but in some earlier ones like Satya, 'D' and Company, the characterisations were also excellent and I've personally come across people who could actually have walked out of any of these movies.

    As for the violence, I guess that's expected from a movie about gangster, 'encounter specialists' and shoot-outs.

    I could definitely do without the song and dance sequences inserted forcibly into such movies though!


  2. damn, 2 out of 3 movies have Big B!!!

  3. Sidhusaaheb - Thanks for the info on gun replicas.

    Manuscrypts - I am sick and tired of Big B too. He had created such a monopoly that he is in almost all the movies that are being released. . Leaves people with very little choice - either watch him or don't go for a movie.....

  4. Cheeni Kum: Gud wit, but not enough to sustain your interest in the film.

    Shootout at Lokhandwala: i slept midway with all that violence and gore.

    Swami: What a damn let down!! Juhi after soo long, and then this!


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