Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peddlers in Blueline Buses

Peddlers in Blueline Buses

Every morning, I can't help but notice the peddlers and hawkers on the Blueline buses I use to commute to office daily. Each one has their own catchphrase or slogan to get noticed and sell their goods. Here is a Top 5 countdown of some of the best I've seen.

5. Handkerchiefs and Face Towels - The hot humid climate makes these items real necessary for wiping the sweat streaming down your face. The peddler roams about the bus fanning people with the large hankies saying, "Chehra ko itna mat chamkao, hankie/towel le lo". (Stop your face from shining so much, take this hankie/towel)

4. Pen torch - These people are regular on all Blueline buses. They sell ball point pens with a small torch light in the cover. These Chinese made pens called Brilliance Xiaoboshi are available in two colors - purple and orange. Sometimes they are sold with three batteries for Rs. 10 and sometimes two pens are sold for Rs.10. The hawker goes about flashing the torch in every bus passenger's eye saying, "Pen mein torch, torch mein pen, jo dekhna hain dekh le, jo lena hain le le". (torch in pen, pen in torch, those who want to see, may see, those who want to buy may buy)

3. The magnetic toy - this guy sells a magnetic toy for Rs.10 that makes a rattlesnake noise when you spin it. He keeps throwing it around and sticking it to the roof of the bus saying "bichoo" (scorpion). Quite entertaining.

2. The Sadhu - This religious person comes into the bus and gives a speech on ethics and religion. Then he advises everybody not to watch any film in which Ajay Devgan is acting because Ajay Devgan is evil. The sadhu is not far off the mark, even I happen to think that Devgan is quite spooky and miss many of his flicks.

1. The Pandit - Skinny youth in a dhoti, small ponytail and big bulging eyes, he sells pictures of various Hindu Gods such as Krishna, Hanuman, Ram, Shiva and the like. His line - "Salman Khan kisko banna hain - Salman Khan jaisa sehat pao, man ki shanti, dhan, sabh kuch milega - yeh photo le lo, kimat sirf chalis rupye". (meaning - Who wishes to look like Salman Khan ? - you will get a muscular body like him, inner peace, money - buy this photo, it is only for Rs.40)

The also rans - the guy selling the sewing kit, the man with the plastic tablecloth with a map of the world and the guy selling the guidebook and map of Delhi.

What is the commute to office like in your area?? Are there any hawkers on the bus?

Coming up next....singers and others in Blueline buses.


  1. soo very interesting!!
    thanks for the translation, kitty-chan. all are funny lol

  2. Hahaha!! What a typical day in India.Scary but fun!:)
    Hawkers and beggars are not allowed here anywhere on the commute.You will see very few homeless with a sign "will work for food" on the streets and some "can you spare a dollar?" people in big cities like NY but other than that it's a smooth ride to everywhere!:))

  3. I've known people to be ardent fans of cine-stars, but never heard of any individual disliking a particular actor so much that he goes about asking the public to boycott his movies.

    The BJP campaigned against Amir Khan's movies, I recall, but they had incentive for doing so, in terms of potential electoral gains.

    Meanwhile, the fellow selling pictures of Hindu deities seems to be a staunch secularist to me.

  4. someone should question the pandit on hair and katrina :)

  5. My office commute is a boring, and peaceful 4 k.m. drive on a wide-sy road, with enough opportunity to see the Aravalis and the wilderness - I love it! :-)

  6. *ROF*
    What an entertaining post CS. It was great fun to read.
    The last time I travelled in a bus was some 7yrs back, to college (the specials). Have been lucky that way. Had the special routes to school and college, more or less.
    But I witness all these types too, on the traffic signals- that's where they hound cars! *sigh*
    And how about the hawkers with the statue/Idol, flowers, books, car-wipes,tissue-paper, toys, combs, etc. etc.- all of these products are always really sad in quality. Apaprt from the Mags and Newspapers, nothing can be counted on for use! *grin*
    Great fun, once again...S m i l e


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