Friday, February 16, 2007

Free Tickets To Cricket World Cup

Free Tickets To Cricket World Cup

2007 cricket world cup tickets free packages cruise vacations carribean west indies india travels online booking caribbeanLike all Indians who wish to watch a world cup match I too am looking for a free world cup deal. Have heard that ticket sales for the 2007 cricket world cup which start on March 5th and go on till 28 April are still quite low.

The Caribbean is a great place to vacation, the only problem is that it is very expensive especially for cricket fans from the subcontinent. The prices of everything - tickets, hotels and travel are in US dollars. Visa charges itself are around US $100 (INR $4,600 approx) and its a very long process as you have to get different visa for each of the 9 islands.

Bed and breakfasts are the cheapest place to stay in the Caribbean costing between $25 -35 per night. Two star hotels are available from $35 onwards. Three stars start from $75 while the lowest price for a four star is $125. Forget about five star hotels. Cottage style vacation rental properties charge around $200 per night and is most affordable if you are travelling with a group.

Prices of West Indies world cup cricket tickets for warm-up matches start from $10. Group stage matches cost$15 to $90 while tickets for super 8 stage cost between $25 - $100. Matches where India is playing are more costly. A ticket for the final of the cricket world cup costs between $100 - $500. The later you wait to buy the ticket the more you will end up having to pay.

2007 cricket world cup tickets free packages cruise vacations carribean west indies india travels online booking caribbeanOfficial travel agents for the West Indies cricket world cup in India are Bharat Army Travel, SOTC Sports Abroad, Pyramid Travels in Mumbai; Air Cruise Travels and Friends Group Travels in Delhi; and Sportzvillage in Bangalore. Air Cruise has cricket world cup packages to the Caribbean ranging from 7 days to 20 days while Friends group is offering three cruise packages of 8, 15 and 20 days in April. The packages cost between 1,20,000 to 4,08,000 rupees for a single person depending on the amount of days, accomodation and matches you choose to go for. This cost includes economy air tickets, twin sharing rooms, meals, entertainment, cruise, match tickets and airport transfers in the Carribean islands. I really want to book myself on one of these cricket packages but I have no one to go depressing ! Am too scared to go alone.

As for free tickets to the Cricket World Cup................

Yes, I am still looking for that Jadoo ka Jupp in my packet of Kurkura namkeens. Hutch also has a contest and Hero Honda is offering a prize of free world cup tickets on the purchase of a Hero Honda bike. I suppose after some time other sponsors like Indian Oil and LG may start offering free tickets to the cricket world cup, let's see if we get lucky ! If not, I can still watch the game on Set Max.

What about you ?

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  1. awww i want to go there lol
    but i hear west indies are way toooo dangerous, lota kidnap and crimes. *sigh*

  2. Purchasing a TV with a larger screen seems to be a saner option!



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