Friday, February 16, 2007

2007 Cricket World Cup Predictions

2007 Cricket World Cup Predictions

The 2007 Cricket World Cup is scheduled to start in less than a month and before it gets underway, I thought I'd make some predictions on the matches and which team will finally lift the cup. Here are the groups -

Group A - Australia, South Africa, Scotland and Netherlands (Holland)

Group B - Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Bermuda

Group C - New Zealand, England, Kenya and Canada

Group D - Pakistan, Zimbabwe, West Indies and Ireland

Each team will play one match within their group and the top two teams in each group will advance to the Super 8 stage. There are 24 matches in this stage. My predictions about the teams that will reach the Super 8 stage of the 2007 cricket world cup are -

Group A - South Africa and Australia

Group B - India and Sri Lanka

Group C - New Zealand and England

Group D - West Indies and Pakistan

In the Super 8 stage, each team will have to play 6 matches against the teams that reached the Super 8 stage from other groups. They don't have to play the team from their own group. Here too there are 24 matches. The top four teams will reach the semi finals. My predictions about the teams which will be in the semi finals of the cricket world cup are -

1. South Africa
2. India/Australia
3. New Zealand ( will get through after narrowly defeating the hosts West Indies)
4. West Indies

Semi Finals will be between -

South Africa and West Indies - won by South Africa

India and New Zealand - won by India

Finals will be between South Africa and India - either can win since they have good teams and hav'nt won the World Cup for a long time. My heart says India will win but my brain says South Africa. My final prediction for the Cricket World Cup - India !

So, who do you think will win ?

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  1. I see you are a big cricket fan. My brother is one he wakes up in the middle of the night to watch a game.(Because of the time change.I think he gets it live on the satellite service.)

  2. Am with you dear ;) lets pray this time they make it till the end
    Kudos! and good luck
    Liked the post

  3. how abt sri lanka??
    becoz im working for lankan company..(^o^);;;
    my colleagues get very cold when india beat them. whoa!

  4. my semifinal line up is
    new zealand
    west indies

    finals btw australia and new zealand and the final will be closely won by new zealand

  5. I doubt whether India could come till semi-finals. I feel that there is something lacking. Is it the killer instinct?

  6. u have high hopes and so do the crores of INDIANS.........

    but just to remind something that really works.........
    "hope for the best but always prepare for the worst"..........

    i hope it is not just another nightmare.......

    ur post was good

  7. Hey..

    Excellent post. I will be supporting India all the way till the end. But my predictions differ. The following teams will make it to the semi-finals:

    -South Africa
    -West Indies

    I believe India and New Zealand will be giving tough competition to West Indies for the last spot.

    The final will be between Srilanka and Australia. I reckon AUSTRALIA will win.

    May the best team win.

  8. 1 Australia
    2 India
    3 West Indies
    4 It could be England/South Africa

  9. well i think in semi
    2.west indies
    3.Sauth africa
    4.NZ or Sri lanka

  10. hello, I ve got the only blog in frenach language ( and I think India will make a good competition but South Africa will win

  11. India????
    How can we Indians be so optimistic? I should rather use the phrase oblivious to the facts!
    Before the campaign started, the Indian team was rated 6 or 7 (I am not sure which) in the world.
    Now if you expect such a team to be the worldbeaters, you've got to be extremely optimistic or totally unexposed to the facts.
    Which one are you? ;-)

  12. As about my predictions
    My heart is with the Kiwis, but my mind keeps telling me Ausies are gonna win the cup again!

  13. SriLanka gonna win da 2007 cricket world cup...fuk aussies..aussies pussies!!!Lions rulezz!!

    Who let the Lions out!!!(woof..woof..woof..woof)


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