Monday, February 26, 2007

Watching The 2007 Oscars On Television

Watching The 2007 Oscars On Television - 79th Annual Academy Awards

Got up early to catch the 2007 American Oscar Awards aka Academy Awards ceremony on television and started off late to work. I like to predict the winners seconds before the awards are announced and then savour the glory of being right. The worst part is having to listen to the speeches of the winners after they collect the golden statuette. I mean why should someone thank their 'kids' for a professional award or cry when they win?

My only answer is that they must be real drunk or high on contraband!

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'Water' the Canadian entry for best foreign film with an Indian storyline did'nt win an Oscar. This was just as I expected as the lead actors - Lisa Ray and John Abraham are both former models with little acting talent.....Check out my Review of Water here.

Ok, now for something about the leading Oscar winners -

Forest Whittaker won the award for Best Actor - Yes, he is a negro who deserved the award unlike Halle Berry and Denzel Washington who won in 2001. His facial expressions were excellent as he played the character of Idi Amin.

Helen Mirren took the Oscar award of Best Actress - It was expected that she'd win it and she was good as the Queen, so why not ?

'The Departed' won the Oscar for best film and best director award for Martin Scorsese - Its great Martin Scorsese finally won an Oscar as his films are quite awesome.

Jennifer Hudson - the Americal Idol finalist won the Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as a gospel singer.

Funny Point of the Evening - The host Ellen Degenerous vacuuming the carpet where some Hollywood actresses in long evening gowns were seated. It was fun to see them pull their dresses closer to avoid the embarassment of their clothes being sucked into the vacuum.

Former US presidential candidate Al Gore's documentary about Global Warming won the Oscar in its category. Al Gore and some of his friends tried to promote the 79th Oscars as 'green' awards with some stars like Leonardo 'Titanic' Decaprio arriving in environmentaly friendly vehicles. Made no sense to me......

So, did you catch the Oscar awards ?

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  1. i saw it for 30 mins!!didnt have the mind to watch it fully!!!why should the whole world think oscars are the last word in movie awards!!for me oscars means...a few very rich people and few wannabies showing off their designer clothes!!!but yes..i wanted Babel to win!!!

  2. wheeee!! i missed it.
    Leonald arriving in environmentaly friendly vehicles? ROFL!!!
    u are sooo funny kitty-chan :D
    gotta check that black actor. thank u!!

  3. NO!!! I totally forgot about it!! I am cursing myself!!


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