Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some More 2007 Cricket World Cup Contests

That's How It Really Works !!: Free Tickets To Cricket World Cup

Here are some more contests where you can win a trip to the 2007 Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean. These world cup contests are being held by the official sponsors to promote their products.

1. Johnnie Walker - The Johnnie Walker Red Label cricket world cup contest offers a Caribbean Cruise package for 8 days and tickets to the final or semi final. Other prizes include Mp3 players, watches and DVD players. You have to visit and play the super scorer flash game. Here you have to face four overs and score as many runs as possible.....the highest I managed was 59 !!

2. Hutch - sent me an sms about a cricket world cup contest where you have a chance of winning a trip to the West Indies if you subscribe to sms cricket updates.

3. Clinic All Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Clinic is offering a free trip to the Carribean if you are lucky enough to have a winning code on the shampoo bottle that you purchase. As Clinic is not an official sponsor the prize does not include free tickets to world cup matches.

2007 cricket world cup contests carribean cruise caribbean caribean west indies vacation hutch johnnie walker johnny clinic all clearI had always been skeptical of promotional contests thinking that they most probably give the prizes to friends or relatives....... until .........the day my 6 year old brother won a bike from Cheetos. Today, I know its possible to win stuff if you are lucky. The thought of winning a Caribbean cruise seems so unbelievable......wonder which lucky person will strike the jackpot ?

Have you ever won any contest ?


  1. I will see the matches with Rithik through tata sky:):)
    Nice post ,Now only I am knowing about this.
    yesterday I saw the match ,but it was disappointing :)

  2. Hello,

    I am a French journalist, living in Pondichéry. I'm reading your blog everyday.
    I need your help : a french newspaper ask me to write an article about how indian people are going to live this cricket world cup. I really need some testimonies of what kind of things supporters are ready to do to support their teams. If you know some of them, please give me their emails. Otherwise, can you put a message on your blog ? It will be so great !

    My own blog :

    Thank you !!!!


  3. I am never lucky and do not believe these stuff. We believed all these when we were kids. Once you grow you realise that this is just waste of time and hardly clicks. Your brother is very very lucky.

  4. woow i dont mind buying Johnnie Walker if i were in india!
    boys love it, dont they lol

  5. You are a big cricket fan. I grew up watching my brothers play cricket everyday.

  6. these promos are not frauds. there are people who keep winning these. my neighbor won 1 kg gold. another matter that i have not been lucky so far.

  7. Forget abt contest ihavent even won a housie darn my bad luck anyways kool post gr88 job keep it up

  8. hey,

    ya, i won movie tickets for couple of times in hutch sms contest. It was really fun....

    To me, India will reach at least to finals in this world cup.

  9. I am a music-junkie.Used to be forever-logged into my mobile phone Radio,while travelin,before the mobile-mp3 concept came into town.
    Also,during the same time,some new private radio stations also had just started.
    I participated in some of the contest with Radio Mirchi,where the listners had to answer a few simple Hindi-flick-questions.Me being the movie-buff,always get them.*he he he* Guess what,i got it right some 3/4 times with Radio Mirchi and managed win quite a few Audio Tapes too...S m i l e


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