Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guru and Black Friday - Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews of Guru and Black Friday

This weekend I managed to catch 'Guru' by Mani Ratnam and 'Black Friday'. This is how I rated them -

guru movie reviews black friday review abhishek bachchan aish mani ratnam sucked awfulGuru - 4/10 - starring Mithun Chakraborty, Vidya Balan, Madhavan, Aish and Abhishek. Guru is based on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani - an unscrupulous industrialist. The movie is set in the 1960's and the characters age through the movie. The script is average. As for acting - Abhishek 'loser' Bachchan overeacts, Aishwarya Rai is her wide eyed self, Madhavan is average, Vidya Balan passes in her small role while Mithun Chakravorty is excellent as the publisher of a newspaper.

The music of guru was awful - songs were totally unmemorable and lyrics were meaningless.
Most Idiotic Scene - Abhishek Bachachan shows his bulging, paunchy stomach to Aishwarya. She puts her head to the flab and says, "There are 25,000 people living inside".... No wonder Abhishek did not take off his shirt in Dhoom 2 or any of his other movies....hilarious

Vidya Balan - Madhavan Kiss - It was good but not better than Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom. Vidya was better than Aishwarya.

Guru tries to prove that the ends justifies the means, and doing anything is right if you can earn a few bucks through it....this is the another reason why I though it sucked. It seemed like propaganda for Reliance and Ambanis created by their close friends - the Bachchans. The part about Aishwarya having twin girls instead of two sons like Dhirubhai seems to be inspired by the story of UP Politician Amar Singh (another close pal of the Bachchans) who has twin daughters.

guru movie reviews black friday review abhishek bachchan aish mani ratnam sucked awfulBlack Friday - 2/10 - Is a confusing movie about the 1993 Bombay Blasts and Hindu Muslim riots. I couldn't figure out who the characters were supposed to be. Packed with blood, gore and scary scenes, I quickly flipped channels.

Did you watch Guru or Black Friday ?


  1. Guru was based on Ambani!! Interesting!I have seen some scenes on B4U,looks good.

  2. From your reviews I don't know if I want to watch either.I have to wait for it to come on DVD's.

  3. i have watched guru and think u have not been kind to it. possibly deserves 6.5. u r right about the charracters though - even i liked mithun da's action and though vidya was under utilized maybe to project ash.

  4. have seen both. I thought Guru was good, but not memorable at all.

    Black Friday though, was superb! What i liked best was the director's courage in using real names of all accused. It gave me a totally different perspective on the blasts. It wasnt about ISI - it was about our own people wanting to do it to their own city. I rate it 9/10 just for the honesty involved. The first time a director has used real names :-)

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  6. 1) I didnt watch either of the movies.Dont plan to either.Didnt see the new Umrao Jaan either for the same reasons...
    2) I like Abhishek Bhachchan *pouts*. But can imagine how he wud b in th movie,from the trailors,so passed th movie.
    3) I cant stand Aish.PLASTIC.Hate her smile.Its th most wicked & fake smile i'v ever seen.Really.
    4) I luuuuuuuuuuuurve A R Rehman *pouts again*.Dint mind th Guru songs,like i dint mind Bombay/Roja/Sapney songs.*:D* Lyrics r funny fr Hindi,i know.Bt i liked th melody *pouts again ven she sees CyberKitty raising her eyebrows*
    5) Madhavan & Vidya r k.They dont overact.Best thing about both-they dont try to b miss goodie two shoes / serious actor types either.
    6) I liked the Hrithik-Aish kiss from D2 too.*:D* Tht ws th most natural/real kiss i'v ever seen in Indi flicks.
    7) I dont ever watch BlackFriday/1971/any such random movies.*blink blink*
    8) My sympathies to you for having gone through the torture {hugsdee}
    TC...S m i l e

  7. Hi There,
    I feel you personally don't like Ambanis or Bachchans. Your comments clearly reveals that


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