Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alix Beaujour - An Artist With Cool Paintings

Alix Beaujour - Amazing Paintings

Alix Beaujour is an artist who lives in Dallas, Texas. He was born in Port Au Prince on the island country of Haiti in the Carribean. Alix Beaujour practiced painting at his private studio in Haiti and later moved to Paris, France for a short time. In 1978, he camed to the United States of America and made it his base.

alix beaujour paintings alex baejour baeujor beaujor artist african art gay French American painter'Alpha' - Alex Beaujour

Alix Beaujour uses different mediums like oils and pastels to make his paintings. He usually draws African women and Christian religious themes like Moses, Jesus on the Cross and the Last Supper.

alix beaujour paintings alex baejour baeujor beaujor artist african art gay French American painter'Cotton Fields' - Alix Baeujour

I like Alix Beaujour's paintings because of the bright colours and the expression in the face of the people he has painted. Here is a nice picture of negro girls picking cotton in the fields. Reminds me of that book I'd written about earlier - 'A Painted House' by John Grisham.

alix beaujour paintings alex baejour baeujor beaujor artist african art gay French American painter'Dancers' - Alix Beaujour

I like the blues and reds in this painting called 'Dancers'. The geometrical designs in the background are very attractive. I've never seen any black people doing ballet though....even on television!


  1. i dont understand much of painting but i love reading your blogs bcoz they are simple enough for even a lay man like me to understand

  2. I love the second painting,it's beautiful.Thanks for the visual treat.

  3. arey? the last painting looks like 2 men??? are they gay?
    i love the first painting very much!!
    wish we can go to caribbean sea together, kitty-chan :)
    thanking u and happy weekend!!!

  4. love the painting of the girls picking cotton and the is so colorful.

  5. Hi how are u?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Yes I am a big fan of google Actually am working as a search engine optimizor that may be the reaosn of my love fro google. :)

    Have a nice day !!!!

  6. Whiskypriest, Asha, Starry Nights, Shirazi - thanx!

    Niki - I'd like to step into the painting and ask them !

    Webmaster - Just have to wait and watch !

  7. @ cyberkitty

    main intezaar karunga :Dhaven;t reciever any call yet wil ask other people who appeared in the test after some days if any of them got a call ...

  8. For African-American ballet dancers, see Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and many others. Expand your horizons! GS

  9. Alix Beaujour should stop stealing other people's ideas.

    That's called plagiarism.

    number 2 is a fake of Winslow Homer's "The Cotton Pickers"

  10. i have several Alix Beaujour's signed prints and would like to know the value of these prints. can anyone help?


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