Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Solution to Boat Crossing Puzzle

I came across this new Boat Crossing puzzle on Ankur's blog. As it was a real slow day at the office, I thought I'd give my brains a workout.

More at FunGloo.com

It took me around 12 minutes to figure it out, but here is the solution-

1. First the policeman and criminal cross the stream.
2. The policeman comes back alone
3. Second, the policeman and one of the daughters cross the river.
4. The policeman comes back with the criminal
5. Third, the mother and the other daughter go across the stream.
6. The mother returns alone
7. Fourth, the mother crosses the stream with the father. She stays there.
8. The father returns alone
9. Fifth, the prisoner and the policeman go across.
10. The mother returns in the boat alone.
11. Sixth, the mother and father go across the stream again.
12. The father returns in the boat alone.
13. Next, the father and one of the sons goes across. They both stay there.
14. The prisoner and policeman return in the boat.
15. Lastly, the policeman takes one of the boys across. He leaves him with his family and returns to pick up the prisoner.
16. The policeman and the prisoner cross the stream. Game Over!!

There may be other solutions to this puzzle too. Let's see if someone can do it in fewer moves ???


  1. hi cyberkitty; happy valentines day; who r u freaking out with this time?

  2. WOW...thats a new one I guess, at least I haven't tried this one.

    Will do soon ;)
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Ankur - I tried to do the 'Crimson Room' puzzle too, but it was way too tough. I managed to find only nine objects in an hour, before taking a peek at the solution.

    Whiskypriest - Nice to see you back! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! No idea what will happen tomorrow.... hope it will be something nice:)

    Dawn - Yes, it was quite a different type of river crossing brainteaser. As it was in flash, it was easier to solve.

  4. Excellent posting!
    Happy Lunar New YEAR!

  5. Just to let you know. There is only one possible solution to this. Well you can decide which kid to drop off with the police first. But otherwise it should be the same.

  6. Further to the comment that states there is only one possible solution - I have just done this puzzle with a group of 11 year olds, and they managed it in 15 moves!

    If you want their solution, I can email it.


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