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Om Shanti Om and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal - Movie Reviews

Om Shanti Om and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal - Movie Reviews

Last weekend I saw two movies - Om Shanti Om and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. Here are the movie reviews -

movie review of om shanti om filmOm Shanti Om - 6/10 - Spooky Comedy - In this film Shahrukh Khan plays 'Om', an unsuccessful bit part actor or junior artiste in the movies. He is in love with Shantipriya, a top movie star of the 70's. Both are murdered and Om is reborn as the son of a top Bollywood couple. This makes it easy for him to become the leading Bollywood hero of the present day. Once he remembers who killed Shanti and him in his previous life, he sets about bringing the villain to book.

The screenplay of Om Shanti Om was good and the script had almost no holes except for the end part. Here the ghost of Shantipriya tells Arjun Rampal (the killer) that he returned to the burning set and buried her alive in the floor under the chandelier. Even if you pretend to forget about how difficult it is to enter a burning house, how would anyone have the strength to dig a hole and replace the tiles perfectly?? Plus, the skeleton would surely have been discovered while renovating the set.

The music of Om Shanti Om was ok - I liked that haunting tune that many colleagues have added as ringtones. Acting was OK. Shah Rukh Khan played himself, Arjun Rampal was bland while Deepika Padukone looked fresh and bright. Shirish Kunder (Jaanemann) did an awesome job with the editing - bet he directed half the movie as well while director Farah Khan (his wife) stuffed herself silly with chocolates.

film review of dhan dhana dhan goal movieDhan Dhana Dhan Goal - 4/10 - Sports flick - This film is based in England. It is about a local loser Indian football team called Southall United that needs to win 3 million pounds in a football championship to save their football club from being turned into a mall. John Abraham (Sunny Bhasin) plays a smartass striker who plays for rival team Aston United. After a lot of melodrama and irritating dialogue about racism, the coach Boman Irani manages to convince Sunny to join Southall United and play only with people of his own race. Of course in the end, Southall wins.

Other than John Abraham, there is almost nothing else that is good about Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. Most other players of the team look real unfit - like they have never kicked a ball in their life. I liked the anthem song of the movie - the other song Billo Rani looked out of place.

The direction of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal was awful. Anyone who has ever watched football in their life would find this movie a total farce. For example take this scene - An opposing team player fouls a player of Southall for which a free kick is awarded. The opposing team players form a wall to prevent the goal.......however instead of facing the player - they face the goal.....ha ha ha, what a bummer!!

Have you watched Om Shanti Om or Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal ?? What do you think of this movie review ?


  1. No mention of Shreyas Talpade or Kiron Kher?

  2. OSO was solid time pass. As for Goal... yawn! John just looks good. He really can't act, poor guy.

  3. i just saw OSO. The Other was wondering how they made a penny on this movie, and i thot only the OSO title song was worth watching.


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