Monday, June 11, 2007

Google Adsense Really Works and Pays

Google Adsense Really Works and Pays - Eventually

I had started using Google Adsense around March of last year. The going was quite slow at first. However, around December of 2006, I got quite a few visitors - some of which translated into clicks.

I made my first US $100 at the end of March 2007 (a year later). It took around 730 clicks to get there. I waited for the cheque but it did'nt come. Then I realised that I need to apply for a Google PIN Number. The PIN Number arrived at the end of April. It had been thrown by my postman in the parking area outside my apartment building, like all my other letters.

I entered the Google PIN, removed all holds and waited for my cheque. Around the end of May, I checked my Google Adsense Account and found out that the cheque had been sent. I buzzed my friends to pick up the cheque and pass it on to me if they see it lying around anywhere.

I finally recieved the cheque in June. Google Cheques are payable at par at all Citibank branches in India. The cheque was lying on the stairs of my building. It had arrived from a Google Office in Singapore and included my Adsense Earnings till May. This was a little more than the US $ 100 that I had expected. However, as the value of the Indian Rupee had increased, I only got Rs. 40 for every dollar.

At first, I was quite skeptical about using Google Adsense, especially on a personal blog that has bits of my life in it. I've never asked people to click my Ads, because I'm too scared of getting caught. I never imagined that I'd have numerous strangers reading my blog from around the world who would actually be interested in the ads.

Fortunately, I was lucky. You can actually get money from Google Adsense by being honest. Neither, do you have to own a spam website. I got a cheque just by sharing my thoughts on my personal blog. Do you use or plan to use Google Adsense on your website ? It could prove to be an added source of income!


  1. Good for you!!! I didn't think you would get that much! A good side income!:))
    You need all that for your hair cuts!Hahaha!!

  2. me contributed too, some bollywood link.. but my ad sense hasnt made sense so far ...

  3. congrats on your 100USD cheque.

    blogging for money.. :( does not suit me much... plus my domain does not support adsense :(

  4. Good...I nevet thgt these wld work out practically...not bad.
    I am happy for u :)

  5. Well, so far, I am just pleased that the Google Adsense ads on my blog are colour co-ordinated rather well and look kind of cute on my blog.

    I'm yet to make any real money out of these.


  6. How many overall vistor did you get daily, so far on my blog i have been receiving around 25-50 visitors daily but find that nobody has been clicking on the ads.

    My blog is

  7. Congratulations on your cheque from adsense!
    This post of yours answers the question I had been asking myself for quite sometime. I also learnt that I need to be more patient!
    By the way..... you have got a great blog!!!!

  8. Its really great way to earn. i Have been earning regularly for last few quarters.

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