Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Books And Me Tag

No one has ever tagged me, but since I like answering tags, I picked up this tag from Manuscrypts blog.

Books and Me Tag

- Total number of books owned: Less than 10

- Last book(s) I bought: Harry Potter Series (As a gift to a friend)

- Five books that I have really enjoyed or have influenced me:

1. My Experiments with Truth - M. K. Gandhi
2. The Bourne Identity - Robert Ludlum
3. Five Find Outers Series - Enid Blyton
4. William Series - Richmal Crompton
5. Puss in Boots - Charles Perault

- Book I'm currently reading: Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

- Books that I plan to buy next: I don't buy books unless I have to gift them to someone.

- Books that caught my attention but have never read: Kamasutra, Men are from Mars and Pride and Prejudice.

- Books I own but have never got around to reading: A book on poems that was gifted to me....it has nice pictures though :)

Everyone who reads this is tagged !


  1. I wish I was at least half as well-read as you are!

  2. On second thoughts, number 5 in your list of books reminds me that Amitabh Bachchan appears to have dressed like Puss-in-boots in the Hindi movie Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!


  3. everyone? lol
    thanks for tagging us...
    awww kitty-chan i dont know these books except Pride and Prejudice.
    i really dislike that book lol

  4. namastekitty-chan!
    i have another tag.
    please take it if u like :)

  5. (Guess who's back,back again.Shady's back,tell a friend.Guess who's back?Guess who's back?Guess who's back?Guess who's back?Guess who's back?Guess who's back?...)*grin*
    -Ttl no of books owned:114approx.
    -Last book I bought:GeorgeOrwell-1984ANovel-AwesomeRead
    -5 books that I'v really enjoyed/hv influenced me:
    -Book I'm currently readin: JohnGrisham-TheChamber
    -Books that I plan to buy next:Texts of all major religions in the world
    -Books tht caught my attantion bt hv never read:HarryPotters(CntWaitToRead)
    -Books I own bt hv never got around readin:MurasakiShikibu-ATaleOfGenji(Its a bit too serious*pouts*)
    S m i l e


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