Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Train - Movie Review

The Train - Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched 'The Train' starring Emraan Hashmi and two new 'shady' kind of actresses - Sayali Bhagat and Geeta Basra. Like all Emraan Hashmi films, this film too was an extra-marital affair thriller.

The Train - 5/10. This movie was not as bad as I expected. It is an ok timepass movie. However, the story seems quite common and I managed to guess the ending quite easily. I have also heard that the movie is a copy of the Hollywood film, 'Derailed' that stars Jennifer Anniston.

Vishal (Hashmi) is a married man with a sick daughter. He is going through a bad phase at work (client at his ad agency is not satisfied) and at home (wife yells at him). While taking the train to work he meets a sexy married lady called Roma. He falls for her. They both go to a local hotel to 'make out'. While 'doing it', a burglar enters their room - robs them, beats up Hashmi and rapes Roma.

The burglar knows about their extra marital affair and starts blackmailing them. He finishes off Vishal's idiot friend who tries to kill him. Vishal ends up having to pay the burglar one million in cash. Later on, Vishal feels guilty and confesses everything to his wife.

Vishal goes back to the shady hotel where he had met the burglar. There he learns that Roma was in cahoots with the burglar all the while and they are in the process of conning another guy just like him. He interferes and there is a lot of gunfire. Everyone is killed and Vishal escapes with the money he had given to the blackmailer. All ends well.

The songs are good, especially 'Woh Ajnabi'. Acting is very mediocre, but hey, you can't really expect much from an Emraan Hashmi starrer, except for a lot of kissing scenes. So, did you catch this flick ? What do you think of Emraan Hashmi ?


  1. wow that is unexpected story!!
    the new actresses look stunning :)
    i wud like to see this movie!!

  2. The moral of the story could be, "One bad deed deserves another!"


  3. ...besides, "As you sow, so shall you reap.", of course.

  4. I hvae watched Derailed. It was quite good.
    Clive Owen is an awesome actor.. I won't say much about Emraan though ;-0)


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