Sunday, October 01, 2006

Does Google Adsense Really Work

Does Google Adsense really work - A review of Google Adsense.

review of google adsense earnings decrease clicks pay less hoax conspiracyAround six months ago, I heard about 'Google Adsense' and thought I'd give it a try. It seemed simple enough - just add some javascript ad code which puts up relevant ads to your website. When folks click on the ads - you get paid. I signed up and added the script to a few websites and my blog to check out if 'it really worked' and this is what I found out -

A Monthly Review of Google Adsense

1. April - Initially in the first two months I earned around 50c for every click. The clicks were few and far between, but I hoped they'd increase in the future.

2. May - a few clicks

3. June - a few more clicks

4. July - found out that the total money earned was slowly decreasing. eg. If it was $5.00 on one day, it would reduce to $4.39 after maybe a week. I sent them an email to which i recieved no reply.

5. August - realised there was a problem with the Google Adsense totalling system. The value of the adclicks did not add up properly to the amount which they should have.

6. September - Heard on the internet that Google is giving less money per click. Found out it was true after I checked my Google Adsense Earnings account. Instead of earning 30-70 cents per click I now earn around 1-5 cents per two clicks.

The Google Adsense earnings have decreased even though visitors and clicks have increased by more than 300 percent. Maybe the adsense earnings decrease is due to a large amount of new members joining in leading to advertisers paying less per click or maybe Google is paying less cause they suspect fraud clicks. Whatever the reason, Google Adsense does not really work !

Analysis - Maybe Google Adsense was a good bet to earn some extra cash a few months ago, but today the 'Google Adsense' bubble seems to have burst. There may be a few folks earning in thousands but that's what they are - a FEW.

I am now leaving the ads on as a test till October to see if there are any new developments, after which I will remove them and give my final review....Unless, of course, Google bans me from Adsense for writing this post !


  1. Google is slowly going microsoft's way. They have some weird rules like if you are banned once because of fraud click then you can never register with again. They infact deleted my account because of this

    and i too think that there are just few who make money!

  2. hi kitty!
    thanks very much for ur excellent analysis!!
    was totally surprised to read that became 1-5 cents :(
    thats nothing! but it must have been fun to earn money on ur blog.
    i wud like to try it some time...
    happy sunday!!

  3. u forgot to menion... payment does not come unless u earned 100$.. by 1-2 cents it will take you 10,000 clicks.

  4. Yes, that's true and at that rate I'll get my first check only in 2016.

  5. No Adwords - no Adsense. Look at it another way (look at it both ways). Change your perspective.

    Project X is amazing. I used just one of the methods and made my first sale within 24 hours.

    I got my money back in a day!

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  6. Hi i am thinking of using adsense by should i?

  7. should i or shouldnt i??

  8. Really? It worked for me. Maybe you did something wrong, maybe you just didn't get it. Most people would but some don't and thats why their posting s blog just like you are, because you have nothing better to so, and also maybe you want people to believe it doesn't work so they won't take your money LOSER!

  9. Oh and thats why your only posting bad blog comments instead of all the ones who say it does work. I would tell you the secret but your bad mouthing all of us who are making money wise ass!

  10. Kindly click on the 'Internet Tips' label in this post. Some months later, when I got my first Google Adsense cheque, I'd written a post called 'Google Adsense Really Works and Pays'...Hope this removes your confusion!!

  11. whatever it is, i still found google Ads on your blog. i got totally banned from google. they are absolutely cruel.


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