Monday, June 05, 2006

2006 FIFA World Cup - Predictions

I still remember the first time I played football. We were a group of 50 girls, screaming and shoving each other as we tried to get a glimpse of the lone soccer ball somewhere in the centre of our flying limbs. The ball would suddenly shoot out, landing among the beds of Roses and Chrysanthamums as the gardener shook his fist in annoyance. On the fringes of the herd, I was really excited to see the ball finally heading my way. As it neared me, rolling at full speed, I shut my eyes and put my foot out hoping it would connect and go somewhere near the goal. Instead, all I could felt was searing pain as my toes were hammered into my ankles by the speed of the l. As it was an all -girls school, I got many more chances to play football instead of just serving drinks or being a cheerleader, which was a very good thing.

As the 2006 Soccer World Cup draws near, here are some of my predictions on how the championship will unfold -

Teams topping their groups -

Group A - Germany and Poland
Group B - England and Paraguay
Group C - Netherlands and Argentina
Group D - Mexico and Portugal
Group E - Italy and USA
Group F - Brazil and Japan
Group G - France and South Korea
Group H - Spain and Tunisia

Pre - Quarter Finals -
1. Germany vs Paraguay - won by Germany the home team
2. Netherlands vs Portugal - won by Netherlands as Portugal remains luckless
3. Italy vs Japan - won by Japan as Italy chokes
4. France vs Tunisia - won by France obviously
5. England vs Poland - won by England because of Theo Walcott
6. Mexico vs Argentina - won by Argentina by thier usual cheating tactics.
7. Brazil vs USA - won by Brazil......something like 10-0
8. Spain vs South Korea - won by Spain because of thier good defence.

Quarter finals -
1. Germany vs Netherlands - won by Germany because of thier Goalkeeper
2. Japan vs France - won by Japan as France completely loses the script
3. England vs Argentina - won by England coz cheaters don't prosper
4. Brazil vs Spain - won by Brazil because of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo

Semi Finals -
1. Germany vs Japan - won by Germany - how did Japan come so far ??
2. England vs Brazil - won by Brazil - coz kids are no match for a world champion

Finals -
Germany vs Brazil - will be won by GERMANY - the home team, on home ground with home support plus Brazil cannot win the cup twice !

Golden Boot - Ronaldinho


  1. not bad...i also have germany beating the brazilians in teh final. but..i have Iran going through (naturally), and i have both Itlay and the US (naturally) failing to get out of the group stage!

  2. Gawd, you just invaded the whole freakin excitement of cuppa-d-ultima,the prediction sounds techically good, Fingers crossed!
    England cant be called as " Kids" though!
    PS: Great to see a harmonica " Goaling" rather than " Bowling"..haha!

  3. Ya, I differe here. Let us see what happens.


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