Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jessica Lal Case -Time to Forgive and Forget and learn some lessons.

Jessica Lal Murder case - Sabrina Lal and Bina Ramani vs Manu Sharma

This judgement of the Jessica Lal murder case should be left as it is, there is no point in exhausting more time and emotions just because of the hue and cry raised by the media . If the charges could not be proven before , it is doubtful that they will be able to prove it after 7 years. It would only lead to more trauma for everyone involved. If evidence of the Jessica Lal murder case had been tampered with, I doubt it will be traced so late. Most of us don't remember the shirt our boss wore yesterday, so how would page 3 witnesses like Bina Ramani or Shyam Munshi clearly remember the details of that particular party, particularly if they had too much to drink at that time.

Only Manu Sharma knows for sure if he is guilty or not. There are 3 scenarios. If Manu Sharma is innocent, then he is lucky to have escaped jail after the public trial he has recieved from the media. If Manu Sharma is guilty, but sorry for what he did, maybe he has been given a second chance for some reason to do some good. If Manu Sharma is not sorry and laughs at the way he manipulated things, then maybe it won't be long before he is in the news again with headlines like 'Manu Sharma in freak accident', 'Manu Sharma shot during wedding celebrations' or 'Manu Sharma shoots himself in drunken rage' - after all Karma always has a way of catching up with you.

Over the past week, 2 pages have been wasted daily on this high profile case. Even if Manu Sharma was a politician's son - Jessica Lal's murder case getting this much attention proves she was not unconnected either. Giving free publicity to fame hungry page 3 characters and thier businesses, businesses owned by Manu Sharma's family etc. may earn reporters Free Gift Coupons but should not be an excuse to under report more important cases.

In the Jessica Lal murder case, the crime was committed by an unknown wannabe page 3 person, in a fit of rage, while he was drunk - the crime was not planned. There are plenty of cases where women are harassed for months by sober family members - and then murdered according to plan for money. Yeah sure, there may be no high profile, good looking victim, witnesses or accused involved - the mistaken notion that people may not be interested, papers will not sell, tv ratings will not increase - we won't make money. However, the same Manu Sharma story written differently daily, does not hold interest either...and after Bush arrives, Budget etc., this story too will find its way to the news archives.

What Jessica Lal needs is prayers for her soul and for her family - and I pray for them all. Meanwhile,George W Bush - Athiti Devo Bhavaha. We'll see how far that's true !!

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