Wednesday, March 01, 2006

George W Bush in India - Cash Speaks the Loudest !!

George W Bush vs Manmohan Singh in India Trip

Manmohan Singh welcomed George W Bush & company at the airport with a bouquet of yellow roses ( not phool mala )- Chamchagiri can often be mistaken for practising the National Tourism Mantra 'Athiti Devo Bhavah'.

In the past weeks the govenment has worked hard to show that India is on America's side, mainly by pretending it believes some of the hoaxes perpetuated by the US administration. 1. Control of the so called Bird Flu 'pandemic' that diverted attention from the cartoon row. 2. Announcements in the budget for money to fund 'India's Mission to the Moon' - if India ever suceeds, we will be the first to walk on the moon ( Apollo Hoax). 3. Reduction of Import Duty on HIV Drugs - for a disease that exists only because of the propaganda surrounding it - the drugs being toxic and the real cause of HIV Deaths etc etc.

Through the years, America only deals with those that earn them more money. India's economy is growing steadily - it can grow still more rapidly, but for that we need certain hi tech technology, at a low cost from America. We also need a market to sell our cheap goods - the more money India makes the more facilities we hopefully will be able to provide to our poor. America is looking for cheap manpower, free trade for thier businesses in Indian markets etc. India should try to wrangle a deal where in the end India will make more profits, and grow faster economically than USA. Some US businesses can be allowed in - where India won't be really losing anything, eg. Entry of Companies selling Ice Skates and Skies - not many in India would need to buy that !!

India is a free democratic country. Everyone has the right to protest against anything or anyone. Saddam may have tortured and killed lots of people, but through history successive American Governments have killed millions of people in various countries they branded as unacceptable. All politicians give orders to kill to gain vital economic resources - it's just that America's gets more publicity. It is better that some people are speaking out(burning effgies etc) rather than the Entire Nation silence its conscience, just to earn a 'Couple of Extra Bucks'.

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