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Dabangg 2 - Movie Review

This Christmas, I watched Dabangg 2 at a PVR cinema in Delhi. I know my film review of the movie is a bit late, but I thought I'll post it anyway, for all those who may still wish to watch the movie. So, here is my film review of Dabangg 2....let me know what you thought of this movie too!

Movie Review of Dabangg 2

'Dabangg 2' is an Action Comedy film, and I'd give it a rating of 6.5/10 or about three stars. Dabangg 2 stars Salman Khan (Chulbul Pandey), Sonakshi Sinha (Rajjo), Arbaaz Khan (Makhi), Prakash Raj (Baccha Bhaiya) and Vinod Khanna. Here goes my film review of it:

Movie Poster of Dabangg 2

The movie is a sequel of Dabanng, which was released in 2010. I'd say the first Dabangg was better than Dabangg 2, mainly because of Sonu Sood's character Cheddi Singh. Prakash Raj is good as a villain, but I thought Sonu Sood was a more unique villain, with better acting and facial expressions.

In Dabanng 2, Salman Khan's character Chulbul Pandey takes a transfer to the larger city of Kanpur, and goes about tackling the goons and trouble-makers in that city. Baccha Bhaiya (Prakash Raj) is a local politician in the city, who with his two brothers (Gainda and Chunni) is involved in dirty deals. The movie is about Chulbul Pandey stopping them, and getting revenge for the hurt they have caused to members of his own family.

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha in a still from Dabangg 2

All in all, Dabang 2 is an action-packed movie, with amazing fight scenes. The story and dialogues have a bit of humour in them, and the movie can be considered a paisa vasool film.

Positives of Dabangg 2:
  • Some social messages like getting yourself insured to protect your family. However, Salman should have recommended term insurance, rather than ULIPs, which rarely benefit people. 
  • Showing a village lady who is interested in doing courses and taking up a job, for supplementing her family's income (character of Nirmala, Chulbul's bhabhi).
  • The south-Indian style action sequences, and stunts. 
  • Salman Khan's cute peck-on-the-cheek kisses with Sonakshi Sinha. It was much better than Shahrukh Khan's flat lizard kiss with Katrina Kaif in Jab Tak He Jaan. 
  • Sonakshi's acting is better than that of most other new actresses, and Salman seems to have some chemistry with her (at least he seems to like her a bit). Salman usually acts in a very brash, uncaring way with his other female co-stars (and it shows), except for Preity Zinta, of course. 

Negatives of Dabangg 2: 
  • Too much violence and revenge. I don't like the idea of revenge, and this movie showed Chulbul Pandey as being far too aggressive than the situation warranted. 
  • Too many in-film advertisements. The Fevicol one was of-course very prominent in the song. It was obviously sponsored by Fevicol, unlike the Zandu Balm song of the first Dabang, for which Arbaaz Khan got sued. There were also in-film ads for a money transfer service and a mobile phone. 
  • Repeating scenes from Dabanng 1 in Dabangg 2, like the mobile phone scene, and repeated references to the first film (which I couldn't remember). I had to run a Google search, to find out that Tinu Anand's character was Nirmala's father. People who missed the first film would definitely not get any of these jokes. 
  • Recycled music. No song stands out, and all are similar to various songs in the first Dabaang movie. 
  • Showing Salman Khan visiting a prostitute (Kareena Kapoor) with his brother, when Rajjo is pregnant, and his brother's wife is in the village. 

Did you like this Dabanng film review? Have you watched Dabanng 2? What did you think of it? Does this movie review make you want to see Dabanng 2 or avoid it?


  1. When it come to sequel people will alwayz compare to one against another Dabanng 1 was much better much more entertainer the second one, Songs, item number compare to first were bad. fevicol cannot beat munni, the tere mast mast is much better then dagabazz Prkash jaa was better in Ganni bahi then bhaiyya jee... only out paapi jee urf Ghenda was better in his short role.

  2. Nice review. I have been reading quite a lot of reviews here but unfortunately the feedback is often discouraging for writers. One should learn to read the reviews that come from international newspapers. I have found that dawn has really raised its writing standard but people out of spite are still bad tempered about it.


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