Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vidya Balan’s Mehendi Ceremony Photos

Vidya Balan’s mehendi ceremony was held on 11th December 2012, at her home in Khar in Mumbai. Only her family members (father, mother and sister), and some close friends from school and college were present at Vidya Balan’s mehendi ceremony. After the mehendi function, a small sangeet ceremony was also held. Here is a video and some photos of Vidya Balan’s mehendi ceremony.

Video of Vidya Balan's Mehendi Ceremony

For the mehendi function, Vidya Balan wore a yellow sari with red and gold border, draped in the Bengali fashion, with the pallu hanging down the front. This sari was designed by fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She also wore about three long gold necklaces around her neck, heavy gold earrings and a matha tikka. On Vidya Balan’s wrists were matching beaded wedding bracelets.

Vidya Balan’s Mehendi Design

Unlike other celebrities who go in for intricate Rajasthani or Arabic Mehendi patterns, Vidya Balan chose to have the simple South Indian round dots as her mehendi pattern. Here is a photo of her showing off her simple mehendi design to the media waiting outside her home.

Vidya Balan with mehendi on her hands

I remember when I was in school, I used to see Punjabi girls with beautiful mehendi designs on their hands. When I told my mother that I too wanted mehendi designs, my mother took some mehendi paste and made similar blobs on my hand. I was surprised and a bit disappointed. She said that was the way mehendi is to be applied, and seemed to have no idea about the fancy mehendi designs girls in North India apply.

The only celebrity who attended Vidya Balan’s mehendi ceremony was Rekha, who came wearing a green sari. Rekha was also wearing sindoor, for ornamental reasons, even though she is a widow. Rekha has always been fond of Vidya Balan, who is of the same Iyengar caste as her.

Rekha wearing sindoor 

Vidya Balan was looking cute at her mehendy ceremony. However, she seemed to have gained some extra weight, and was looking quite fat and flabby in her yellow sari.

What do you think of Vidya Balan’s look in her mehendi photos and video?

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