Friday, November 23, 2012

Review of Jurasik Park Inn – Water Park and Amusement Park

This week, we decided to take a break and headed down to Jurasik Park Inn, a water park near Delhi for a bit of fun. Here is my review of the place, together with a review of the food and other facilities.

Jurasik Park is situated on NH1 national highway, in between the towns of Sonepat and Murthal in Haryana. As its name shows, it is a dinosaur-themed park, and has giant dinosaurs at the entrance. It is easily visible from the road, and you can’t miss it.

Entrance of Jurasik Park Inn on NH1

The tickets were priced at Rs.1000 per couple, which was reasonable for a full day’s fun in the water park, and unlimited rides in the amusement park. Stag entry is not allowed, which is a good thing. Being a weekday, there were not many people in the waterpark, which suited us well, as we could have as much fun as we wanted.

Here is a review of the different facilities in Jurasik Park Inn water park:

  • The water rides: There were four water rides. This included a pool with giant (four floor high) slides, a pool with medium slides, a wave pool, and a kids slide pool with sprinklers. We had the most fun in the kid’s pool, as the slides in the big pools seemed scary. All rides were in good condition. However, it was a long climb up the stairs of the giant slide. It would have been great to have some sort of a lift.
  • The changing rooms: The changing rooms at Jurassic Park were very clean, modern and well maintained. The locker system was good, and we got a plastic waterproof key bracelet, to electronically open and close the lockers. The locker was spacious and comfortably held two big bags, clothes and shoes.
  • The swimming costumes: While we wore our own swimming suits, costumes were available for hire at the counter. Men were given shorts, while ladies were given a pair of long tights and a t-shirt-like-top with sleeves. Men are not allowed to wear any type of shirt/vest over their shorts.
  • Tubes: People who want tubes can rent a double-tube for Rs.30 and a single tube for Rs.20. The tubes were ok, except that the handles on the tube had got torn away, and it was difficult to get a grip on them, while sliding down the slides into the pool.
  • The pools: The water was clean, but not crystal clear. There were an adequate number of lifeguards at all pools (they came handy while taking photos) in Jurassic Park. Dressed in red uniform, I saw them rescuing quite a few children who were in trouble. The wave pool is 9 feet deep at the further end, so if you can’t swim, don’t go that far. One of the pools was not fully filled with water till about 1.00pm, so a bit tardy there.
  • The amusement park: The swings in Jurasik Park included a 10 metre free fall, a really high giant wheel, and two merry-go-rounds. The staff carefully strapped us in, and we enjoyed the rides. No problem there. There were also dodge-em cars in a big enclosure. This was really fun. As rides were unlimited, we spent quite a lot of time driving these cars. A tip here: don’t choose car number 4 (red car), it doesn’t drive very well.
  • Food: Jurasik Park has its own dinosaur-themed restaurant called the ‘Fiery Grill’ that serves vegetarian buffet lunches. Each person pays Rs.299, plus taxes, to eat. The food was good, tasty and served hot, while the staff was courteous and helpful. Starters were served on a live grill at your table (paneer tikka, roasted broccoli and soya lumps), plus vegetable manchurian balls. There was a wide choice of salads, which included bean sprouts and macaroni salad. For the main course, there was one pulao, one daal, two gravies (shahi paneer and mutter mushroom), one raita and achar. The shahi paneer was served at the table with a choice of three breads (tandoori roti, naan and lachcha parantha). The dessert was gulab jamuns. 

There was also another restaurant in Jurasik Park, which served snacks (idli-dosa) and beverages, plus various food kiosks selling shawarma etc.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience at the Jurasik Park water park and amusement park near Delhi, and I’d recommend it as a nice place to enjoy with family and friends. The ambiance was good, there were dinosaurs all around to match with the theme, as well as a few gorillas. There was also a giant dinosaur model that moved and growled, and a bucking bronco bull for kids to ride. We had some great moments in Jurasik Park, and got some lovely photos because of the colourfulness of the place.

Have you been to the Jurasik Park waterpark and amusement park near Delhi? What was your experience there and review?


  1. can u share some real photos of it

  2. are all rides unlimited ???????? :?

  3. Yes, all rides are unlimited :)

  4. What are the Park Timings?
    Is food charges are included into ticket cost?

  5. Good review. I am going there tomorrow. What was the price of swimsuits for rent?

  6. till which months it opens..?
    water rides

  7. Horrible place .Untidy bathrooms, dirty water and 3rd class crowd . would never like to go there again and ll not recommend anyone to go there

  8. pathetic & horrible, no basic hygiene, unrudy crown & too much chlorinated water dangerous for all age. Suggest never go there.Most dangerous thing is all the water rides are too slippery not made on anti skit tiles, too risky

  9. What is the rent price of swim suits ??????


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