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Jab Tak He Jaan - Movie Review

I watched Jab Tak He Jaan (JTHJ) at a multi-plex cinema in Delhi recently, and thought I'd post a film review on my blog, for those of you who may wish to view the movie. So, here is my movie review of Jab Tak He Jaan....hope it helps you make up your mind whether to see the movie or not.

Film Review of Jab Tak He Jaan 

'Jab Tak He Jaan' is an Action Romance, and I'd rate it 7/10 or give it four stars. Jab Tak He Jaan features Shahrukh Khan (Samar/ Major Samar), Katrina Kaif (Meera), Anushka Sharma (Akira), Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher.

Movie Poster of Jab Tak He Jaan

The movie is based across two periods: early 2000 and the current time. In the early 2000 period, Shahrukh Khan is a young immigrant in the UK, working for groceries and restaurants, while Katrina Kaif is a rich heiress. In the current period, Shahrukh Khan is a major in the bomb disposal squad of the Indian army,  Katrina Kaif is his unmarried lover who waits for him, while Anushka Sharma is a documentary film maker.

The movie is basically about the characters of Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif finally marrying each other, after a long separation (lambi judai). It is loosely based on a book called 'The End of The Affair', where the central character makes a religious vow to stop seeing her boyfriend, if God saves his life.

The movie is a nice romantic movie, with romantic dialogues, and is a paisa vasool film. The funniest and weirdest parts of the movie were Shahrukh Khan's kissing scenes. Shahrukh was not really looking confident and passionate enough, and I'd say his lip kisses flopped majestically!

Positives of Jab Tak He Jaan:
  • The moral of eternal love, and the lesson of waiting for your love. This it important in these days of casual relationships, break-ups, live-ins and divorces, which is promoted in most movies released today.
  • Nice songs and music.  
  • Shahrukh Khan playing the character of an underdog immigrant, and happily working as a snow sweeper, fish seller, waiter and steward. 
  • The beautiful dresses worn by Katrina Kaif.
  • Anushka Sharma's acting, charm and size-zero figure. 

Negatives of Jab Tak He Jaan
  • Shahrukh Khan's cruel expressions, which he seems to think are 'passionate' or 'intense'. Also, his uncaring and non-chivalrous behaviour (kissing a girl and leaving her alone in a metro station, instead of dropping her home). 
  • The story of Neetu Singh's character (Meera's mother), who leaves her family and runs off with her boyfriend Irfan (Rishi Kapoor), who seems red-faced and happily drunk. This must have hurt the traditional mindset of most Indians, and the story could have been changed a bit, to make it acceptable for a mother to leave her family, and live-in with her boyfriend.   
  • Too many church scenes. The church was very beautiful and the dialogues were nice, but there was too much of an overdose of praying, vows etc.
The movie was altogether good. I can't point out any specific movie scenes that I particularly liked, but it was an overall feel-good romantic movie with a happy ending, for die-hard romantics like me.

Did you watch Jab Tak He Jaan? What is your opinion about this film review? Will you watch Jab Tak He Jaan after reading this movie review?

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