Sunday, January 10, 2010

Main Attractions at the Delhi Auto Expo 2010

Like all Delhiites, I simply had to check out the 10th Auto Expo at Pragati Maidan. The Auto Expo is an exhibition of automobiles, machines and auto accessories held in New Delhi, India once every two years. This year, the entry ticket was priced at Rs. 200 per head. Well, here is a list of some of the main attractions at the Delhi Auto Expo, 2010.

valentino rossi auto expo delhi 2010 india car automobile exhibition
1. Valentino Rossi - Yeah, he visited the Yamaha Pavillion at the Auto Expo. We were circling the place, trying to get a glimpse of the nine time MotoGP World Champion, but were not lucky enough.

2. Suzuki Hayabusa - The Suzuki Hayabusa was displayed in the Maruti Suzuki stall, away from the thronging crowds.The blue and white Suzuki Hayabusa, though not as cool looking as the red Hayabusa, was still quite dazzling.

3. Water Fountain at Honda Stall - The water fountain at the Honda Stall that formed pictures of people and logos as water droplets fell, was one of the most talked about items seen at the Delhi Auto Expo 2010. Have never seen anything like it before.

4. BMW Stall - Yeah it looked cool, but what was cooler still was the free 2010 wallet calendars that were being distributed by the Sales staff. BMW was perhaps the only foreign car stall where ladies and kids were allowed to walk in the car display area for a closer look at the car. Plus, I liked the blue BMW convertible priced at Rs. 64 lakhs.

5. Jaguar - This sleek black Jaguar car was really sexy. I'd love to own one of these. The Jaguar logo looks like my cat's reaction when he sees a pigeon at the window. I really like stuff related to cats and I really liked this black Jaguar car too.

6. Tiranga Bike - This orange, white and green coloured Harley Davidson Fatboy bike was something all bike enthusiasts found very eye catching. The tiranga Harley Davidson motorcycle was priced at Rs.18 lakhs.

7. Cycle Rickshaw - Yeah, after walking around for ages in Pragati Maidan, these cycle rickshaws were the cleanest and most comfortable thing to sit on. One of the few vehicles in which people were allowed and located away from the freezing cold winds, these cycle rickshaws provided much needed relief to my aching feet.

8. Continental Car - Located far back in a pavillion filled with stalls displaying boring car interior parts, chassis, wheels and so on, was the Continental Idol car. This car was the only car that you could calmly touch without being chased off by security, plus it looked cool too!!

Did you go for the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo? Which cars did you like the best?

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