Monday, January 18, 2010

Cold Delhi Weather

This year we are facing a really harsh winter in New Delhi. I don't remember it ever being this cold in New Delhi. For the past three weeks we have been having icy cold day temperatures, with a maximum of around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius per day and an average daytime temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

cold delhi weather temperature fog foggy icy cold winds freezing india cold wave homelessOn checking the weather report given out by the Regional Meteorological Centre of Delhi, I have seen that the Delhi area is divided into 6 sections - Delhi Ridge, Safdarjung Airport, Lodhi Road, Palam Airport, Gurgaon and Ayanagar. There are also two additional areas - Hindon and Rohtak. Through the Delhi temperature maps available on their website, I have noticed two things -
  • The maximum temperature is usually the highest in the South Delhi area of Ayanagar. It grows colder the more north you travel.
  • The minimum temperature is usually the highest in the North Delhi area of Rohini. It grows positively colder in the nights the more south you travel.
Adding to the discomfort caused by the Delhi cold is the fog and icy cold winds. The fog causes clothes to get damp and the icy cold winds blow through this dampness creating an unbelievably cold effect.

It is really great that the Shiela Dixit Government announced that schools would be closed during this cold Delhi winter. I remember when I was in school, how we used to suffer coming to school in the extreme cold conditions. We had to reach school at 7.30 am. Today, when I wake up everyday at around 9.30, I can't imagine how we managed through the cold back then.

cold delhi weather temperature fog foggy icy cold winds freezing india cold wave homelessWhen I think of the homeless people out in the cold, I feel really bad I can't do anything. I have really no idea what to do or what can be done, other than contributing cash to my local religious charity. Lots of people have lost their lives in the current cold wave running in North India. I was really saddened to read in the newspaper that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi demolished some night shelters for some faltu bureaucratic reason.

On the other hand, some schools of New Delhi have opened their doors to homeless people during the nights. It is good of the Principals of these schools to make use of their facilities to help out the homeless people who have nowhere to go. The homeless people have a cup of tea and leave in the mornings by around 7.00 am. The classrooms or sports halls where the homeless have rested are then cleaned before the school kids arrive, in case it is a school day.

Well, this is how cold the Delhi weather was this winter. How is the weather where you are? Do you think these weather changes could have anything to do with environmental reasons?

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  1. Delhi has never been so cold in the last 10 years. Only now since last few years, we see so many changes in climate. Like this time of the year, we saw that in Sept-Oct 2010, we had continues rains and it was like non-stop. People were amazed that how can their be so much rainfall in Delhi/NCR. Now, this starting of January has been one of the coldest. Delhi has never been so extremely cold before. This is due to Global Warming effects which has altered the the climatic conditions.


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