Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fast And The Furious Part 4 - Movie Review

The Fast And The Furious Part 4 
Action - 6/10  Starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker. 

Picture of Vin Diesel paul walker michelle rodrigues from fast and furious 4 movie poster film photographs
I saw this movie at Plaza Cinema, Connaught Place. I had last been here sometime in the 90's with my mom and siblings to see 'Chamatkar', the SRK starrer. The cinema looks quite posh after it's revamp, with deep red carpets and a medium sized stage for movie premieres to be held. The only negative was the number of stairs that had to be climbed to reach the Plaza Cinema lounge on the second floor. The cinema was houseful.

The Fast And The Furious Part4 begins slickly, with Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto, his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodrigues) and some pals, now international criminals, stealing oil tankers on the highways of the Dominican Republic. Later in the movie, Dominic's sister informs him that his girlfriend Letty has been killed in Los Angeles, California. Basically, the movie is all about Vin Diesel's character finding her killer and seeking revenge.

I thought the action scenes in the movie were too cool, especially the car chases, coz I'm a big fan of car racing games such as 'Need For Speed'. I couldn't understand the Spanish bits in The Fast And The Furious - Part 4, and without subtitles it was a bit irritating. Also, the pub scenes in which they show girls kissing each other - was risque. It totally put me off. I had to work hard to erase the disgusting images from my mind so that I could continue to enjoy the remaining car chase scenes in the movie. 

Compared to the previous films, The Fast And The Furious - Part 4 was much better, especially over Part 2 and 3. However, Vin Diesel seems to have lost some of his cool...and is looking quite bulky, sort of like Dr.Evil from the Austin Powers movies.


  1. I think that the real stars of The Fast and The Furious series are the automobiles.


  2. it has dong bang shin ki's song in it...rising sun...uwaaa!!!waNa watch it...hohohohoho....(^_^)


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