Thursday, April 16, 2009

Accupressure Chart and Diagrams for Feet and Hands

If you are not sure how to use an accupressure chart or accupressure diagrams for you feet and hands, then this blog post shows you exactly how.

According to the ancient science of accupressure, the main organs of your body have pressure points on the bottom of your feet and palms. These pressure points are sensitive to sensory touch, and if massaged can lead to relief from various ailments affecting these organs. For example, the accupressure sensory pressure point for the heart is located on the left foot. This means that soft massage at this acupressure point can help cure ailments and treat diseases of the heart without the use of modern medicine.

chart diagrams hands feet palms soles foot pressure points health massage treatment sensory

chart diagrams hands feet palms soles foot pressure points health massage treatment sensory
The full theory of accupressure may be found in detailed accupressure charts, diagrams, studies or textbooks. The following accupressure chart and diagrams display the pressure points with pictures of organs which they are connected to. The nerves connected to these organs terminate here and so the use of soft massage pressure at these points help to cure ailments of the respective organ.

These pressure points should be pressed regularly to keep your organs activated at all times. Hence, it is important that we spend at least part of the day walking barefoot so that these pressure points are naturally massaged. We should also try doing some manual labour with our hands, such as washing the car or polishing a table top so that the pressure points in our hands are naturally massaged. This helps ensure a healthy and strong body. It also reduces stress and helps build up muscles naturally.

So, keep is the best workout!!

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