Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Conjunction of Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter

I was waiting for the bus, when I glanced up at the sky and saw two stars above the Crescent Moon glowing in the sky. It looked really beautiful, but I was not aware, at the time that it was a rare celestial event.

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The two stars were the planets Venus and Jupiter, which are the brightest planets in the solar system. This phenomenon will be visible again after four years in 2012. It looked like a giant smile from God, to tell us that he still loves the world and to reassure us about the future.


  1. Oops I missed this.....Otherwise I would have captured it....

  2. How cool is that.It must have been an awesome sight.looks like God is smling.

  3. I witnessed this from Mysore with my wife.
    Till I googled, I wasnt aware of this phenomenon.
    Till that time I believed it was somethiong special that very few people would have seen or would be aware of.



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