Monday, August 18, 2008

Singh is Kinng - Movie Review

sing is kinng king movie review film reviewsSingh is Kinng - 1/10 - Comedy - starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. The main reason this movie is getting such a low rating and bad review is because a majority of dialogues were in Punjabi. Living in Delhi, I have picked up a bit of Punjabi over the years, but not enough to sit through this movie. I got bored after around half an hour and switched off the television.

My mom was very eager to see Singh is Kinng because of the publicity surrounding it, film reviews and the fact that the movie was a hit in Delhi, but even she gave up watching after the language barrier proved too strong. A word of advice to the producers of this movie - add subtitles. From what little I could understand, the script was not realistic, filled with stereotypes and made no sense.

Did you see Singh is Kinng? What did you think of it?


  1. have not seen it, have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but saw a review on the indian channel.

  2. This is a bit surprising for me, because it appeared to me that the movie is mostly in Hindi, garnished with a few words of Punjabi here and there, when I watched the movie.

    The script is unrealistic, of course, just as it is in most Bollywood movies.

  3. sure I can understand that (punjabi dialogues and low rating) .. but nice thing about this movie is Snoop Dog's debut in Bollywood.

  4. You have been too harsh on the movie. It was mast time pass. Yes the dialogues were half punjabi making it difficult to understand but Akshay Kumar was superb. I think it deserves 5-6/10.

  5. Hi, thanx for ur comments.

    I'd say the movie is 70 percent Punjabi and 30 percent Hindi.

    Yeah, Snoop Dog was looking cool in the turban - just like a southie Maharaja!!

  6. Hey Whiskypriest, do you have a new blog out there? The last post of ur indiatimes blog is dated in 2007.

  7. yep - i've seen the flick!
    yep - it is a lot in PUNJABI.. and the dialect is not easy to get - if you're amongst the unaware!

    but i did enjoy the film.. kept my brain free for 2 hours!!


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