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Kismat Konnection and X-Files I Want To Believe - Movie Review

Kismat Konnection and X-Files Part 2 - Movie Review

I watched two movies over the weekend - Kismat Konnection and X-Files, I Want To Believe. Here are the movie reviews -

kismat konnection connection xfiles x files want believe movie review film reviews synopsis storylineKismat Konnection - 6/10 - Romance - starring Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Juhi Chawla. Shahid Kapur is Raj Malhotra, a promising all rounder cum topper of his architecture college who even four years after graduation is still a nobody. Even though he has loads of talent, he is unable to garner a job or a building contract because of constant bad luck that spoils his chances. One day, he meets Vidya Balan, a social activist and he finally sees luck coming his way. The only problem is that the shopping mall which he submits plans for is the same one whose construction is being opposed by Vidya Balan, as it is expected to stand in the same place as the local Community Center.

Kismat Konnection is a nice light hearted romance with many feel good moments. The acting of both Shahid and Vidya are good. However, they resemble each other a bit too much, which makes them look like they are related in some way. Juhi Chawla is a local fortune teller who interrupts the flow of the movie and offers nothing constructive. Songs are awesome and script is OK. Good watch.

kismat konnection connection xfiles x files want believe movie review film reviews synopsis storylineX-Files, I Want To Believe - 6/10 - Thriller - Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Being a big former X-Files fan, I wanted to see this movie real bad. Knowing that it would take far too long to release in India, I downloaded it through a torrent and watched it on my system.

Agent Scully is now a doctor in a Catholic hospital where she has to treat terminally ill patients while Agent Mulder is living by himself somewhere in the wilderness. The X Files have been closed for a long time. A group of women including another FBI agent disappear along a snow covered highway in Virginia. Meanwhile, a former Catholic priest, disgraced for child abuse, is the only person, who through his visions, is able to lead rescue workers to recover their severed body parts through the thick snow. This leads the FBI to seek Agent Scully and Agent Mulder's help because of thier experience with the paranormal. What follows are more visions, bleeding and body transplantation...

A mixture of religion and something spooky, 'X-Files - I Want To Believe' was quite like a two part series of a non alien X - Files episode. Acting of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were fantastic as usual. The direction and scripting by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, the usuals on the show were OK. However, after so many years, the dialogue should have shown Scully as being more accepting and forgiving of Mulder.

X Files - I Want To Believe puts across the message 'Don't Give Up' - a useful piece of advice for doctors, families and others who have to make decisions about life and death with regard to terminally ill patients.

Have you seen these two movies? What did you think of Kismat Connection and X Files - I Want To Believe?

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  1. Shahid and Vidya resemble each other? I'll try to look more closely the next time they are on television.



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