Thursday, July 03, 2008

Movie Review - Aamir

Aamir - A Film Review

I had borrowed this movie - Aamir around two weeks ago from a colleague who had downloaded the torrent from the internet but managed to find time to watch this flick only around two days ago. Here is my movie review -

Aamir - 6/10 - Drama Thriller - Starring Rajiv Khandelwal. The movie is about an NRI doctor named Aamir who returns to India, only to find out that his family has been kidnapped. The kidnappers send him on a chase around Mumbai and finally give him a bomb in a briefcase. He is told to plant this briefcase under the seat of a bus in a busy commercial district (Dalal Street) if he wants to see his family alive. The movie is basically about the mental agony faced by Aamir as he struggles between the dilemma of losing his family to terrorists and killing hundreds of innocent people in a bus.

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Aamir bears a short resemblance to the Johnny Depp starrer 'Nick of Time'. Both are stories of guys who are forced against their will to kill someone on the threat of losing a kidnapped family member. However, Aamir is much more realistic. It explores the ugly bylanes of Mumbai city, the spooky looks that weird locals give strangers and the confusion in the mind of the protagonist in a really true sense. The acting is good and the direction and photography even more so. Some parts are quite slow paced but I'll recommend it for anyone who wants to have a taste of good Indian cinema.

Strangest part of the movie watching experience - I recognised a college teacher, "Gazala Amin" who stars in the movie as Aamir's mom. I had a hearty laugh during a very serious scene much to the consternation of my fellow movie watchers. Did you watch Aamir? What did you think of the movie?

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  1. I hear they used a concealed camera to film members of the public without their knowledge, while some of the actors were 'let loose' amongst them, in some scenes in the movie.



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