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Movie Reviews of Jannat, Bhoothnath and Ghatothkach

Movie Reviews of Jannat, Bhoothnath and Ghatochkach

movie review film reviews jannat bhoothnath ghatothkach mahabharata animationJannat - 3/10 - Romance starring Emraan Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan. The movie begins and ends with a ring. Arjun (Emraan) is a compulsive gambler who has a knack for predicting cricket scores. One day, he sees Zoya (Sonal) a call centre executive viewing a diamond ring in the shop window of a mall. He falls in love with her at first sight and steals the ring to impress her. Later on, he starts earning money through betting and match fixing to buy his girlfriend expensive gifts, a house and a fancy car. All the time she thinks he has an 'import export' business.

When a CBI officer tells her the truth, she helps him to catch Arjun, hoping that Arjun (Hashmi) will change his ways. When Arjun is released from jail, he meets Zoya (who has become a stripper) and decides to leave the betting and match fixing industry. Before that, he decides to go for one last match fixing assignment. Unfortunately, the foreign coach of the team whose captain he is trying to bribe catches them in the act and is accidentally killed. The police hold Arjun responsible and chase him. He surrenders, but is gunned down when he absent mindedly tries to pick up the stolen ring from the ground where he had laid his gun.

The story is has many holes and it seems that no thinking went into the process of writing the script. A basic unanswered question - If Arjun has a natural talent of predicting scores and earning big bucks, why does he need to work as a lowly matchfixer for some Don? Acting is very mediocre. The girlfriend (Zoya) is too annoying in her attempts to change her boyfriend. The music is good.

movie review film reviews jannat bhoothnath ghatothkach mahabharata animationBhoothnath - 1/10 - Drama starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. The movie started out as comedy for kids about a house ghost. Later on, it turned into a drama about children leaving their parents to settle abroad, politics about selling a house to hoteliers and a puja for mukti of the ghost's soul. Boringggg...................

movie review film reviews jannat bhoothnath ghatothkach mahabharata animationGhatothkach - 1/10 - Mythological Animation - Another animated cartoon film about religious characters. When it comes to the CGI graphics and other technology used, this film is far behind what Hollywood comes out with in terms of animated films. As India is supposed to be the main information technology center of the world, I expected something much better in terms of script, storyline and expressions on the character's faces.

Did you watch Jannat, Bhoothnath or Ghatochkach?

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  1. I like the song 'Chalo jaane do, ab chhoRo bhi...' from the movie Bhootnaath.

    BTW, the girlfriend turning into a stripper sounds like the most outrageous bit in the story of Jannat.


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